How To: Lingerie Dressing

Investment Piece: How to Lingerie Dressing

In the next week or so, many people will come to you with ideas about date night dressing, or Valentine’s Day looks. I’m not against any look for any kind of date night that makes you feel absolutely amazing. However, among the red, and pink, and hearts that will be on display:
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(See, I love those ideas, too!)
Might I suggest something new for date night or Valentine’s Day.
Lingerie dressing.

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It’s like PJ Dressing’s older sister, just as comfy, and adds an unexpected element to any outfit.

Investment Piece: how to lingerie dressing
So, new ideas in mind, the question becomes how do you lingerie dress?

I’m glad you asked!

Lingerie dressing can be as simple as letting your new lacy items be seen through your outfit, or it can be as involved as wearing lingerie as the main component of your attire. My favorite ways to lingerie dress:

1. Wear a vintage slip as a dress or shirt
2. Wear something sheer and let my black lingerie peek through
3. Wear a corset or teddy as a top (if you’re a little shy, a blazer or sweater over looks amazing!)
4. Wear a great bra as a top (again, partially covered if needed)

There is so much room of personalization and layers with lingerie dressing, it’s hard to go wrong. I personally love the vintage looks (and yes, often pair them with sweaters of jackets to give just a peep!). There are ways to show as little or much as you like! Do you lingerie dress? Would you?

I would love to hear about it!

I’ve linked some of my favorite lingerie items to wear out below! Happy lingerie dressing!

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