Making Up Your Mind

Investment Piece: Making up Your Mind
Investment Piece: Make Up Your Mind
Investment Piece: Make up Your Mind
Investment Piece: Make up your Mind

The weather where I’m at hasn’t made up its mind. Sure it’s fall, but one day it’s in the 80s, one day it’s in the 50s. I’ve worn both shorts and a parka in the same week.

One of the things I’ve always loved about fashion is that you don’t have to make up your mind (just like the weather). You can be anything you like-and if you end up hating your outfit you can always change! So, when I saw these jeans- that didn’t make you choose between styles- I was intrigued. Chic black jeans. Destroyed skinny leg. Why make up your mind if you don’t have to? If you can be it all, why not be it all at the same time?

I was worried that they might be too much. What would I wear them with (everything. The answer is not to treat them as precious and wear them with everything)? Would they look crazy?
Ironically, a pair of jeans that didn’t make up its mind had me agonizing. But I couldn’t stop thinking about them, which made up my mind- I had to have them!

Investment Piece: Make Up Your Mind

I don’t know about you but lately, in the midst of weather that won’t be one thing, and a global pandemic, I’ve found it hard to make up my mind at times. There are things that I feel like I HAVE to be– and I’m just too exhausted. Those stories you hear about high power executives that only wear black-while I would miss all my clothes, I get the relief of having one decision that you didn’t have to make.

These jeans, then, seem a little paradoxical. They couldn’t make up their mind, but in a time when big decisions seem overwhelming I was drawn to them. My rational? (Besides them just being chic) These jeans reminded me that we don’t have to choose- be one thing in the am(wear your yoga pants) and be another thing at night (no one is stopping you from putting on a ball gown). There are a ton of decisions and ways to make up your mind–but you don’t have to. And if you can have fun with that, embrace all the decisions and the in-Betweens, we all might be ok.

As well as have some amazing outfits.

So. Two tone jeans. A wrap over a tee (that you can take off later). And some of my fave shoes. For not making up my mind, I feel like these decisions went pretty well!

I’ve linked these exact jeans (fit note, there’s really not a lot of stretch!) and similar items for your shopping pleasure below!


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Investment Piece: Make Up Your Mind

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