Date Night

It’s a week when a lot of us have dates on our minds. I’m always hestitant to talk up Valentine’s and date nights. There are so many different kinds-from big nights out with your SO to movie nights on the couch. Dates with your BFFs and dates with your family. (One of my best dates was a time when my SO and I watched college game day over coffee. Not glamorous, I was in sweats, but it was so stunning to laugh and share with someone I care about it—but definitely not an instagram outfit!)
So many different kinds of dates that there isn’t just one kind of outfit to wear. In fact, if you press me on what I think you should wear for date night you have to give me all sorts of details, or else I will describe an entire waredrobe, not an outfit. But. It is a weekend when you might need an outfit for a date (of any kind). And it’s my job to suggest some. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite date night outfits, from the going out to the staying in. I hope that they provide you inspiration for Valentine’s and beyond!

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Investment Piece: Date Night
From dresses to skirts, and a few jumpsuits I love these date night pieces.

Investment Piece: Date Night
One of my fave outfit combos? Great jeans and a silky tank. And yes, it’s perfect for date night.

Investment Piece: Date Night
staying in? Spa night with the girls? I love these silky pjs!

Investment Piece: Date Night
Date night must? Mini Dress. These are some of my faves. (And don’t worry Mom, they aren’t that short!)

Investment Piece: Date Night
Not a date night formula, but I love these semi-vintage pieces from Reformation. Wear them on any kind of date.

If your date night this week is a fancy dinner out, drinks with friends, or time alone, I hope that you feel loved and that your outfit is a show-stopper!

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