Investment Piece: Vested
Investment Piece: Vested
Investment Piece: vested
Investment Piece: Vested
Investment Piece: Vested
Investment Piece: Vested

Work has changed. Yet, I’m still obessed with suits.

(See here, here, here, here, here, here, and here to start. Search suit in the tool box, the pages of suits that come up is a testimony to how I feel about the style!)

A vest suit is something I have always been fascinated by. Part vintage. Part ladylike. All chic.

Yes, you can use the pieces seperately. I have all sorts of plans for this skirt, and this vest goes with everything from shorts to jeans to dress pants.
But, together?
Chic. It feels both powerful and work like. And yet, ready to go see art and wine and dine. All at the same time.
Yes, this would look great under a blazer. (And add to the work look) But, I love the vest alone. It’s both incredibly feminine and a tad sexy, and yet professional. Add a scarf. Add statement jewelry. Leave it alone. All work. All make me feel like I’m “doing something”.

You might not be going into an office right now (you might also be over zoom meetings). You might not need to wear a suit. This is the “suit” option that lets you lean into all the things that can make you feel professional and all the things that make you feel casual and a little rebellious and a little ready for after hours. (And if nothing else, you can throw on the vest for zoom and everyone will think you’re suited up and you can really be in pj pants!)

Can we have it all? Maybe with a vest we can.

(Yes, I’m actively ignoring the vest craze in the 90s- though if you want to wear a vest over your tshirt with jeans it can also be chic! I just love the suit version so much more!)

I’ve linked some options for you below (including a 1970s vest pant suit that is so chic!)

Do you love the vest suit like I do?

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