Easing into It

Investment Piece: Easing into It
Investment Piece: Easing Into It
Investment Piece: Easing into It
Investment Piece: Easing into It
Investment Piece: Easing into It

Have Monday’s felt a bit more Monday-ish lately? Just me? How are you dealing with it?

I’ve tried taking Monday off, which works and doesn’t; there have been many Monday’s when I feel like I’m not getting anything done but taking the day off can feel like I’m setting my week up to fail.

(Side note: if you have control over your schedule, take Friday’s off. It’s the best! You can quote me!)

So, my solution? I’m easing into things. I’ve been taking Monday as an easing day. The tasks I assign myself are basic, like admin work, and I let myself take my time with everything.

Another way I ease into it? Outfits like this: silk camis (yes, this is technically pjs but it’s oh-so-pretty that I can’t help but wear it out!) and shorts.

*Note I originally feel in love with these MotherDenim shorts BUT found these chino shorts in the men’s department at Target and was able to create the look for less!! The shorts, which ever you like, are great- comfy, go with everything, and manage to be tailored and lived in at the same time.

This is the type of outfit that you can ease in. Drink your coffee (on the porch or on the couch). Do what tasks you need to get done. Run your errands. Then stop the day early. Relax. Get ready to face the week. All while staying comfy and looking chic.

How do you ease into it?

I’ve had this top for years (but found you similar ones!) and I can’t say enough things about the shorts (I will add though that I think they’ll also look great with sweaters in the fall!)

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Investment Piece: Easing into It

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