Color Me Wild

Posting this today as the new season line from Hanifa drops. I’ve gotten so much joy out of this dress. And once again, after being ill, I’m navigating the outside world and what I’m comfortable with. (Things change and stay the same). And yet- I’m still wearing this dress. And loud noises (even under underpasses) can still sound like storms.

Investment Piece: Color Me Wild
Investment Piece: Color Me Wild
Investment piece: Color Me Wild

Leopard is a neutral (yes, I think so).
We’ve established that time and time again, and it’s something I do really believe. However, what if we took something we know to be true (leopard is a neutral) and we played with it? Turned it on its head? For just a brief moment, made it untrue?
This is aka when I saw this leopard print dress in this stunning shade of blue, I knew I had to have it. While it’s not completely wild, it’s not a true neutral. It’s showsstopping (the sleeves and slits help with that) and yet it’s a tad bit subtle. Color with wildness and reason.
The balance felt right to me, and also? Is fun. Fashion is a lot of things, and one of those things is fun. Color. Print. The wild? How could you not have fun playing with that?

Investment Piece: Color Me Wild
Investment Piece: Color Me Wild
Investment Piece: Color me Wild
Investment Piece: Color Me Wild

It’s time to get back out there (within reason).
Another thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. There are so many things that I’ve missed over this past year- some I’m ready to dive back into, some I’m not so ready. Perhaps that’s where the wild comes in. If I can look at leopard in a new way (color), could I look at the wild (outside, however you want to label it) in a new way?

These shots were taken under an underpass. Everytime a car passed over it sounded like thunder I was convinced it was going to storm all shoot. But. I loved how I got to see something I pass almost everyday in a new way. Yes, there’s a path (to cross the street), and some rocky landscaping, but when I pass by it every day I barely see it. Exploring it, shooting it, climbing it- I was able to see it in a whole new light.

And if an underpass can be a whole new world, what else am I overlooking? What wild out there could be made new?

Investment Piece: Color Me Wild

What could you look at anew – from patterns to places? What are you currently comfortable with, and what do you long to be comfortable with? Are you coloring yourself wild or are you playing it safe?

These are questions I’m asking myself and exploring. There are times when I’m coloring wild and times when I’m way more neutral. I’m learning to give myself grace, and have fun, either way.

What about you?

This dress is Hanifa, I have this sweater dress from them, and I have to let you know how much I adore this brand. Almost everything from their new collection is on my Wishlist. I’ve also liked similar dresses for you below. Color wild!

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Investment Piece: Color Me Wild

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