Florals+Leopards+ Stripes

Investment Piece: Florals + Leopards + Stripes
Investment Piece: Florals+Leopards+Stripes
Investment Piece: Florals+Leopards+Stripes
Investment Piece: Florals+Leopards+stripes

I’ve been encouraging you mix these patterns. I’ve been telling you how to pair them, and that these patterns go together, even though their not the same. I made you a video about it (see it here) and I wrote about it here.

The thing about mixing patterns? It can be fun and it can be overwhelming. You’re taking pieces that look amazing on their own (how great is leopard with red or blue, how great are stripes with your jeans, why wouldn’t you want just a floral dress?) and you’re risking putting them together.
But loves, sometimes the reward that you get from a risk is worth it.

This floral skirt is one of my favorites (try a dark floral piece, somehow it pops) and I adore it with leopard heels (which somehow look like a neutral here). Another confession? This striped top with the leopard pants? I wore this outfit on Wednesday. I got nervous about it. On the drive to my meetings I couldn’t help but think :” This is too much. People will think I’ve lost my mind”.

But I got compliments. And I loved it.

Is mixing patterns (or at least florals+leopards+stripes) the way to conquer fears?
Maybe. Maybe not. I can promise that you’ll look amazing though.

Investment Piece: Florals+Leopards+Stripes
Investment Piece: florals+leopards+stripes
Investment Piece: Florals+leopards+stripes

There are so many ways you could go about mixing patterns. I go back to florals+leopards+stripes over and over again because I like these patterns seperately and I love the way that they go together. You can go subtle (like those pumps), a bit bolder (like the stripes and leopards) and the outfit can range from casual and fun to formal.

I get it. Mixing patterns can be scary. But it can also be fun. And well worth it. I’d love to know: you’ve come to the theme party, will you be mixing your patterns?

(I also couldn’t resist posting these examples of mixing florals+leopards+stripes)
Investment Piece: Redux
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I’ve linked some similar items and florals+leopards+stripes that I love below. Know what I noticed this week? I don’t have a leopard top or blazer. Maybe I should change that!

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Investment Piece: Florals+leopards +stripes

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