Go. ALL. Day

Investment Piece: Go. ALL. Day

I grew up in a time when almost every single magazine, fashion or not, talked about going “From Day to Night”. Having outfits, make-up, shoes, etc that could either go or day, or be easily switched up, were the cornerstone of any adult life, or so I thought. And really, it’s not a bad idea. Maybe there’s something to an outfit that can be used for any life situation. Often I let you know all the ways that something can be worn, I’m a fan of pieces being multi-functional. Is this any different? Probably not.

Loves, today I have great news for you. In terms of going all day, I think I might have found the answer. There’s a dress that can do it all– I know because I’ve tried. From work (paired with a blazer) to drinks (with heels) to events (I wore this dress to a concert with sneakers) to everything I between (I’ve run countless errands with this dress and flip flops. Maybe you don’t have to do it all in one day, but if you do this dress can do it with you!

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Investment Piece: Go. All. Day
Investment Piece: Go All Day
Investment Piece: Go All Day

I’m the first to admit that I haven’t had a traditional office job in years. Office dress codes are not something that I’m up to date on, and I’m also more than willing to admit that my fashion sense doesn’t err on the conservative side. So, thank you to my mom (an accountant) for pointing out that a blazer over this dress would make it office appropriate in any scenario.

Investment Piece: Go All Day
Investment Piece: Go All Day
Investment Piece: Go All Day

I think almost anything can be worn to drinks, all you need is the right pair of shoes. This dress is so easy to dress up, it’s simple and classy but looks great. The shoes here are just a bonus!

Investment Piece: Go All Day
Investment Piece: Go All Day
Investment Piece: Go All Day

Concerts. Errands. Movies. With jackets. Flip flops. I’ve yet to find an event or place that this dress doesn’t go.

And now the great news! It’s Target. Yes, target. It’s under $40. It wears well, washes well, and looks great ironed or natural. I’ve gotten compliments each and every where I’ve worn it. I think the only question is:

What are you going to do all day?

You can shop this look here

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