Transition Choices

Last week we chatted about the end of summer sales and all the things that I think you should buy at them. Missed it? Catch up here.

I still stand by those sales picks. There’s so much that is “end of summer” that you can wear into fall. So much of fall that you can start wearing now. And in between, transition pieces that are just magic.

Transitions are some of the most magical, wonderful, difficult things we do. Both fashion and life-wise. It’s the balance of being here now and taking the first steps to the future. Fashion wise? It means dressing for days that getting shorts and colder but are still hot. It’s really a mix of wearing summer and fall clothes together. Since last week we talked summer choices, this week I wanted to talk about fall pieces that you can wear in transition. All these are “on trend” for fall, but also perfect for this moment.

For each of these transition choices I’ll say you can wear it now over a bathing suit and later with a sweater. I’m not lying. But beyond that, the magic of transition comes in all the things you can do with that in the meantime. From layering to standouts, each one of these could be worn a million different ways. I can’t wait to see what we pull together!

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Statement Shirts
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From white button downs to sheer numbers to statement sleeves, there are interesting choices to be had now and later. Can you layer any of them, with sweaters and each other? Yes. Wear over bathing suits? Yes. Tie up, let down, and everything in between. What will you pair yours with?

Light Knits
From skirts to tops to cardigans, light knits are in for the beginning of fall. Good news? Still light enough to wear now, and we can layer them later. (Yes, you can do a sweater over a knit!) There are so many ways to make these interesting, what will you do?

Midi Skirt
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Yes, you’ve seen them everywhere for forever. But they’re a trend with classic leanings for a reason. Mix patterns and textures. Tops. Shoes. They’re a great base for anything you could ever want to wear!

Pair them together, apart, now and later.
What Transtion choices are you making?

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