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Note: you may want to turn the sound down- or if not I get if you want revenge!

This part adding your own pockets. There is a reason why every woman you know gets excited and tells you enthusiastically about the pockets on your outfit. It’s because we need them!!! So when I got that I could add my own pockets- with this apron skirt via COS (this is the short version, they did have a maxi skirt version!) Not only functional- how great to tie yourself 2 huge pockets to store all the things you might need from a red lip (a necessity if I ever met one!) or to hold everything from keys to wallets. A simple tie around and any outfit automatically has more- pockets that is!

These apron skirts are also wool. Which makes this option a bit of making fall trends/purchases/etc work now. Could you call this transitional? Sure! Pair this apron skirt over every kind of short now- later use it over every kind of pant. Both times use it over skirts that have unkindly left out pockets. (And with skirts if and when temps drop feel free to add tights, boots, etc as needed!)

a woman in a black biker shorts and black muscle tank with a tying apron skirt with pockets and wearing black heels

I have a thing for using tiny card cases- or wallets. So a simple big pocket can often be enough for me- a wallet of a sort, my keys (as needed), and a lip (red is my go-to). What else do you need?

And as women so many of our options- pants, skirts, dresses, leggings and more – don’t have pockets. There is a reason why we tell each other gleefully when something has pockets! So pockets to go? Pockets on demand? Pockets that you could add to anything? For any reason I’m completely on board!

These exact pockets and more are linked for you below. Never be shy to tell someone else if what you’re wearing has pockets! And never be shy to add pockets to anything you’re wearing! Win/Win/Pockets!!!


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a woman in black tank, biker shorts and an apron skirt with pockets over, and black sandal mules

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