Kimono Week: #Golden

Investment Piece: #golden
Investment Piece: #golden
Investment Piece: #golden

Are you a little sad that kimono week is coming to a close? I am. Though I do have these amazing pictures of all the kimonos I was lucky enough to style to remind me of the fun we’ve had.

And ending kimono week? It’s on a #golden note. This was the kimono was most excited about! Not that I didn’t love cheetah, and we all know that the #nakedtux is one of the most stunning things I’ve styled. But this #golden kimono? I love it’s juxtapositions.

It’s a kimono, but structured. Technically, it’s a man’s jacket–it screams smoking jacket to me! But since when can’t we women play in men’s clothes? The #golden material is a standout, but the jacket is very subtle. You could dress the jacket up by wearing it over a silk skirt or dress. Or, you could dress it down with jeans and boots.

Me? Have I mentioned that I love the smoking jacket look? There’s just something sophisticated and relaxed about it. You could wear it to lounge, or to any business casual meeting. Here I couldn’t resist pairing this #golden number with stirrup pants and mules. I like to think it is the perfect combination of structure and ease; and hopefully, would look at home in any leather bound library. (Sometimes my visions are very specific)

Investment Piece: #golden
Investment Piece: Rita Ghanime, MAde with Love Kimonos
Investment Piece; #golden

And yes, in certain lights this #golden looks almost green. It even looks almost snakeskin like. All these juxatipositons, I love them!

The sleeves, the slits, the changing color, there’s not a lot that I don’t love about this #golden kimono. And most of all? I love that it’s feminine and masculine all at the same time. I think a piece like this would be great on any woman or man. Which means that maybe the most important question to consider about this #golden kimono is: do you have to share?

I’ve heard that the secret to happy marriages is your own bathroom and closet; should we add kimono to the list?

Again, check out RGKimono to get your own kimono (and there are so many to chose from!). Use code “Rachel” to take 10% off!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed kimono week as much as I have!!

I’ve linked more shopping for your pleasure below, if you’re lounging or working or out on the town I hope that you have a great weekend!


Rent The Runway

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Investment Piece: #golden

Kimono Week: Shopping RGKimono

Investment Piece: Kimono Shopping

All week we’ve been chatting about Rita Ghanime’s Made with Love Kimonos. (Lucky you, we still have one more day of kimono week!) By now, you know about Rita’s process, her intentions, and seen how I styled some of the styles Rita has to offer. You may be asking yourself: how do I get my hands on one of these amazing kimonos? Even luckier you, I have your back!

The easiest way to get your hands on a Made With Love kimono (in everything from sequins to silk to velvet) is to visit RGKIMONO. Luckiest news? Use code “Rachel” to get 10% off of your order!

Investment Piece: #cheetah

But, let’s say that online kimonos aren’t your thing. I respect that, I love online shopping but get that sometimes you want to feel/see/experience a piece in person. And these kimonos are worth the face to face. How would you shop Rita that way? Again, lucky you, I have you covered.

If you’re in the LA area, Rita often has events and pop-ups so that you can get your hands on a great kimono. The best way to keep up with events and all things Rita? RGKimono Events.
I met Rita at a pop up, and fell in love with her #nakedtux there, so I highly recommend this method of shopping.

And let’s say when you looked online, or at a pop-up, you fell in love with Rita’s kimonos, but the exact one you want wasn’t there. Great news! You can order a special or custom kimono through Rita!

As Rita will tell you:
Le ‘Kimono’: A Mode de Vie…
Kimonos robes are simple in structure yet ever-so-elegant in the way the fabric drapes over a body. The Kimono is the quintessential piece in the modern bohemian’s wardrobe for home lounging, day-tripping and night-crawling.

“I approach the creation of each Kimono as an extension of my own personal spiritual practice that connects to the intentions of the specific Kimono recipient . I weave intention and love into every stitch. Fashion is my artistic expression, but the connection to each person I create something for, is what truly moves me. “- Rita Ghanime

*It is important to note that all items are made to measure and custom created for each client. Fabrics shown are limited thus availability pending confirmation. Fabric sourcing for new textiles is constant and requests for specific direction is welcome. Please see the ‘Fabric Lookbook section for more selections.

Investment Piece: Kimono Week: Shopping RGKimono

There’s no wrong way to shop RGKimono. I hope that you fall in love with these stunning creations like I did! Don’t forget-the code “Rachel” gets you 10% off!

Happy Shopping!

Kimono Week: #NakedTux

Investment Piece: #NakedTux

Another day, another kimono. At least that’s the story here on kimono week! I know that I’m not supposed to play favorites, but this #nakedtux may be my favorite. Rita approached me about shooting this sequin number (yes, it changes color when you rub the sequins) and playing up the naked aspect. Usually the thought of a shoot like this would have me dieting for weeks and being a tad bit nervous. However, with a jacket this gorgeous (and it comes in other colors!) I couldn’t resist.

Also: just because it’s a #nakedtux doesn’t mean you have to be naked!

Investment Piece:#nakedtux
Investment Piece: #nakedtux
Investment Piece: #nakedtux
Investment Piece: #nakedtux
Investment Piece: #nakedtux
Investment Piece:#nakedtux

Another #nakedtux confession? This was one of those shoots where it as difficult to choose the pics, they were all that good!

Rita designed these sequined kimonos with luxury in mind. The sequins are reversible, the length is super chic, and they are perfect for both nights out or nights in! It’s lined in satin and gives an update to a
“traditional” tux jacket. What I love? The #nakedtux is sophisticated, yet subtle. It’s so easy with pieces like this one to let it be the center point of your outfit, and why wouldn’t you? Sequins would look great with a tank and jeans, over a dress, with pants, open, or pinned shut to wear as a top. It’s possible to take the #nakedtux and make it very clothed, this would even looks amazing over a turtleneck. I can’t think of a way to wear this number that wouldn’t look amazing.

But maybe you want to take the #nakedtux seriously and wear it naked? Or hint at being naked? #nakedtux has you covered. Over how you little you dare at home, the #nakedtux would make any proper lay in seem like a red carpet event. And, for sake of argument, let’s say you have a red carpet event. I love the #nakedtux over silk pants like these crops, and left open (double sided tape makes sure that you don’t share more than you intend to), finish the look with heels and a choker- and the look, while naked, is stunning.

You can get your own #nakedtux at RGKimono. And that’s not the best part! Use the code “Rachel” for 10% off of your purchase with Rita!

I’ve linked the rest of the outfit details below. How would you rock the #nakedtux?

90% off luxury consignment

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Investment Piece: #nakedtux

Designer Spotlight: Rita Ghanime: Made with Love Kimonos

Investment Piece: Rita Ghanime, MAde with Love Kimonos

Have I mentioned it’s kimono week here on Investment Piece? Have I mentioned that I don’t always go with a theme, but that I love this one?

And the big news? Have I mentioned that I am just in LOVE with Rita Ghanime and her Made With Love Kimonos?

Investment Piece: #Cheetah
It’s Kimono Week on Investment Piece! First up: #Cheetah!

Also: maybe this title is a bit too long? But I had to get all the things that I love in there. I want you to know all about them all!

So here’s the thing, I will often recommend designers and brands to you, I know that. My promise is never to recommend something I don’t (or wouldn’t) wear myself, or a designer I don’t believe in. It goes against everything I am working to build here at Investment Piece. Why I love Rita? I met her at a pop-up in LA. (If you’re looking for one of the best barre based workouts, try LA Barre Belle) Rita had her kimonos for sale, and between the styling, the colors, the textures, and the pictures Rita brought with her, I knew that these kimonos were something that I was into.

Investment Piece: Designer Spotlight: Rita Ghanime, Made with Love Kimonos,

With Rita, there is more than one type of kimono: short, long, jacket, wrap. There are sleeves of all kinds. There are all sorts of textures: velvet, silk, sequins. And all sorts of patterns: cheetah, solid color, stripe, these sequins that change color. But the most amazing thing about these kimonos? The woman who makes them, and the love and intention she puts into every single one.

Yes, these kimonos are all hand made. Yes, love and intention are put into each and every one. However, I may not be the best person to tell you all about it. Let Rita Ghanime from Made with Love Kimonos tell you.

Investment Piece: Designer Spotlight: Rita Ghanime Made with Love Kimonos

Sewing Intentions into Garments: The Essence behind ‘Made w/ Love’
An important element of my daily practice includes Kundalini yoga- a form of meditation that integrates mantras, and chanting, and breath-work with movements to raise our vibrations and consciousness. I personally design and sew each custom order myself. I approach this work as an extension of my spiritual practice as I weave intention and love with each stitch.

For Women, my intentions are to empower and raise her inner-awareness of the Goddess within to unfold like a flower when she slips the robe on for the very first time. I want her to feel the energy and love sewn into this piece. To empower her with Grace and elegance that will help her navigate and flow through her life with mindfulness.

For Men, I believe they have a hard time nurturing themselves, and view it as something more feminine or frivolous. The gift of gifting yourself with something luxurious and beautiful is part of this nurturing. Part of my intention that I sew into their Kimono is that the man feels nurtured by himself and doesn’t need to look externally for this love- rather that he cultivates it within himself.

Most know Lebanese-Canadian (Montreal native) Rita Ghanime as a Los Angeles based fashion designer, stylist and trend innovator. But she is so much more than what she does or what her many titles depict. She is a mother, and in turn- a student of her son’s many teachings (he is 8).She is a closet-poet, free-spirit, playful, untamed lover of living truthfully and fully. She loves her California-yoga-smoothie drinking-Runyon Canyon hiking, daily dancing in her pajamas to The Doors and electronic music-loving-lifestyle- which has been the most direct path to mindfulness, clear communication and self-love and joy. Her cup is always half full, and her heart, ever-expanding and open.

“I am not in the fashion life-cycle industry simply to create beautiful things and make a profit. I need purpose, consciousness and philanthropy to be a big part of it otherwise it is not fulfilling on a soul-level. Fast-fashion is going to change. It has to. Consumers are much more aware than the large corporate giants give them credit for. Domestic production and supporting local artists is already causing a shift in the fashion algorhythm and things can no longer continue the way they are… This is how indie designers and artists are able to hold space. People are waking up and the indie artist community is emerging stronger than ever and their support is heart-felt and sincere.

Creating for Love
Rita is constantly playing with fashion. Her process is organic- she usually begins by designing something for herself… and wears her it for pleasure. A few photos on social media later- friends become clients and request her to make the same thing for them. This is also how her former unisex kids clothing brand, ‘Jules’ unisex kids was launched. She started making clothes for her son, Julien (drop-crotch pants and infinity scarves, etc). Soon after, other stylish parents were asking her for clothes for their kids.

Her intuitive sense of style is what keeps her inspired and maintains a fresh outlook on not only fashion, but life. Having styled everything and everyone from ‘indie’ bands and DJs, musicians, models and actors to Fortune 500 executives to uniforms for Hollywood’s hottest nightlife spots and even boutique hotels in Zurich (Switzerland).

Investment Piece: Designer Spotlight Rita Ghanime Made With Love Kimonos

Rita has more than one pre-made kimono for you to buy today; and if there is something specific you have in mind Rita is more than willing to work with you.
Check her out at RGKimono

I hope that you love her as much as I do!

Kimono Week: #Cheetah

Investment Piece: #Cheetah
It’s Kimono Week on Investment Piece! First up: #Cheetah!

I don’t know that I do themes. One of the things that I love about fashion is that you don’t have to stick to a theme- you get to take what we’re given and make it your own. But, this week? There’s a theme (though I like to think I make it my own). It’s kimono week! I’m no stranger to the kimono (see here), but I recently got an opprotunity to fall in love with Rita Ghanime, the owner and designer at RGKimono “Made with Love”. (I promise, promise there’s so much more on her to come). The great news? There’s more than one kimono, there’s more than one way to wear it, and there’s a whole week for us to explore all of it!

Investment Piece: #cheetah
Investment Piece: #Cheetah
Investment Piece: #Cheetah

Have I mentioned that there are so many various types of kimonos? My fave for today? This cheetah print, that reads more wrap dress than traditional kimono. Could you wear it open over anything: jeans, pants, your swim suit, a slip dress? Of course. It would look amazing.

However, I love this on its own. The cheetah print is subtle, yet on trend (Has anyone ever told you that leopard is a neutral? Cheetah is ALMOMST the same thing. It counts. I promise.) It’s the perfect wrap dress for just about anything. Dress it up (these stirrup tights maybe some of my new favorites) with heels. Dress this cheetah down with flats, sandals, or go bare foot. Take this cheetah out to dinner, or lounge by the pool or go the grocery store. Is there a wrong way to cheetah? Or kimono?

I don’t think so.

Investment Piece: #cheetah

Have I mentioned that there’s so much more to come about these kimonos, and Rita, and Made with Love? There is, and I’ve never lied to you. About that theme — this week you’re going to see more than one kimono. There will be more than one way to wear it, and I hope that some are new to you. What I love most about all of these kimonos, and this brand is general? Nothing is traditional. I have nothing against tradition, or traditional kimonos, you’ve seen more than one on my #ootds. However, I love that these kimonos (which really are made with love) are anything you need them to be: tops, jackets, dresses, etc), and you can wear them however you need. We have so much to cover, maybe theme weeks are a good thing?

If you’d like your own Made With Love Kimono you can check Rita out here. I’ve linked some similar pieces below (tights, shoes, and some cheetah!)

How do you Cheetah?

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Investment Piece: #cheetah