Party for Two

velvet dress with gloves on it, on a red couch, with black pumps on the floor
a woman in a velvet dress with a glove print on a red couch with her cat
a woman in a velvet dress with a glove print on a red couch

December has the reputation for being the “party” month- and with all the holidays in December, that could be true. However, I argue that February is a party month all it’s own that rivals December. Maybe it’s because we’re firmly in the new year, and spring is coming and we’re ready to get out of the house. Maybe because it’s a short month, with more than one holiday, that it feels as if our weekends book up (or at least mine are!). Maybe it’s because with Valentine’s there are more date nights, Galentine parties, and just nights out in general. So, there’s a chance that you pull out your party looks from the winter holidays (or you buy new! I’m routinely posting some of my February looks from date night to Valentine parties over on LTK and ShopStyle Apps!) and there’s a chance that those looks get a second life.

Full confession? This velvet number- I love the retro feel of it and the glove detail- was a dress that I wore (at home) for NYE. Ironic that I’m changing my styling of the same dress for Valentine’s (aka a party of two)? Yes, I’ll probably still be on the couch, but this time, I’m acknowledging that I probably won’t be in heels at all -I’ll embrace being barefoot. And I’ll be doing all my nails to match the nails on the dress! While I LOVE having my hair up, for a party of two, I’m thinking of wearing it down and just letting it fall. (And if it ends up in a bun at the end of the night, then so be it!) Simple makeup, but a great perfume.

Not a complete 180, but just enough of a difference to make a party dress feel brand new, for a different kind of party.

a woman in a velvet dress with gloves on it on a red couch

This is also where I tell you that I love parties at home- especially parties for two. You get to eat what you like, unlimited refills, no lines, no surcharges. And your party dress can also turn into party pjs if you like! I LOVE dressing up, breathing new life into party dresses I’ve worn before- and I love being able to change it on the fly at home. The coming weeks may have more than one party for two, or girls night, or self love night. I hope that you wear something that makes you feel like a celebration. And I’m hoping whoever you’re with appreciates it too!

I’ve linked this exact outfit for you below! If you style it, I would love to see! And again, follow me on apps for more February party looks!

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Cold Weather Chic

a woman in a black and white puffed skirt, black puffer coat and black Uggs
a woman in a black and white puffer skirt, black puffer jacket, and black Uggs
a woman in a black and white puffer skirt, black puffer jacket, and black Uggs
a woman in a white and black puffer skirt, black puffer jacket, and Black Uggs
a woman in a black and white puffer skirt, black puffer coat, and black Uggs

I have a complicated relationship with the cold. Mainly, I have no idea how to deal with it. Being raised in a warmer climate, and then living most of my adult life in a really mild climate hasn’t led me to have much winter weather experience. A few years ago, for the first time in my life, I experienced snow that didn’t melt right away. And I was floored. The thing is, maybe as I don’t get a lot of it, I’m fascinated by snow. I think it’s magical, and I ask for it every Christmas. Of course, I live in places where we completely shut down when it gets too cold, snow gets to be a special thing.

While I have a thing for snow- I have no idea what to wear for it. Every year I think ski clothes, big jackets, etc are so chic. I dream of cold weather outfits. And then, when the temps drop, I wear nothing but sweats, usually more than one at a time. As I’ve never had to, I’m not sure how to dress for both the cold (and I also get COLD in the cold) and chicly.

One of my goals this year, when the temps eventually dropped, was to somehow be both warm and chic. And loves- I think I’m getting the hang of it. Here I’m wearing long Johns (because you can’t be chic if you’re cold) under a puffer skirt (they’re a thing. This one is from an independent brand that sadly shut down, but besides being quilted, it’s lined and so warm!), with a puffer jacket, and my Uggs (they are a classic for a reason!). I was able to handle being outside (for a while! Then I ran back into a heating pad and hot tea!), and while I may be biased, I felt chic.

And being warm and chic once is making me rethink all my winter clothes, though I’m also looking forward to it warming up again!

How do you deal with the cold? And what do you wear? Do you feel any pressure to look chic while combatting the cold? If you’re looking to recreate this look, I’ve linked similar pieces for you below I do think it’s going to be my go-to for when it’s cold but I need to be a little fashionable!

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a woman in a black and white puffer skirt and a black puffer jacket with black uggs

Just Jeans

a woman in slightly flared jeans and a silky sheer top with platform shoes
a woman in slightly flared jeans and a silky sheer top with platform shoes
a woman in slightly flared jeans and a silky sheer top with platform shoes

I’m not great at in betweens (I may have mentioned that once or twice see here, here, and here for starters). But there are times when in-between- or just jeans (aka what I call not a party dress, because truly, a party dress of some sort is always my go-to) However, there are times when just jeans are such a treat, especially when the outfit straddles the line between casual and statement.

Just like these slight flares with this ever so sheer shirt and the most incredible flatform shoes (see details here, and while I bought these Gucci years ago, I know that this style is avail on eBay and Vestaire -and I’m sure other resell sites about!) Just the slightest bit of a statement, just this side of casual.

Maybe I am getting good at this whole just jeans thing or in betweens.

a woman in slight flares and a slightly sheer shirt with flatforms
a woman in slight flare jeans and a slightly sheer shirt with flateform shoes
a close up of pink and yellow flatform shoes and slight flare jeans

My secret to wearing just jeans? Dress them to the occasion. Aka when I had to go to a meeting (that yes, could have been an email) I needed to dress up just a tad so I would feel great about going (and of course if you don’t need to dress up to bribe yourself to go anywhere jeans look just as great with a t-shirt or sweatshirt, but I’m sure you knew that! Jeans are also easy to pair with everything from slippers to heels but I’m sure you knew that too!) I had to wear a shirt and shoes that made it feel like an occasion. (side note: with sheer or sheerish shirts you have options- play sheer up with black underthings or play sheer down with nude or slips underthings. Whatever you’re most comfortable with or whatever your occasion calls for!)

While there have been times when I didn’t know how to style or deal with just jeans, as I’m getting older-or more comfortable in my skin- the more comfortable I am in just jeans. And of course that also means that you need jeans that fit you insanely well. For me, that means a high waist (I am stupid high waisted), and a bit of stretch never hurt no body, a slight flare seems to be in right now- but any jean that feels good on you is good. Any top- from sheer to tee to sweatshirt- that you feel good is in good.

I don’t know that I believe in just jeans. Every outfit tells a story, and the jean outfit we wear to meetings to errands to brunch to occasions are different, special, and yours. For every just jeans outfit I hope that you find something that helps you tell a story that is anything but just (because none of our stories are just something!)
a woman in slight flare jeans and a silky sheer shirt with flatworm shoes

What do you wear with jeans? And do you ever think there’s a “just jeans”?
I’ve linked these exact jeans (on sale) and top (under $50!) for you below. These shoes are from seasons ago, and again you can find them resale (if you want help with that please reach out!) but I’ve also linked similar ones below!
xo RA
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Many Faces

a woman standing in library stacks in a black dress with the face of Marilyn on it
a woman sitting in library stacks wearing a black dress with the face of Marilyn Monroe on it
close up of a black dress with Marilyn Monroe on a black Dress
a woman in Marilyn Monroe Print dress on the library stacks
the back of a woman (in black) in the library stacks

Do you ever feel as if you’re different people with different groups? Or friends? Or family? As if you have various, or many, faces, that you show to different people in your life? I do. With certain friends I’m the leader, with strong opinions, and from boundaries. With other friends I’m a follower, willing to go along. Sometimes I’m super loud and funny. There are people in my life who think I never talk at all. And to some people, with whom I feel super safe, I never shut up.

We all have many faces. Or sides to us. And depending on who you’re with, various sides of you may come out. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always loved reading (there was a time when I read a book a day and while my adult life has not indulged that habit, I still love to get lost in other worlds), and the idea that within the pages of any book you can be anyone and go anywhere. Or perhaps, a better way to say it is that we all have many faces, and sometimes we wear them.

a woman in dress whit eh face of Marilyn Monroe in library stacks
a woman in a black dress with eh face of Marilyn Monroe on it in Library Stacks
close up of a sleeve with a woman's smile and red lipstick on it

This isn’t the first time I’ve been attracted to or worn a dress with a face on it (see here>/a>), but it may be the first time that I’ve thought about my style in terms of the face I’m presenting. Well, not completely true, but the first time I’ve thought about the face on my clothes and the face I’m presenting in the terms of how I dress. Or aka, I’m more aware of the fact that I have many faces, from the books I read to the personas I put on with my outfits to the faces I share with people I know. The difference is that this time, I’m wearing my many faces while aware of all the meaning they have.

And yes. This dress is full of a LOT. I won’t dip my foot into any of the Monroe legacy- although to say I think she was such a talent and we were worse off to not see her do more- but I know she’s an icon. And had many faces. So a dress with her face, in a place with so many stories- what a place to wear it! Note: this dress is vintage Loewe, and I’ve linked both Loewe dresses and dresses with faces on them for you below!

I’m a firm believer that our fashion is a way to tell our stories. I’m also aware that all of us have many faces, even with those we love. I’m not sure that I have any advice on how to combine all of your faces, or what to wear to do that. But, I do think that all of our faces, and outfits, deserve a place in our lives.

Also- what are you reading right now?

a woman with a dress with Marilyn Monroe face on it sitting on a couch in library stacks

Shopping options linked below. If you have insight or something to say about your many faces I would love to hear them!


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a woman in library stacks in a dress with Marilyn Monroe on it

In Between

a woman in a green silk robe with pink lining
a woman in a green silk robe with pink lining
a woman in green silk robe with pink lining
a woman in a green robe with pink lining
a woman in a green silk robe with pink lining

This year has started off a bit more slowly than I had hoped. While I know that things will pick up, many things have felt very in between right now. From my hair (letting it grow out, and every other day I think about going blonder or darker) to my schedule (there’s been more waiting than action and I’m still working out a routine that works for me) to waiting on everything from checks to packages. It’s all a lot of in between.

And I’m not great at in between. One way or the other (aka how I can dress up or be in sweats, but have a hard time with casual) I can do, but in betweens are difficult for me. I avoid them. I dislike them. I don’t want to be in between.

But, perhaps, that’s because I’ve been thinking of in betweens incorrectly. To me, in betweens can be a form of purgatory, and often my discomfort is me just wanting to get somewhere. What if in betweens aren’t a place to rush through but places of opportunity? Having that thought shifted my perspective. If an in between can be whatever I want, if I can use the time before getting to my destination to really think about what I want, I can have fun with it, instead of hating in betweens.

It’s a little like this vintage robe. Which, yes, I wear as a dress. This robe can be a party dress-just add heels, the details like the rhinestone ties. Or it can be dressed down, worn a bit more casually. Or you could wear it as a robe- over everything from nightgowns to sweats to pjs. It can be anything you want it to be, but as is, it’s a little in between.

a woman in a green silk robe with pink lining

My aha moment on in betweens doesn’t mean that I’m not excited about things starting to speed up. About going from an in betweens to some place solid. But, if I can wear something fantastic that can be amazing different things, I can enjoy the in between a little bit more.

And I highly recommend vintage silk robes. They make mornings, nights, and all the in betweens a bit better. I’ve linked some I love for you below!

How is the beginning of your year going? Are you in between and how ware you handling it?


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Cold Weather Friends

a woman in black jeans, black sweater, with a black scarf around her neck wearing pink suede heels in front of grey stairs
a woman in black jeans, black sweater, with a black scarf around her neck wearing pink suede heels in front of grey stairs
a woman in black jeans, black sweater, with a black scarf around her neck wearing pink suede heels in front of grey stairs
a woman in black jeans, black sweater, with a black scarf around her neck wearing pink suede heels in front of grey stairs

I am a warm climate kind of gal. Which is ironic when I tell you that I love snow (well, I may love the idea of snow), am in love with ski apparel (I’ve never been skiing), and super ironic when I tell you that while I dream of cold weather fits, every time the temps drop the first thing I reach for are sweats. It’s not that I don’t want to buy and wear all the chic winter finds – from sweaters to ski pants to coats- its just that when I get cold the main thing I focus on is being warm. People live and look amazing in cold weather, in snow, and I long to be one of them.

I long to be someone who’s style comes through, even when I’m cold. I know it’s possible. The issue is that I’m not quite sure how. Layers, I know, from undershirts to turtlenecks to sweaters to cardigans to coats. Heavier fabrics, from jeans made with cashmere to wools. Scarves, from chic ones around my neck to heavy ones. If my first instinct during winter is to put on two pairs of sweats, I’m slowly learning to make cold weather friends with pieces that are warm AND fashionable. To embrace wools and knits and trust that they will work against the wind. And most importantly, to marry my style with all of the above.

The above outfit is one of my cold weather go- to’s. Warm jeans (I’m loving the new trend of cashmere and wool blend denim). Sweater over a long John tank (silk blends are my favorites). Scarf (from light to heavy) around my neck. Not pictured- a really warm wool coat to top it off.

If you manage to do cold weather chic I would love to know your secrets! What are your go to’s? How do you stay warm? I’ve linked these options below and can’t wait to hear your picks!


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woman in a black sweater with a black scarf around her neck in front of grey stairs

Purple as a Passion

a woman in a TCUFootball shirt, jeans, and over the knee white Chanel flat boots

I’m a firm believer that what we wear helps to tell our stories, and whether or not you have caught on or not- I’m a big football fan. (Cliche? Who knows?) Especially my college football team, TCU. My freshman year at college, we won ONE game (against SMU). We (my friends and the rest of the student body) rushed the field to celebrate, got pepper sprayed by the police (a fact my mom recently learned); and from there it’s been nothing but going up. My beloved Gary Patterson (who I have feelings about how he got let go- if you know you know) took the Head Coaching job and we went from 1-12 to an undefeated season, winning the Rose Bowl, and today we play for the College Football Championship. It’s been a ride, a journey- and with the football gods on our side and a bit of luck, it’s not over yet.

You may have noticed that I wear a lot of purple. Partially because I love the color, but partially because it’s a TCU color and it’s a way to support my team. A part of me knows that this is just a game and TCU has won just by getting there (underdog and if you follow college football you know). And yet, another part of me knows that this is huge- from the opportunity to how much I want my team to win to the reunions happening for so many of my friends (The last time TCU won a Football Championship it was 1938 so it’s not an understatement to say ALL my TCU friends are going or are glued to the TV tonight). I’m bouncing between being completely sure we will win, and wanting to vomit from nerves. (It’s a good thing I’m on the sidelines and not playing!) But, as I don’t play football, what I do is tell stories with my fashion – and that matters too. So, as a tribute, my part, and a way to put my all behind my team I’ve rounded up some of my most favorite purple outfits. Turns out purple is a passion of mine, from the field to the runway, and I thank you for hearing my stories.

Just so you know, I’m counting on all of you rooting for my team and wearing purple today (I’ve essentially taken the day off to do that!) The parts of us that we don’t think are fashion related or may be a little bit cliche? Let’s not shy away from using our fashion to tell those stories too!
Go Frogs! Wear all the purple!

a woman in a purple gown in front of green hedges
in a purple gown for a cousin’s wedding
a woman in a purple plaid dress and shoes in front of a stone wall and trees
in a Holiday perfect gown
a woman in a wrap purple dress and black mules
in a purple day dress
a woman in a one shoulder lavender dress sits on a bike
purple on a bike
a woman in a purple skirt and an off the shoulder blue top with yellow wedges sits on a railing
purple as color blocking
A woman in a purple printed dress with purple sandals in front of an apt building
purple as a print

These are the tip of my purple outfits. I have a favorite pair of purple pants. TCU sweatshirts and tees. I even have purple TCU nikes. My love of TCU football is often told through my fashion, and I promise from a run on the treadmill to cheering my Frogs with my mom and sister tonight, I’ll be wearing purple (as a passion) and telling all sorts of stories. I can’t wait to tell you how we won- and I’d love to know what story you regularly tell with your fashion choices!


Lessons from a Relaxing Holiday

a woman in red and black plaid pants and a long sleeve black shirt holds a cat in red and black pjs sits next to a poinsettia

I’ve been thinking a lot about the difference between rest and rejuvenation. A recent post I saw mentioned that rest is akin to not draining your battery, where rejuvenation is actively recharging, aka we need to both rest and refill our cups. For the first time in a while, I feel like I got to do a bit of both this holiday. I didn’t worry about content, there were days I turned my phone off for most of the day, I read books and watched movies, and it was heavenly. Then, in the midst of all that relaxation, outfit ideas came to me, I got inspired, and even though I wore a lot of sweats and leggings- there were some style lessons that I’m taking into the new year (like the pic above, that sometimes being matchy matchy isn’t always a bad thing!)

a woman in a strapless black top with a white ruffle and a black and white skirt and red heels stands in a doorway
Function and Chic Are Not Mutually Exclusive
While I’m still the type to dress for a party, even if it’s just in a living room, I wore so many chic things this holiday. And yet, so many of them were functional. This chic skirt? (By my love Mrs Emily) It has amazing pockets- which held wallet, keys, and a red lipstick! I want to look incredibly chic (pretty much all the time) but I want to be able to do what I need to do. So, this year I’m interested in clothes that let me do both. From pockets on down, I’m looking for details that make my look better and my life a bit easier. I know there will be times when I wear something a bit impractical, but for day to day I’m taking my function and chicness together!

a woman in a camel wool coat, black boots, black purse and earmuffs in front of a white wall
Don’t be Afraid to Make Other’s Fashion Your Own
I’m a vintage lover so the idea of wearing someone else’s fashion isn’t new or intimidating to me. I also love getting outfit inspiration from friends and strangers and editorials, so again, not a big deal to me. In the above picture I’m wearing my grandma’s coat, my mom’s old earmuffs, and carrying my Mimi’s purse. So, in many ways I’m talking about making other people’s fashion and making it your own-literally. We could also call this “take your family to work day”. After days of relaxing, I loved getting dressed up in my family’s clothes. It’s a little bit like being in a hug all day. As I’m a huge vintage fan, it’s not that I’m new to vintage, but there are so many things from my family that I didn’t think that I could wear in a way that felt like me- but I was wrong. Opening up what you’re willing to wear, and working on ways to make things your own, opens up your closet so much!

a woman lounging on a red couch in a velvet dress with gloves on it
Wear What Makes You Happy
This was my NYE dress (so gorgeous and the velvet is so lush! You’ll be seeing more of it later!). I got all dressed up to drink some champagne on the couch and then change to sweats. Yet, the dress made me so happy- the small time I was in it was worth it and being on the couch made no difference. This year let’s not get caught up in anything other than what makes us happy. From trends to vintage to what feels right, no matter where we’re going let’s make sure it’s in something that makes our heart sing.

What did you wear over the holiday? And what did you learn from it? I want to hear all about it!

xo RA

Happy Holidays!

A woman in plaid pants with a poinsettia in front of her face

The Holidays are here, and no matter how ready we are- there’s joy to be had. I’m so grateful for you and hope that your holiday season is full of so much love and peace. Starting today, I’m taking some time off to enjoy my family and rest up for all the fantastic fashion to be worn in 2023. I’ll be back with new posts starting 1/4. During the holidays you can shop with me in the LTK and Shopstyle apps (I’ll be sharing sales and winter stylings) as well as Instagram (all @racheladelicia). I’m excited for this time of rest- and to see you in 2023!!

Happy Holidays!

Fashion Stories: Party Dress Season

a woman in a pink dress holding a fur jacket in front of a house

I love this time of year for so so many reasons, but it’s also the party dresses. It’s no secret that I love them, wear them even if it’s not a party, and love what comes next (party dress sale season!). From Holiday parties to NYE, to some cheer for the new year, there’s no bad reason for a party dress right now. This is a look back at some of my favorites of the past, I can’t wait to see what’s to come!