Investment Piece: Decisions
Investment Piece: Decisions
Investment Piece: Decisions

How do you make decisions? Not just the big ones, everyone has a method for those. I mean the kind of decisions that seem small but can be so overwhelming when you’re hot, tired, or just done with decisions.
Like what to wear.
Or what to eat.
Those kind of decisions.

And let’s be honest, even though these seem *unconsequential*, aren’t you a little nicer when you like your outfit, or got your favorite thing to eat. All decisions matter. And sometimes, not making those decisions is the way to make decisions.

Investment Piece: Decisions
Investment Piece: Decisions
Investment Piece: Decisions

Or maybe my decision is just to mix it all up?
Graphic tee? Check. Leopard? Check. Floral? Yep. Kicks with a skirt? Yes. High and low? Why not?

(You know that I have a thing for mixing patterns, gentle reminders here and here. )

It’s just too overwhelming  to make decisions, so this little outfit formula is what I’m clinging to in these times of social isolation . Wrap skirts are a chic way to beat the heat, and this leopard is on trend!
(alledgedly versions of this skirt are the current “it” skirt. This one I got on etsy (last seen here, and this number from Asos is similar and on sale!)

I can’t stay away from a graphic tee, especially when it’s Wonder Woman. It’s part of the decision to let me clothes talk for me. And wearing these kicks instead of any sandal or heel (both of which I love and would look great here) is just easy. And right now, I’m all about my decisions being easy.

So, how are you making decisions like this? Are you going for comfort? Style? Both? I’m all about decisions that make us feel good.

Investment Piece: Decisions
And if the decisions involve chocolate I’m even more on board. (Dark Chocolate is a health food!)
This bag is perfect for throwing everything in, you can see my other picks for summer bags here.

If you’re at the point where you can’t make decisions (I feel ya), the good news is that I’ve linked similar items below. Happy shopping!

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Investment Piece:Decisions

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