Last Minute Gifts Dos and Don’ts


Raise your hand if you’re still running around like a chicken with its head cut off? (Slowly raises hand). This is just one of those years where I’m a tad bit behind on my gift giving–so I’m being tempted to just buy things to get it over with–ya know? And while this time of year is not about the gifts–no one wants to give or receive a bad gift! So I’ve rounded up some of the best gifting advise I know–hope it helps you as much as it’s helping me!

DO stick to quality–the old rule my mom used to say is “don’t gift something of a less quality than you would like to receive”. A gift for someone else doesn’t have to be your taste –but it needs to be a gift worth giving.

DON’T buy to just have something. In every store there are “last minute gifts”–nail polish and make-up sets come to mind. These are great if you have someone who would like them–but if you don’t they will go to waste in someone’s bathroom.

DO consider the giftcard. I’ve already let you know I love them–and I do! I think there is nothing wrong with a giftcard–they will love that you gave them an excuse to go shopping! And if they aren’t into shopping–movie theaters and restaurant gift cards are a great idea!

DON’T fret if the item won’t ship in time. You can always print a picture to wrap or give—and I know of no one who will be mad at more presents to open in January.

Here’s to us all finishing shopping with less stress! XO RA

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