De-Constructing the Editorial

Investment Piece: Decontstucting the editorial
Investment Piece: Deconstructing the Editorial
Investment Piece: Deconstructing the editorial
Investment Piece: Deconstructing the Editorial
Investment Piece: Deconstructing the Editorial

I think Editorial. In fashion. In life. I imagine outfits how they would look on runways, photo shoots, magazine spreads. Events can be like scripts to me. Outfit planning can be like styling.

It’s how I shop. It’s how I plan shoots. It’s how I work.
I’m a bit editorial. And I try not to make excuses for it.
There are upsides to thinking big (because you can always edit small)- and I love picturing AMAZING and BIG photoshoots, events, and shoes. Then, of course, working to make the big work.

When I first started this blog I had a friend who commented to me that he didn’t understand my pictures. I replied that I was basing myself on the Ralph Lauren ads of the 1980s. Remember them? Not only selling jeans and gowns, but they sold a lifestyle. I was only a child, but I remember wanting to live in the world that the Ralph Lauren ads portrayed.

The thing is that life isn’t editorial. I tend to shoot my outfits not in my life, but in set circumstances. But my outfits live in my life.

I know that you won’t buy this suit (from Target! Under $100!) and just sit in a garden somewhere.

But. You might:
Investment Piece: Deconstructing the Editorial
Wear the blazer over bike shorts, pj pants, or anything that works for you. It’s perfect for zoom, and then you can take it off to do anything from yoga to nap.

Investment Piece: Deconstructing the Editorial
Or throw on anything from a sweater to a graphic tee with the pants to get the mail or run to the store or anything that requires you to be dressed for real, and not just from the waist up!

Investment Piece: Deconstructing the Editorial
I think big- in fashion spreads and stories. But live small- moments and Juxatipositons.

The older I get, the more I don’t want to sacrifice either- even when it’s big, I like picturing my outfits editorial first; but I need clothes that can live in my moments. If we’re all the star of our own stories we should dress like it, but be comfy on the house.

I think the answer is to shoot big, and make sure the outfit is comfy. That way you can do both- live the editorial and deconstruct it!

I’ve linked the exact suit and shoes! Xox RA

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