Fashion Stories: Halloween Costume

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories, Halloween Costume
Investment Piece: Fashion STories, Halloween Costume
Investment Piece: Fashion Stories Halloween Costume
Investment Piece: Fashion Stories HAlloween Costumes

When fashion stories and fashion Halloween intersect magic can happen. This year I thought long and hard about what I wanted to be for Halloween. I knew that it had to be fashion (here with the black cocktail dress and shoes), and I wanted it to be something I would really dress up as! So…I’m Maleficent! Ironically, this is not my first (or second) time being the “Mistress of Evil”. This headpiece is from college-yes, I was Maleficent when we hadn’t seen her side of the story, when to be a fan of Maleficent meant you loved her in all her evilness. (It doesn’t hurt that Sleeping Beauty is my favorite fairy tale)

But I really wanted to think about the fashion part of my costume. You’ve seen this dress before (here and here), it’s one of my favorite designers (Norma Kamali) and this is one of those little black dresses that feels like nothing, but offers such an impact. Here I put a turtleneck under it- I know, you can see the lines. I do love this dress, though I have to say if I were going to alter it, (a series I’m thinking of doing, what are your thoughts?) I would cinch the waist a bit as it can gape. (Insert shrugging emoji)
But for the most part it’s perfect.
Those sleeves read queen. (Note- a LBD would also work for any queen, Morticia Adams, or a witch)
I’ve had the headpiece for years. And I’ve found you updated headpieces.
And I’ve had the bird.
However, most of this costume is just fashion. And as a fashion lover, I love that. You know that I’m a firm believer that fashion is a medium with which to tell our stories, and why should our costumes (stories) be excluded from that?

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories Halloween Costumes
Investment Piece: Fashion Storeis Halloween Costume
Investment Piece: Fashion Stories Halloween Costume

The question now is: what are you for Halloween? What fashion are you using? And what story are you telling?
Some other easy things I’ve thought about being:
Mrs. Maisel (a vintage slip with a coat)
Audrey Hepburn (black turtleneck, crop pants, loafers)
Hester Pyrne (black dress with a Scarlet A)
Barbie (pink)
And for fun, T-REX (with heels)

The fun part for me is mixing fashion and stories–and isn’t that just want a costume is?

There’s a lot to shop her, so I’ve broken it down!
I can’t wait to hear about what you’re being for Halloween, and the stories and fashion that went into it!

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If you love this dress:

Maleficent costumes can be purchased here
Or here:

Happy Halloween!
Investment Piece: FAshion Halloween

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