Fashion Stories: Fashion As Rebellion

A woman in a tee that says Hands Off, a black blazer and jeans

I am a firm, FIRM, believer that fashion is just another way with which we tell our stories. Fashion as a story telling fabric is the basis of what we do here. SO. Fashion as a way to speak out- for anything that you believe in. OR in general show rebellion? Yes. I’m here for it.

I know the most obvious way to tell our rebellious or political or out there stories are graphic tees. And from tees to sweatshirts I have a ton of graphic shirts. Graphic shirts with anything are a go-to formula for me. From shirts that are simply “Wonder Woman” to the more forceful graphic like above (and yes, that’s tame in my collection!) a graphic is an easy way to let people know your stance. But fashion is so much more subtle and lets us tell our stories in so many ways!

Investment Piece: Mini Skirting It
(This may not be the best example!)
But often when I think of fashion as rebellion I think of mini skirts in the 1960s. And how then men went from suits to longer hair and flares. Burning Bras. Tye Dye. NOTE: I am not old enough to have lived through that. I was not in the 1960s. Though- I was a teenager when Elmo and Grunge (ya know, flannels and ripped jeans and dark eye make up and combat boots) were all popular. Perhaps every generation has its own fashion that is a form of rebellion.

To truly understand how to dress to rebel (and not just dressing in what people you know what like), let’s understand what rebellion is:
According to the dictionary rebellion is:
an act of violent or open resistance to an established government or ruler

There are times when what we wear absouletly is in service of actively over throwing the government. Then there are times that what we wear is simply to let our displeasure known. To make a fuss. To give support. And to let people know where we stand.

I have never actively worked to throw over the government. But I have worn shirts and ears in supports of causes I love. In thinking about our stories, and how rebellion could be one- I’ve thought a lot about what we wear. From hem lines to high heels to shirts that give to causes.

Some reading that I’ve found helpful on these thoughts:
The Clothes that Shook The World
Rebellion, Gender, Fashion
You Say You want a (Fashion) Revolution?
and from sheer to faux fur, mob wife to mesh flats, 2024 has its own trends already (and we all know more to come). Wearing things like faux fur and being BIG can be rebellion (or at least a pendulum swing). Or dressing well- instead of wearing pjs to the grocery store (I am guilty of both!). All Black. Pops of Color. Pink. Bows. Prints. Mixing Prints. Black Nails. Anklets. All of these have been told to me to be a bit rebellious. I don’t know that rebellion always has to go against the status quo- but it does have to be unexpected.

Investment Piece: Product of a Strong Female

Interestingly enough, too young to have been around when mini skirts were a STATEMENT, I never burned a bra (too young), and while I was here for Nirvana and some Elmo in high school — it feels as if I have sort of missed so many fashion rebellion moments. Even sheer is no longer new (though it might be a bit more daring at times). SO. How do we rebel with our fashion now?

Is it by being more daring?
By wearing graphic tees in support of our causes?
Wearing the unexpected?

I don’t know! But I’m open to it all and will be telling my own story in the above ways.

As there is no clear way to tell you how to rebel in your fashion below I’ve linked fashion that supports causes that are dear to me– no pressure to you! Below are shirts that give to Gun Control, Women Homelessness, Reproductive Rights. But I know there is more out there. And you could always go anti trend. Or let me know how you’re dressing in an anti establishment way!!


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a woman in a white tee with black letters saying we should all be feminists and red pants and black heels

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