Holiday Red

Investment Piece: Holiday RED
Investment Piece: Holiday Red

I got to spend some time this week with one of my loves, Timeless Vixen, chatting all things Ossie Clark, this shade of red, and the things we keep in our closets. I can’t wait to share our conversation with you! In the meantime, I can’t stop thinking about this dress. Ever get the feeling that you may have to wear something? Yes, I do. Until I break this holiday red number out, let’s relieve this post. Updated shopping options below! Xo RA

Holiday Red: it’s the color of the season, but that doesn’t mean it has to be cliche. Your holiday red can be classic, modern, or come with a twist. In fact, let your holiday red be the red that they didn’t see coming; be it a dress, skirt, pantsuit, or top. Let your red celebrate the holiday and you. Holiday Red? Let’s do it!

Investment Piece: Holiday Red
Investment Piece: Holiday Red
Investment Piece: Holiday Red

My Holiday Red? Classic with some dramatic details. I love that it’s old Holiday glam look; I feel like a complete movie star in it. Yet, the details are a bit modern and shocking. The cut out in the back, the slit in the front, the apron wrap all make this vintage dress feel modern. We know that I love anything that combines vintage and modern, has juxatipositons, and feels amazing to be in. This holiday red? It does all three.

This holiday red is my first Ossie Clark, so it’s very special to me. (You can read about Ossie Clark here.) While I love all the “new” pieces in my closet, when I get the chance to add a piece that’s “new to me”, but carries with it such a history, I love it! I found this dress on etsy, and I couldn’t pass up a chance to own my own Ossie! The fact that this dress is holiday red and perfect for the season is just a bonus!

Investment Piece: Holdiay Red
Investment Piece: Holiday Red

Holiday Red, in all its forms, is perfect for any party, family event, or just when your mood needs a boost. Wear it simply with a great pair of heels (I love red with black and gold) or add statements (the right red dress and lots of sparkly jewelry), holiday red can be as much about you as it is about the holiday. In fact, holiday red doesn’t have to only come out at the holidays. Wear red all year long, and celebrate anything you want–even if it’s just a Monday!

I’ve linked similar dresses and reds that I love below. I’d love to know: How are you doing holiday red this season?


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Investment Piece: Holiday Red

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