Easing into It (AKA Slippers with Everything)

Investment Piece: Slippers with Everythign
Investment Piece: slippers with everything
Investment Piece: Slippers with Everything
Investment Piece: Slippers with Everything

What are you wearing to get you through the day? Are you staying in pjs? Rocking yoga pants? A mix of “fancy on top/casual on bottom”? Going all out? Or, like me, are you easing back into things?

I’ve been in a rut lately. While at the beginning of lockdown I found it easy to get dressed, the longer we’re inside, the easier it’s been to not worry about what I’m wearing.
Which taught me a lot.
Mainly that I miss my clothes. And that I still think in terms of what I can wear things to, and how to style different things!
And, I do love my yoga pants, but as things have been feeling kinda stale over here, I decided to challenge myself today. My goal: get dressed, feel comfy, but look good. No need to go overboard (you won’t see me in a gown), but let’s get back to getting dressed. Ease into it.

Investment Piece: slippers with everything
Investment Piece: Slippers with everything

I discovered that in all my worry about what to wear lately that I’ve been overlooking a very important truth. Slippers. They’re comfy, essentially a part of pjs, but can be incredibly chic.

Paired with what might be the perfect white pants (wide legged, just enough structure, but oh so comfy) and a summer sweater (this is technically “menswear” aka I bought it in the men’s section for me, but it’s also the perfect summer sweater. Just sexy enough, but also just a great sweater!), slippers here make me feel like some sort of vintage hostess (while sipping champagne) and remind me that I don’t have to rush to wear everything. And that I can easily mix my pjs and my “real” clothes.

There’s a lot happening right now, even though we’re at home. Easing sounds good, doesn’t it? Let’s start with our slippers 😉

I’ve linked similar items for your easing below.

Happy Friday!

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Investment Piece: Slippers with Everything