In My Robe

Investment Piece: In my Robe
Investment Piece: In my Robe
Investment Piece: in my robe
Investment Piece: in my robe
Investment piece: in my robe

Some thoughts:
When it gets cold I’m always tempted to wear a blanket out. This robe (yes, it’s a robe) basically lets me. I’m a fan of Pj dressing (really, who isn’t? But see here, here, and here for starters). Every year, my family does the matching PJ thing for Christmas (we’re cute) and this was the pick a few years (we wore them over plaid pants). It’s essentially a sweatshirt with buttons, and it was my uniform over the holidays.
One day my mom mentioned that she thought it would look great with a belt and heels. A neighbor asked where we got them as she could wear it to get mail and run some errands, and no one would know that it’s a robe. I’m interested in how warm it keeps me, the slightly 80s vibes, and that the possibilities are endless.
This isn’t the only styling you’ll see of this robe.

In fact, it’s not the first time that I’ve worn it out- before this post or after. I can’t resist any outfit that makes me feel like I’m in PJs and presents as chic- or any chic pjs that let me present as being dressed. Especially around this time of year. And if you’re looking for a break into the vintage community may I recommend a vintage robe, the 1930s and 1940s robes are especially LOVELY and glam. Robes as outfits? Why not?

Headbands-thanks to Blair Waldrof, the Duchess(Es), or the simple fact that you can use them to hide dirty roots are back. I resisted for a while, but now I’m in love. Ones for working out, ones for fashion, I’m wearing them all.

Jumping into the new year hasn’t been pain free. Really, we had something like 2 weeks off, is it fair or logical to assume that jumping into anything would be seamless? (Not that I don’t love new starts, but I was getting used to be in vacation mode. Also, this isn’t to say I’m having a hard time, it’s to say that going from 0 to 60 has thrown me for a loop!) However, I’m just hanging out in my robe. So, winning!

I’ve linked similar robes (and other blanket-like outfit options for your shopping pleasure!

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