Put a Pin in It

an articulated leopard pin holding together a red and white tube top over a white skirt
a woman in a red and white tube top with a leopard brooch and a white skirt and leopard wedges
a woman in a red and white tube top with a leopard brooch and white skirt and snake wedges
close up of snake wedges and a white skirt
 a woman in a red and white tube top with a leopard brooch a white skirt and snake wedges

Part of Put a Pin In It is VERY literal. Brooches are coming back. (And I’ve always had a thing for them and the stories they tell! Here’s a fashion stories on infamous brooches that have always inspired me here and here and here) Brooches are such an easy way to add a little something to an outfit. Here I’m literally (yes, literally) holding the top together- yes, it needs to be altered- with a brooch (the same articulated one! It’s just a fave of mine!). And it’s a way to put a pin in it.

Other ways to put a pin it? Revisiting outfits or ideas that didn’t work the first time around. Let’s be honest, not everything fits or works all the time. Is it wrong to wait and try again? Not according to me. Sometimes I think it’s best to let an idea – or outfit or post or writing or etc- lay for a bit if it’s not perfect or doesn’t fit right, etc the first time. With space and time we can come back, make it (all the things) work. Or we come back and make adjustments that make whatever we we were working on better.

The last way I know to put a pin in it? To make something- in this case an outfit your own. White is so chic for the season, but pairing it with wedges are a bit edgy with snake and gold accents? All me. A tube top? You can find one anywhere. Pairing a vintage one with a brooch? All Me. I think the trick is to take any outfit or any outfit formula, and put your own spin on it. That can be so small from your favorite colors to big things like accessories or statement pieces (shoes and brooches are the examples here, but there are so many to be worn!)

I loved pairing these vintage pieces together in a way that felt that was a statement to me. This brooch in this way? New and exciting to me! And yet, a way to make a too big top a fit for me. This outfit would call for sandals but picking ones that are a statement took the outfit from usual to all me. There are so many ways- from sticking to thinking outside the box – put a pin in your outfits. My wish for you this spring and summer is that you find all your own ways to use all the pins. And you need help I’d love to offer mine!

This outfit is made of vintage (skirt, top, brooch) and resell (sandals) pieces, but I’ve linked similar ones for your below!

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a woman in a red and white tube top and a leopard brooch with a white skirt, and snake wedges