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Investment Piece: Inspired By
Investment Piece: Inspired By
Investment Piece: Inspired By
Investment Piece: Inspired By
Investment Piece: Inspired by
Investment piece: inspired by

I was lucky enough to recently make friends with a costume designer who inspired me. We met for happy hour the other week, and she told me story after story about one of her favorite outfits when she was younger: overalls, a silk shirt with great sleeves, heels, and her hair big. Inspired as I was, I couldn’t help but be inspired by that outfit. This is my take on it.

Overalls? Little girl? Maybe, but I think that when fitted properly, they can be chic. Heels? Always. And a great top with great sleeves? Done.
You’ve seen these pieces before: overalls and top. I loved them seperately. Together? I adore them. The sleeves make the overalls pop, and the way that necklace is obscured by the bib of the overall.

Most of all? I love my inspiration. The best part of style (I think) is that you can take inspiration from anywhere and really make it your own. My costume designer? I don’t think that her top was like this; but her stories made me remember how much I love overalls. It also made me think of how pairing things together can change the vibe of any outfit. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and our individual takes on outfits can make any combination special.

Who inspired your outfit today?
If the answer is no one, may I suggest this take on overalls? Pair them with any top you love and great heels, from teas to cocktails, you’ll inspire others!

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