Summer’s Greatest Hits

It’s Labor Day weekend and it feels like something is ending. I talk a lot about the seasonal transition from summer to fall, and while it’s partially due to how big a change that is, it’s also because these are two of my favorite seasons and there it is both bittersweet to have one end,and exciting for a new one to start. But it does feel like summer is over, right? Even those of us who aren’t tied to the school year system. Fall isn’t offical till September 23, but starting Monday there will be urges for us to put away our whites and get sweater ready.

What are we to do?

First, I’m not giving into sweaters (love them, though I do) while it’s still 100 degrees out. And I’m not letting go just yet. Knowing me, I’ll find a way to let summer influence my transitional dressing (see here and here). I’m also looking back and enjoying my Summer’s greatest hits one more time!

I hope that you have a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend. There will be thoughts up on wearing white on Sunday, and my sales picks on Monday!

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I really have lived in this Outdoor Voices Dress. And worn my hair like this at least twice a week.
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Investment Piece: Summer's Greatest Hits
Nothing says summer like a mini dress. And I love this one.
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Investment Piece: Wild Wild Wrap Dress
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Investment Piece: Momma Said Stand Up Straight
I’ll be wearing white all weekend, what about you?
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I also spent my summer in Elaine Kim:
Investment Piece: Summer's Greatest Hits
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There have also been countless days in swimsuits, cutoffs, sundresses. I feel like every season has a theme for me. This was the summer of ease, I feel like no outfit was so out there, and I repeated a lot. What about you? What can we take with us into fall?