Swim Set

Investment Piece: Swim Set

We all know that there is nothing- nothing- I love more than wearing my swimsuits as outer wear fashion.

Need a little refresher? See here, here, here for start.

So imagine my intrigue and joy when I found a swim set that was a fashion set- as in a complete top and skirt that’s super chic- fashion/swim/outerwear/waterwear all in one? Turns out heaven is real.

Investment Piece: Swim Set
Investment Piece: Swim Set
Investment Piece: Swim Set

Some notes: this is a vintage set (I did find you some similar however!). Yes, that is not my real bust, this suit has a bra (bullet no less!) built in, and while I don’t fill it, I can’t bear to cut it out. Also- it’s kind of fun having it in? I’ve also tied the straps around my neck rather than use the clasp to make it fit a bit better. One of the best things that I can ever impart to you, vintage or modern, is both to embrace your clothes and make them fit you the way you like best!

My shoes in this shoot are my beloved Sarah Flints. I’m an ambassador for the company which means that you can use code BAInvestmentPiece to get $50 off your first pair at Sarah Flint. That is not a commission link, but they are the most comfortable heels I own (and Sarah offers so much more than heels!)

Investment Piece: swim set

While my immediate plans for this swim set are as a set- I love the skirt as a skirt aspect, it’s such a fun summer outfit; I love that it doubles as swimsuit. Going to brunch and getting straight into the water (as an option)? Here for it. A swimsuit that is this flattering? Double here for it. Outfits that can do all of that? Again, heaven.

And I can’t beat these colors. Or pattern. What I may be saying is that I may be wearing this for the rest of the summer, from events and lunches to errands, to the water. What a swim set!

I did find you similar vintage swim sets below! Happy shopping!

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Investment Piece: Swim Set

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