Childhood Dreams

Investment Piece: Childhood
Investment Piece: Childhood Dreams
Investment Piece: Childhood Dreams

This outfit is the stuff that my childhood dreams are made of! I was a kid in the 1980s, and a bit awkward and chubby, but I longed to be glamorous and fashionable and one of the “cool girls”. I idolized some of my babysitters and actresses and some of the 80s fashion. Yes, there was 80s fashion that was BAD, but the good fashion from the 80s? It’s still good. And it’s back! See pleated jeans.

(Side note, I’ve written a little bit about 1980s fashion here, here, and here)

In the 1980s I would have LOVED to wear an outfit like this. True story, when I was 8 I desperately wanted a pair of jeans like these. The stripe. The pleats. The trouser fit. They were everything that I felt like that the glamorous, older girls would wear. In fact, one time when I was younger, I found a pair of jeans like these, but they didn’t fit. It was a tragedy. Finding these were such a gift! I still love the stripes, and the fit, and while I admit that I had reservations about the pleats (I had some bad experiences with pleats in college). But, as it turns out I love them. (They were fun and flattering!)The best of the 80s and fulfilling a childhood dream? What can’t these pants do?

Investment Piece: Childhood Dreams
Investment Piece: Childhood Dreams
Investment Piece: Childhood Dreams

As a kid I would have most likely worn jeans like these with a shirt (and for the record, any blouse/sweater/sweatshirt would work!), but as an adult I loved pairing it with a “going out top”. (Not a childhood dream from the 80s, but I do love a good statement top) The illusion of a jumpsuit, the ease of jeans, and bits of both the past and today, it’s what you might call a perfect outfit.

I’ve grown a lot since my childhood days, while there are still days I feel awkward, I hope that I’ve finally grown into myself and that overall I’ve evolved a bit (including my fashion sense). Yet, things like this, that the little girl in me loved, still bring me such joy. Maybe the secret to our grown up style is to indulge our childhood dreams now and again.

What childhood dreams and fashion do you hang onto? And how do you dress for them?

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Investment Piece: Childhood Dreams

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