Red -y Fall Transitions

a woman in a blue striped midi skirt, grey strappy top and red lace up heels
a woman in a blue striped midi, grey strappy top and red lace up heels
a woman in a blue striped midi skirt, grey strappy top and red lace up heels

We could chat about a lot with this outfit. And here’s where I will admit there are shoots where I wear something simply for the outfit to be photographed- and shoots where I wear an outfit I wear and I shoot it. This is the latter. I love a great skirt. Always have, probably always will. Fun fact? I don’t think I wore jeans till I was 6 or 7 (and that’s only because I realized all the kids in 1st grade were wearing them and I was a-okay being a trendsetter but didn’t want to be left out!) as I always wanted to wear skirts or dresses. Point being a great skirt is such a fantastic piece to build outfit(S!) around- or even a closet.

Pair a great skirt with a tee, a blouse, a sweater, a going out top, a blazer- the options are endless! What I love about this particular skirt (minus the pockets) is that it’s perfect to transition from summer to fall. It’s a linen blend, but it reads wool. And the blue, black, grey and very light red stripe mean that it goes with so many things- and not just black- that could read both summer and fall. A bit nubbly, a bit weighted, it moves fantastically, but truly can stand alone. Here (because it’s still over 100!!) I had to pair it with an elevated tank; aka a “going out top” I’ve had for a good 10 years. Strappy, low cut, and really a bodysuit- but the pleats and folds make it feel expensive.

a woman in red lace up heels and a blue striped midi skirt
a woman in a blue striped midi skirt and grey strappy top with red lace up heels
a woman in a blue striped midi skirt with a grey strappy top and red lace up heels

Beyond outfit formulas and transitional pieces- red is on trend for fall. This is one of those trends that just makes me laugh. Mainly? I love red. One of my favorite colors. I’m also a HUGE fan of pops of red in outfits- and especially love a great red shoe (read about my early and faithful love for Dorothy or Red Date Shoes here). So red as a trend? Great! But, when was red ever “out”? Aka for me red not being a thing was never a thing- if you know what I mean. These fantastic red shoes? Years old, worn regularly, a favorite. (Though, yes, I will be using this “trend” to add to my red section in my closet. I mean- it’s in the name of fashion!)

What I could say about this – there is always a trend that’s not a trend but a staple to you. Use it to your advantage to transition seasons. Love red like me? Now is the time to get out your red, add it to your accents, say you’re ready for fall. Of if red- or any other fall trend- is something that you’ve always liked but never knew how to wear it? Might I suggest you start small? The term “pop of” may be overused, but anything that you’re a bit unsure of never looks wrong as a shoe, or bag, or belt, or scarf, or umbrella, coat, etc- start with an accessory and see how you feel. Then go all out in an outfit- or not. You always get to choose!

But I do love a great pop of color- especially when it’s red. I love a statement shoe. And when an outfit that is very much me on a Monday feels perfectly on trend and red-y to transition to the new season- it makes the outfit feel a little more special.

What are your thoughts on red? How do you wear it? What fall trends are you looking forward to and what are you wearing during these transitional weeks from summer to fall? I want to hear about it all!

This top (as mentioned) is old, as are the shoes from seasons and seasons ago. The skirt? Vintage and a gift from a lovely neighbor. However, I’ve linked similar pieces for you below – don’t be afraid to take what you love and mix and match and make your own for years to come (trends or not!)

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a woman in a blue striped midi skirt, grey strappy top, and red lace up heels

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