Thanksgiving Outfits

A woman n a floral dress setting a table

Every year I struggle with Thanksgiving outfits- both for myself and for you. Each Thanksgiving is so different- I’ve been to “dinners” that involved wearing sweats on the couch, gone to 5 star dinners in cocktail dresses, worn jeans, day dresses- and everything in between. I’ve spent the holiday alone (which was nice!) at big gatherings and more intimate family dinners. Beyond styling for a wide variety of holiday dinners, you also want your holiday outfit to be comfortable (and maybe not so tight!). All of these considerations can make finding the perfect outfit for Thanksgiving a bit daunting.

I don’t know what you’re planning for Thanksgiving (and if American Thanksgiving is not your holiday you can apply this to almost any big or small family dinner!), or how fancy you want to get. But, I’ve put together a few outfits ranging from fancy to casual (of course you can mix and match them all!) that I think would be stunning for any family or Friendsgiving. From jeans to dresses (and note- leggings and a sweater is always a great go-to!), these outfits will keep you chic, and comfy, while you’re being grateful and eating pie!

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On The Fancy Side
collage of a blue dress, boots, bag and jewelry
The blue silk is so chic and the low heeled boots can keep you on your feet (for cocktail hour and seconds!) Shop this look here

collage of a floral maxi dress, velvet flats, black clutch, headband, gold earrings
Floral maxi, velvet flats, and easy accents makes this such a chic outfit (and also comfy enough to be in it all day!) Shop this look here

a woman in a sweater dress, boots and a hat
Sweater dresses are some of my faves because they can be dressed up or dressed down. Pair with boots for a classically chic outfit. Super comfy and super chic, meaning the best of Thanksgiving worlds. (Also neutral knits leave you so much room to accessorize in any way you love!). Shop my fave dresses and boots here.

On The Casual Side
collage of a suede skirts, clogs, white shirt and gold jewelry
A skirt, a chic take on a button down, and easy accessories. This look is perfect for any Friendsgiving you’re attending. Shop the look here

a collage of floral turtleneck, wide leg jean, gold sandal, black bag and gold hoop earrings
Pair a fitted turtleneck with wide leg jeans (very forgiving), gold shoes, and any bag- chic enough for dinner and comfy enough to take you from the table to the couch! Shop the look
Jeans. Sweater. And a super on trend quilted coat. Pair with sneakers and a tote (perfect for taking leftovers home!). I love the ease of this look, and it’s perfect for any flag football games! Shop the look