My week has been thwarted by a jammed toe. Yes- I am a klutz! Earlier this week I walked into a weight during Pilates class, jamming 2 toes on my left foot- and while I’m aok, they’ve affected everything. What shoes I can wear. My sleep. My schedule. Shoots, posts, appointments all had to be rescheduled. So while I’m on the mend, I’m still barefoot- meaning that today we’re looking back so next week we can move forward in amazing shoes! Xo RA

Investment Piece: Escape
Investment Piece: Escape
Investment Piece: Escape
Investment Piece: Escape
Investment Piece: Escape
Investment Piece: Escape

She was bored. Even with the impending holidays, she needed a little excitement. A little adventure. She needed an escape. It was nothing personal, and nothing to fear; it’s just that sometimes we all need to be a little wild, a little different than we are, a little escape.
So, she got herself just that.
In the country, in the quiet, she was able to let loose. Never one to blend in, she let the escape be her canvas. From vistas to leopard sightings, what she really found in little moments of escape was herself again.
And don’t worry, she brought the clothes home with her. Just in case she needs a little city escape.

Have I mentioned how much I love Amberleaf? And the coat selections they have for you this season are just…..I can’t imagine you needing anything else. From cashmere to classic cuts to every color you could want. They are worth escaping in!
(Remember to use the code RACHELADELICIA when you shop!)

Just because it’s coat season doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to bland winter fashion. Mix colors (how great are these gloves?). Wear print (well, leopard is a neutral, but there are so many prints out there to embrace). Your coat can be the star of your outfit, or a stunning topper. Realistically, you might not need an escape. BUT your outfit can be an escape from the ordinary, and I see nothing wrong with being ready just in case there’s a last minute get away.

This coat is Amberleaf and avaible on their site. I’ve linked pants and gloves for your escaping pleasure.
Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Pink Power

a woman in a hot pink dress, hot pink tights and hot pink boots
woman in a hot pink dress, tights, boots and gloves
a woman in a hot pink dress, tights, boots and gloves
a woman in a hot pink dress, tights and boots

Every October I do at least one post in a pink outfit. It started as a way to chat about breast cancer for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (please go get your mammogram. I’m also talking to myself- as that’s on my to-do list. And it’s easy to out off. But we can’t wear amazing things if we’re not here! Wanna be accountability buddies and make our appointments?) I’ve had so much fun each year coming up with pink outfits and “celebrating” (I know that’s not the word but I can’t really put my finger on what is) the month. Yet, ironically, if you were to ask me, I’d tell you that I’m not really a pink person.

But the thing about pink is- it can grow on you. And, like anything else, once I’ve found my shade of pink, it’s became one of my favorites. Hot pink is the pink for me- from gowns to suits, it has snuck throughout my closet so it’s almost a neutral. Perhaps, when I would say that I’m not a pink person I meant the stereotypical pink- over sweet, a bit timid, a bit young. The thing that I’m learning is that pink is power. Wearing it makes me feel powerful, the hot pink is a symbol of my power, and when you get to have fun like this how could you not want to indulge in your own pink power?

a woman in a hot pink dress, tights, boots, and gloves
And yes, this year’s pink outfit is a play on the Zendaya Valentino campaign and the hot pink looks that are everywhere. I’ve had this pink dress for years (it was one of my first hot pink purchases!). The boots were also from season’s past, every so often I think about culling them from my closet, but they bring me so much joy that I could never part with them. And it turns out my instinct was right (and maybe gives strength to the argument that everything comes back and you shouldn’t get rid of things!). The tights and gloves were simple purchases, and super easy to find! Putting my own take on the look of the moment was so incredibly fun- and once again the pink was powerful!

a woman in a hot pink dress and tights and boots and gloves
a woman in a hot pink dress, tights, boots, and gloves
a woman in a hot pink dress with tights, boots, and gloves

One of the things that changed my stance about pink, and power, besides how great it looks, was that I realized that my power- the things that make me special from my sarcasm to how I cry easily to my ability to make leopard work with anything- is my own. My power can be soft, it can be chic, and can be pink. What do you wear when you need to feel powerful? What’s your stance on pink?
And when is your mammogram?

I’ve linked similar shoes and dresses for your shopping pleasure below! Both the tights and gloves were found on Amazon if you want those as well!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Fashion Stories: Wedding Guest

a woman in a teal and gold lame dress under string lights

One of my first posts in this series was about wedding dresses (and how we hang onto them and why) while wearing my great-great-grandma’s wedding dress (you can read about it here). So, in a way, it seems a bit full circle that I’m now writing about being a wedding guest (and what I wore and why) for a recent family wedding.

Let’s be honest: weddings are a great ritual, a great party, a great time and a stressful event for many. Recently my cousin got married (and I’m not sharing pics as it’s not my news but let me say that she was STUNNING and that the event- from top to bottom- by a lake, with gold Dinos as decorations, with family dancing- was just perfect), and like anyone else, I worried about what to wear to the wedding.

I was not a part of the bridal party, but I am who I am, and knowing that Id see family that I don’t often to visit with, when my invitation said “cocktail”, I knew that I wanted to look special (and not upstage the bride). So, below, from lunch with cousins to wedding to the morning after brunch (of which I was a hostess), I break down what I wore and why. Weddings are big stories- for all of us. I hope my choices help you in similar situations, or just inspire you to get dressed up!

Cousins Lunch
a woman in a white silk shirt and lilac corduroy pants with snakeskin mules

The day before the wedding, I had lunch with come cousins I hadn’t been able to catch up with in years! A casual affair, yes, but I wanted to look my best! My choice? A silk shirt with corduroy pants. Easy, seasonal, and yet chic- this combo would work with any color combo (I happened to choose purple and white for my college colors and CFB season!) and while I choose a chic flat, from boots to heels almost any shoe will do!

What I love: it’s easy and yet elegant. Super on point with textures, and easy to customize with colors and shoes!

What I would do differently: I did feel a bit undone. A belt would help, or adding more jewelry!

a woman in a teal and gold lame dress on rocks by a lake

You may have read about this dress here. It’s new (to me, vintage Hanea Mori) and when I got it, I knew that I had to wear it to the wedding. I felt as if it were perfect- fallish colors, midi length, long sleeved, and cocktail. But not overpowering – it wasn’t a gown, it’s a cocktail dress- and with the right gold shoes and jewelry, I felt like I nailed it!

What I love: everything. Everything about this dress. The fit. The color. Invite me to all your events so I can wear it again! I also felt like it wasn’t so over the top that I upstaged anyone (the last thing I would want to do!) but yet felt so good in it (and got a ton of compliments!).

What I would change: Not. A. Thing.

Morning After Brunch

a woman in a Dino print button down with sleeves rolled up and black jeans

For the morning after brunch, I knew that I needed something casual (yet chic), and I wanted to make a nod to the happy couple! As the table decorations at the reception were decorated with gold painted Dinos I felt as if a Dino shirt would be incredibly appropriate! Paired with a “nice” pair of jeans (and un-pictured amazing shoes!), it was a hit!

What I loved: Such an inside joke and felt like a cute outfit, even when I was “working”

What I would change: I loved the outfit but as we had to clean before and after the brunch I wish I had brought non-high waisted comfy pants and something I didn’t care about getting dirty for that!

I was very lucky as I didn’t have to travel for this wedding, meaning that if I put something on and it didn’t work I had my entire closet at my disposal. I know that’s not always the case, so a few of my wedding guest dressing tips:

-Plan in advance and take a backup. You just never know!
-Comfort and chic-ness are key. Yes, you want to impress everyone you haven’t seen in ages, but you want to move and dance, etc, with ease. There is a balance to be found!
-Look your best but adhere to the “rules”. Usually this means no white dresses, no overdressing, no upstaging the bridge, etc
-Have fun! Weddings are for the couple- and for families! Enjoy it all, from the event to what you wear!

What have you worn to recent weddings and what concerns about wedding dressing do you have? I would love to help you out with them and hear all about it!


Fashion Halloween: What you Already Have

There have been many Fashion Halloweens when I chat about “easy” costumes, Halloween shirts, and little accessories that you can use to get in the spooky spirit! And I stand by those!

a woman in a black shirt that says bad witch with white pants
This shirt is my go-to (yes, I’ll be wearing it more than one time this week!) and stand by these tips for last minute costumes read here. And yes, if costumes aren’t your thing, a headband with any ears or horns is great. Or an elaborate makeup look. Or a shirt that says “bad witch” on it (this fave of mine is from seasons past but I know you can find it on eBay! If you need help with that LMK!)

And yet.

With Halloween being on the edge of the winter holidays- where, in theory, there will be all sorts of parties and events and date nights (or if nothing else excuses for you to buy dresses for events you don’t have to go to!)- and I couldn’t help but think of simple, but effective, costumes that you could put together with pieces you may already have! OR with pieces that you want to buy but need another place to wear!

Below I’ve taken 2 “high” fashion dresses and let you know easy ways that you could make them into Halloween costumes. Not only would you be very Fashion Halloween, these are dresses you may already own. Or, if you want to invest in these dresses they are great for any holiday party, dinner, date night- and not just in the holiday season! Fashion as your halloween costume? Maybe that is the scariest (aka most fun!) thing of all!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

A Cat
a woman in a leopard dress

I’m a firm believer that leopard is a neutral, and any leopard piece you buy is an investment! So a leopard dress? A must. From date night to parties, this dress (or similar ones) will have you always on trend, always able to accessorize, and always not boring! And for Fashion Halloween? Super simple! Just add cat ears (or mask if that’s your jam)- and you’re a cat. A costume you already have or an excuse to get a new dress? Either way, it’s chic!

I’ve linked this exact dress, choices under $100 and cat ears I love:

a woman in black lace dress

A black lace dress- is a bit witchy, a classic, a must for any holiday or date night or big event- and super easy to turn into a Halloween costume. Simply add a witch hat (or devils’ horns). Simple, stunning. And a great reason to wear a stunner you already have or invest in a new one! You’ll wear it all the time (I wore this for Valentine’s last year!). This number is vintage but I’ve linked similar for you below!

What are you being for Halloween? Or to parties? And if you don’t have something in mind, might I recommend one of these easy Fashion Halloween looks?

Also- if you need a costume and have no idea what to wear, email me! This is something I love and I would love to help!


Magic in a Dress

a woman in a teal and gold lame midi dress on rocks by a lake
a woman in a teal and gold lame dress on rocks by a lake
a woman in a teal and gold lame dress on rocks by a lake

As much as I believe in fashion, and our stories, and how the the two are connected- there are times when all of the things (our stories and our fashion) are just magic. Like this vintage Hanea Mori (more on her below!) that I got from Pickled Vintage (check my IG stories today for my current picks from her!) that I recently wore to my cousin’s wedding (more on that next week on Fashion Stories!). Maybe it’s the teal or the gold, or the subtle pattern- or the fitted waist and button back- but this dress made me feel magical. It was magic. And if the people who came up to me and complimented me on the dress had anything to say- it was a hit!

Another way to say that this was magic in dress- on a magical night!

So what makes a dress magic? For me, it’s part how it makes you feel (aka the fit, the color, the details) and part where you wear it to (I am one to always overdress but it helps when your outfit fits the occasion!). Also, magic is a bit elusive, some times you have a great dress and a great event- and while you look great you lack that magic. While we can’t plan or demand magic my secret for this is doing just a little bit more.
– going to a cocktail event? Wear a dress with a bit of metallic, glam, or glitz. Just righton the edge of formal
-Wear amazing shoes (a way of life) but especially at any sort of event
-Statement Pieces. From Jewelry to the dress or shoes, there should be one piece on you that subtly stands out.

You can’t always do magic on demand, but you can create the right environment for magic to flourish!

a woman in a teal and gold lame dress under string lights

About Hanea Mori:

Hanae Mori (Japanese: 森 英恵, Hepburn: Mori Hanae, /həˌnɑːeɪ ˈmɔːri/, 8 January 1926 – 11 August 2022) was a Japanese fashion designer. She was one of only two Japanese women to have presented her collections on the runways of Paris and New York, and the first Asian woman to be admitted as an official haute couture design house by the Fédération française de la couture in France.[1][2] Her fashion house, opened in Japan in 1951, grew to become a $500 million international business by the 1990s. She’s a designer to know and this isn’t the first time you’ll read about her here!

a woman in a teal and gold lame dress under string lights
a woman in a gold and teal lame dress on rocks by a lake

There are times when magic just strikes. And of course, there are moments when we make the magic. In my experience the easiest way to do that is to wear things that make you feel magical (aka look amazing on you and have details that just pop! A great place to wear them doesn’t hurt either!)

So, how do you make magic in a dress? What makes a magical outfit to you?
Below I’ve linked some lame choices, some Hanea Mori choices, and these exact shoes for you!


Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

a woman in a teal and gold lame dress

Am I Too Old?

a blonde woman in a black crop top and black pants in front of stone

When I first came up with the above outfit, my main concern was that it would be flattering. We all have body worries-and my concerns about the outfit were centered on those. I didn’t know it at the time, but those were the simpler days.

As I get older, not only do I worry about things being flattering, I worry about being too old for them. And I hate that I think that, I hate that I ask myself if I’m too old for things. I want to be able to tell you that no matter what you wear- from crop tops to cutouts to mini skirts to sleeveless and strapless tops- I want to tell you that as long as you feel confident in it, and love it, that there are no age limits (or any body limits!).

A part of me believes that.

And a large part of me worries about trying too hard. About dressing so young I make myself look older. About being one of those women who cling to youth with such a grip that they look foolish. It’s not that I think this about other women, or outfits I see from editorial shoots to Instagram. But it’s something I worry about for me.

Do you think that we get too old to wear certain things? What do you think that age is and what do you think those things are?

a close up of a woman in a black crop top

A dear friend had a great perspective on the “am I too old for this” question when I recently send her a picture of a different crop top. She pointed out that while I and someone younger than me might both be drawn to the top, that we would style it in different ways, and that as I am the age that I am, my styling would be age appropriate. And she’s right. Even my own personal style has changed from my 20s to now. Even when I love crop tops, etc, I do try to balance the outfit, and style it in ways that make me feel confident.

So. Why do I worry about being too old for things? And what does that really mean?

Even on Instagram (etc) I can show you pictures of stunning women, older than me, wearing all the things I worry about making me look old- and I love the outfits and think they look amazing. Is it really just a personal doubt that I have? And if so, how do I get over it?

I’m not 1000% sure. My plan is to continue to pick pieces and outfits that I love, and that I feel confident in, style them the way I like- and hope for the best. With any stage of life, I know that there will be things that I chose to stay away from, that my style will evolve with me, and that there will be things I don’t feel confident in (for whatever reason). And when it comes to me putting aways styles I used to wear, or chasing things I wouldn’t have in the past I hope that I’m choosing based on what I love- and not my fears (especially my fears about being old).

I’m also hoping that if I do wear things that make me look too old or that I’m trying to hard that one of my dear friends will (gently) tell me. Feel free to consider yourself a dear friend!

I would love to know if you occasionally have these “am I too old” fears- and if there are any ways your style is changing because of them?


Fashion Halloween: Skeleton

a woman in skeleton pjs with pumpkins
a woman in a skeleton pj set with pumpkins
a woman in skeleton pjs and pumpkins
a woman in skeleton pjs surrounded by pumpkins
a woman in skeleton pjs with pumpkins

Every Halloween I tend to wear a certain shirt to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters (a thing I LOVE to do!) and you can see my usual go-to trick-or-treat outfit here. Maybe part of fashion halloween that I should chat about is that I have my costumes, and then I have what I answer the door to trick-or-treaters in (and why shouldn’t both be fashion?).
And yet, this year, I’m thinking of not only combining Fashion Halloween and giving out candy, but comfortable costumes and a night of frolic.
AKA on one of my costume shopping trips I found this pj set that’s not only perfect for a party but perfect for a comfy Halloween night- and yet is still fashion. You could elevate this look with make-up (not my skill set), or even heels (my wheel house for sure!), Where I found this set (Target!) also had matching sets for the whole family so if you need a couple or family costume, this is an easy or high fashion way to match!

I’ve never thought or considered being a skeleton for Halloween. And yet, with matching accessories, these pjs feel just as great as any ball gown costume that I can think of (and most likely more comfy!). A bonus is that they are the best costume to stay at home in- be that watching scary movies (or Hocus Pocus for the 300th time!) or handing out candy to your local goblins! (aka wear to hand out Halloween candy but make it fashion!). You don’t need makeup (though if you can do that teach me how!) or anything else- but this simple set. I’ve linked it and the slippers below!

What do you love about Halloween night? Handing out candy? The costumes? Let me know! And if you already have a plan for your Halloween (fashion or not)- because we know this isn’t the only costume I’m wearing this year (see for my picks so far!), but I am dying (down to a skeleton) to hear about yours!

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a woman in skeleton peeps with a skeleton next to her
me and my skeleton peeps!

Suit but make it Fashion

a woman in a plaid suit and grey corset with platforms
a woman in a plaid suit
a woman in a plaid suit, grey corset, brown gloves, and bucket bag

Is it weird that I love a suit- even when I have never needed to wear a suit in any of my adult pursuits? As in, I’ve always loved a suit and every time that any of the “fashion” says suits are back I get excited. Because, besides being a work wear staple, a suit is a symbol of power, a suit is also a fashion staple. A suit can be so many things (and the pieces of a suit can be so many more!). And when you choose to make a suit fashion- like let’s say pairing it with a corset (fashion of course) and platforms (so in!), gloves (let’s bring them back, shall we?) and a great bag (this one is vintage but I’ve found you similar!).

Suits are one of the staples that I can routinely go back to, over and over again- no matter the style, that make me feel good. Suits make me feel adult, professional, and a bit more in control. And when I can put my own twist on them (see above), I can’t help but wonder why I don’t wear suits every day!

a woman in a plaid suit, grey corset and brown platformsI
a plaid blazer, navy bucket bag and brown gloves on a bench
a woman in a grey corset and plaid pants and brown platfroms

A corset top seems like a lot, right? Yet, it can elevate a lot of outfits- even a suit which I think is one of those outfits that doesn’t need elevating. Is there a limit to elevating? Perhaps not!

One of my favorite looks this fall is strapless tops with pants (and a blazer thrown in) so doing that with a suit makes my day. How I did it? Paired a much loved vintage corset top with a suit from last season (That feels oh so now) and platforms, vintage gloves, and a vintage Bottega that feels brand new.

I know that to me, suits are these fun and fascinating pieces, but if you have to wear them everyday they may not be. So. If you have to wear suits all the time how do you make them fashion? What tips might you need to make them more fun? If you don’t have to wear a suit, what’s stopping you and what would make you wear one? How can we make suits fashion?

I want to hear about it all!

I’ve linked similar and exact pieces below!

This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I might earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

a woman in a grey corset and plaid suit

Fashion Halloween: T-Rex

a woman in a cocktail dress with a tree mask on
a woman in a cocktail dresss and a T-Rex mask
a woman in a cocktail dress and a T-Rex mask
a woman in a cocktail dress and a TRex mask
a woman in a cocktail dress and a TRex mask

You may have caught on that I love dinosaurs. Like, little kid love dinosaurs. So, it should come as no surprise that I would want to be one for Halloween. In the past few years, as the inflatable costumes have become popular, I’ve thought about getting one and living out my T-Rex fantasies. The issue? How do I make that fashion (because,yes, it’s me and I would want to wear heels with it!)? How do you get around in such a big costume? And would the inflatable T-Rex let me move about?

I’ve always passed on that sort of T-Rex costume because I couldn’t figure out the answer to those questions. But, I did want to be a dinosaur for Halloween. And, because of who I am as a person thought the idea of juxtaposing my love of Dinos and my love of fashion would be fun. It was the perfect fit when I then found this T-Rex mask (though it does have the tail and little arms!). It makes the most fashionable T-Rex paired with a cocktail dress and heels, though of course would make a great T-rex paired with anything from sweats to leggings to jeans and a t-shirt (I love that it being a mask lets you have so much freedom!). And if Dinos aren’t your thing, the same idea could work with any mask you love!

Part of why I love Halloween is that it lets us be all that we want- let our imaginations go wild. And I’m so so so excited this year to be able to be a T-Rex- and a fashionable one at that!

Below I’ve linked similar T-Rex costumes, as well as some inflatables (if you go that route I would love to hear about it!). I got this exact mask at Target, but can’t seem to find it online for you! If I happen upon it, I will update shopping options asap- because a good T-Rex is hard to find!

What are you dying to be for Halloween? And how are you making it your own? This T-Rex in heels wants to know!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

a woman in a cocktail dress and a TRex mask

The Thing About Timing

a woman in a pleated print skirt and black sweater on a sidewalk
a woman in a printed pleated skirt, sweater and boots on a sidewalk
a woman in a printed pleated skirt sweater and skirt

Have you ever heard that it’s possible to meet the right one at the wrong time? I know many people will tell you this when you’re out dating- and it may be true (my verdict is out on that). In the shopping world? While timing is an issue-it’s not like you’d wear a bathing suit in a snow storm- I more lean to the adage that’s what’s meant for you will find you (though it is also true that nothing haunts you like the vintage you didn’t buy!).

Perhaps a more accurate way to state my philosophy (for fashion), is that the right item can be fit into any timing (within reason). Take for example this skit:

a woman in a pleated printed skirt and sweater and boots

From a new to me brand, ME+EM, a UK brand dedicated to bringing luxury and classic workwear and beyond, this skirt was meant for spring/summer. The brand suggested paying the matching scarf as a top (Which I could never make work for me, though I did make a crop top work!) and pairing both of those with a blazer for work, and without the blazer for play. And I wanted to show versions of that. Yet, I got this skirt on sale, right at the end of summer- when there was so much to chat about and do!

My intent was to show you all the ways this skirt (and scarf) could be worn- and I did wear it with a crop top and sandals, with a blazer, with heels. But, the timing called for a sweater and boots (if it’s not sweater weather, maybe we can conjure it!); so instead of fighting the timing, I went with it. It was supposed to be spring-ish skirt, but because it’s right, and because it’s timeless, it fit the timing, even if it wasn’t intended.

Who said that timing was an issue? Maybe they weren’t wrong, but perhaps they weren’t right.

a woman in a pleated printed skirt and sweater and boots

How does timing affect what you wear? And if it’s the right thing for you- from shoes to skirts to dresses- how do you wear it throughout the seasons. I know that there are things that don’t translate seasons, but I am a believer that timeless pieces, and the right pieces for you, will always fit. (And as a styling note, the more timeless pieces you have the more timing isn’t a thing you need to worry about!)

I would love to hear about all your timings! And I’ve linked this exact skirt and scarf for you below- to wear in whatever time you see fit!

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

a woman in striped skirt and sweater and boots