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Every season we chat about trends, and I share my picks and what trends I’m excited about (see my trend report for 2022 here). Yet, sometimes it takes getting into a season, trying things on, seeing trends on others, and seeing what your life is like to see what trends you really love for the season. This fall I have loved playing in pink and reacquainting myself with platforms. I’ve never met a suit I didn’t like, and I love the deep textures such as velvets that are in stores.

Yet, there a few trends that I’ve been seeing on IG that I just love and a few that I have been experimenting with that I just love. This list isn’t so much an update on trends as a refining of ones that I’m finding fit into my day to day life. I’m hoping that they provide some inspiration for you!

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a woman in black sheer tights, a black wrap dress and gold heels
Black Hose

While I’ve been getting into hose(tights, whatever you call them, see here), this seasons I’m finding myself reaching for black hose (sheer and opaque) more and more. They are perfect with minis, maxis, and midi skirts and dresses. They keep you warm as the temps drop. And look incredibly chic. Perhaps women of the past had it right when they wore hose (and we’re lucky that garter belts are now optional!)

OverSized Blazers
A take on the suit, an oversized blazer goes great over a mini (maybe I’m really loving minis too!), over jeans, and as a coat. Pair with sweater dresses, boots, and perhaps even a brooch! I’m partial to plaids, and the following are some of my faves!

Faux Leather
Yes, this was in the trend report I did at the beginning of fall. And While I knew that I love leather (and faux leather), seeing the dresses, tops, blazers, trenches, skirts, and pants that this season is offering, have me falling deeper in love. Faux leather is both edgy and classic, able to dress up and dress down. On trend cutouts, lace mixed with classics like blazers and leggings- and leather is completely seasonal! These are some of the leather pieces I’m currently loving:

1960s Vibes
Anne Hathaway in leopard print pants and a top, with leopard shoes

I don’t know if we call this a trend but I’m loving the 60s vibes (from big hair to cat eyes). Side Note- I’m also loving everything that Anne Hathaway has been wearing from appearances to photoshoots, from big hair to prints, I want to recreate all of her looks. Lately, I’ve been using hot rollers in my hair for volume, adding on the eyeliner, and have been attracted to shift sets, go-go boots, and more.

What trends have you been loving as you have been seeing them out and about this season? I would love to hear about them and how you’re styling them!

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