Fashion Stories: Thanksgiving

This year the holidays may be a mixed bag! And that’s not a bad thing!Staying home to stay safe is not bad! First off, it means that you can be in your pjs (luxe or not!) if that’s what makes you happy. Or, if you love it, you can dress to the nines. My go to? Combine the two! Wear a luxe nightgown with a fancy jacket (yes, even alone) or cardigan.

Or maybe you’re heading back out into the wild! Does this change much? I’ve been to Friendsgivings that were explicit that we were to wear sweats, family gatherings there were a bit fancy, and the dinners (or lunches) that are in between.

This year? I’m undecided what to wear, I’ll be with the family, but as of publication our plans are TBD. As it is a holiday, and an excuse to go all out, I’m leaning towards dressing up (just because!).

I would love to know: what are you wearing for Thanksgiving?

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