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We’ve talked dressing gowns and pjs. And each time I’ve wondered: what are you wearing right now? As someone who normally works from home I can say this isn’t “business as usual”. And I can truthfully say that there have been days when I’ve just stayed in my pjs. But.

Last weekend I participated in two “challenges” with online friends. #formalfriday and #fashionbutmakeitdistance, both being an excuse to really get dressed, even for just a few minutes. And loves, it felt good. I’ve said that fashion is both a stress reliever and fun for me, and I meant it. When I’m sad I’m known to go put on amazing shoes, or plan outfits that I may never wear. It makes me happy. At the beginning of this week, I was a little down. It’s odd, I’m not worried about the blog (though let’s be honest, we’re all worried about work and money), but it felt so sad and I was worried about the people I love. What made me feel better? A walk where I planned outfits in my head. And I realized that there is a lot I can’t control right now, a lot that we all have to play by ear, a lot that’s wait and see. One of the things I can control? My fashion.

Yes, there are days when it feels good to stay in pjs. And there are days when it feels good to get dressed. I made a little promise to myself to get dressed this week, to play in my closet, to see where it takes me. Even if I only am dressed for a pic, even if it’s just a nice shirt with leggings, even if it’s just fancy pjs. Fashion makes me happy, and I can choose to be happy!

This is what I wore this week (you can catch today’s OOTD over on Instagram!)

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Jeans. Yes, putting on jeans felt like a big win. And yes, I spent more than a few minutes debating what shirt to wear (this is vintage Albert Nippon and I love the neck and the sleeves). Did I get a lot done? Yes. I also felt in charge, which was a nice change! These jeans are Madewell and I’m loving the fit!
Investment Piece: Fashion from a Distance
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Leggings. But many looks. I shot a few videos, putting on a fancy top for each. I did chores and writing in a tank top as a top. And sports bra for barre and dance class. But my fave? This JAWS shirt. It always makes me feel like summer, the shirt has pockets!
Investment Piece: Fashion from a Distance
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I’ll be honest, loves, I almost didn’t participate in getting dressed today. Not that I didn’t get dressed, it was that I changed too much! We were getting our “stay at home” order on Wednesday night, so I needed to shoot a few places (more than one change), workouts (more than one change), and by the time I got home I wanted to put on sweats. But I had on makeup. And my hair was done. And we were having a “fancy” dinner. So I put on a dress. I’m glad I did, it made me feel good and made the day feel a bit brighter, rather than long!
Investment Piece: Fashion from a distance
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Today was an all over the place day! Workouts, grocery store run for my family and a neighbor, then taking over what I bought, etc. Yes, this is an exercise skirt, but I think the top makes it fashion. It made an errand more fun!
Investment Piece: Fashion from a distance
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What I learned from getting dressed all week? What I wear affects my moods. Fashion brings me joy, and joy can be an act of resistance. I somehow don’t mind changing a few times a day (I always have been this way), and picking out even casual things that make me feel good helped to ground me. Does this mean I’ll get dressed every day? Probably not, there are days I’m sure I’ll stay in sweats or pjs or my workout clothes. But this was a nice reminder the power that fashion has, and what fun it can be! Times are a little crazy, I know there are days when I feel like we’re going to be ok, and then days when I’m so anxious/scared/sad. And many days when I’m all of the above. For me, these outfits were a way to ground myself, to have some joy, and to connect. As much as I can, I’ll be using fashion for that!

Curious about what I’m wearing today? Check out my Instagram (@racheladelicia)! I would love to know: what did you wear this week?

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