Kimono Week: #Cheetah

Investment Piece: #Cheetah
It’s Kimono Week on Investment Piece! First up: #Cheetah!

I don’t know that I do themes. One of the things that I love about fashion is that you don’t have to stick to a theme- you get to take what we’re given and make it your own. But, this week? There’s a theme (though I like to think I make it my own). It’s kimono week! I’m no stranger to the kimono (see here), but I recently got an opprotunity to fall in love with Rita Ghanime, the owner and designer at RGKimono “Made with Love”. (I promise, promise there’s so much more on her to come). The great news? There’s more than one kimono, there’s more than one way to wear it, and there’s a whole week for us to explore all of it!

Investment Piece: #cheetah
Investment Piece: #Cheetah
Investment Piece: #Cheetah

Have I mentioned that there are so many various types of kimonos? My fave for today? This cheetah print, that reads more wrap dress than traditional kimono. Could you wear it open over anything: jeans, pants, your swim suit, a slip dress? Of course. It would look amazing.

However, I love this on its own. The cheetah print is subtle, yet on trend (Has anyone ever told you that leopard is a neutral? Cheetah is ALMOMST the same thing. It counts. I promise.) It’s the perfect wrap dress for just about anything. Dress it up (these stirrup tights maybe some of my new favorites) with heels. Dress this cheetah down with flats, sandals, or go bare foot. Take this cheetah out to dinner, or lounge by the pool or go the grocery store. Is there a wrong way to cheetah? Or kimono?

I don’t think so.

Investment Piece: #cheetah

Have I mentioned that there’s so much more to come about these kimonos, and Rita, and Made with Love? There is, and I’ve never lied to you. About that theme — this week you’re going to see more than one kimono. There will be more than one way to wear it, and I hope that some are new to you. What I love most about all of these kimonos, and this brand is general? Nothing is traditional. I have nothing against tradition, or traditional kimonos, you’ve seen more than one on my #ootds. However, I love that these kimonos (which really are made with love) are anything you need them to be: tops, jackets, dresses, etc), and you can wear them however you need. We have so much to cover, maybe theme weeks are a good thing?

If you’d like your own Made With Love Kimono you can check Rita out here. I’ve linked some similar pieces below (tights, shoes, and some cheetah!)

How do you Cheetah?

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Investment Piece: #cheetah

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