Feathers and PJs and Stirrups, OH MY!

Investment Piece: Feathers and PJs and STirrups OH MY!
While this post was originally about mistakes that make great outfits, it’s also the perfect isolation/WFH outfit. The PJ top that’s fancy enough for any online meeting. The workout pants. Shoes that are almost slippers. If it was great for on-the-go, it’s even better at home. And I’ve worn this outfit formula more than once recently!
Investment Piece: Feathers and PJS and Stirrups OH MY!
Investment Piece: Feathers and PJs and Stirrups OHMY!

These are a few of my favorite things: feathers and pjs and stirrups (Oh MY!)

*Side note: This is not the part where I apologize for The Wizard of Oz being one of my most favorite movies.

** Doube Side Note: These stirrup pants were not the pants I had planned. I have these great high waisted pants I thought would be great with this feather top (yes, it really is pjs). The plan was the top, the pants, maybe some heels. A great piece on how PJs can be anything. The feathers could be a nod to fun or to Prada, or to both. I was super excited. And then.

I packed the wrong pants. It happens. I’m gonna go ahead and bet when you’re a fashion blogger and have a shoot it feels a bit bigger. But there I am, with the wrong pants. And an amazing look to shoot. What to do?

These stirrup pants (yes, workout, yes, I love them) to save the day. I tend to wear these to Pilates or Yoga and then under all the dresses and the skirts. It’s completely on trend and again, I love them. So, I needed some pants to go with a PJ top. These worked. And, if we’re honest, balance the feathers. Who says feathers can’t be casual?

Investment Piece: Feathers and PJS and Stirrups OH MY!
Investment Piece: Feathers and PJS and Stirrusps OH MY!
Investment Piece: feathers and pjs and stirrups oh my!

I have a thing for feathers (we could probably blame Prada but that seems mean). I love the pink. I love that this is a PJ top. Yes, there are pants, they don’t have feathers, but they look great with heels and sweaters. My initials embroidered on the top are another thing I love. Again, this top leans itself to being dressed up. But, I kinda love it casual. It would also looks great in bed (even if no one was bringing you champagne).

* Sometimes mistakes make for good outfits. There’s always more than one way to wear something, why not embrace that?
* Feathers go with everything
*Don’t count out your yoga pants
* Our middle school selves were right: stirrups are cool
*If you can’t tell they are PJs it doesn’t count
*Outfits don’t have to be one thing. This is perfect to WFH or lounge in, but also works when we’re back to being out and about!

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What are you learning this Monday?

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Hope your Monday includes everything you were supposed to pack!

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Investment Piece: Feathers and Pjs and Stirrups, OH MY!!

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