Note: this post is part of my partnership with Armarium. All opinions are my own! By using code RADELICIA you get 10% off of all of your rentals from Armarium. I do not recieve compensation, but do get rewarded. I only partner with companies I love, truly adore these picks, and hope that you love Armarium as much as I do!

Investment Piece: Armarium

If you’re like me, and I bet you are, a struggle you may have is how to get all the fashion you want, store it, and yet support efforts for us all to cut down. When said all together like that, it can feel overwhelming. The great news? There is a solution! Armarium is my new go-to for renting designer looks for all my events.

Why rent? I can get a new piece for EVERYTHING I have to attend, I don’t have to worry about closet space, and it helps me spread my budget out. (Also, if you fall in love with something you have the option to buy it!) The process is seamless, and let’s me explore all the sides of my fashion personality, from suits to gowns to bags. This upcoming month I have a high tea for the Ballet, a cocktail engagement party, 2 birthday parties, and an investor meeting. Below are looks I love that are available for rent at Armarium. You can look though their collection here, and use code RADELICIA for 10% off!

Cocktail Parties
Investment Piece: Armarium
A classic dress for all my champagne needs!
Investment Piece: Armarium
I love how fun this fringe jumpsuit is!
Investment Piece: Armarium
Fun and Flirty and perfect for a night of dancing!

High Tea
Investment Piece: Armarium
Very British, perfect for tea.
Investment Piece: Armarium
You know I love juxatipositons, so when an event allows for it, I love playing with my accessories. This fringe bag is perfect for balancing out a tea!

Investor Meeting
Investment Piece: Armarium
Take me seriously, but let me look fabulous! Suit Up!
Investment Piece: Armarium
I adore this set! (And yes, you rent it together!!) No meeting could go poorly while wearing this!

Investment Piece: Armarium
I have no place to wear this gown. But I love it. So I may need to find a place!

Stay tuned to see what I wear (posts/Instagram/all over). Every month, I’ll be sharing things I love from Armarium and what I’m renting! Don’t forget: code RADELICIA gets you 10% all rentals!

Happy renting!

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