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Investment Piece: into joy
Investment Piece: into joy
Investment Piece: into joy
Investment Piece: into joy
Investment Piece: into joy

Joy is a revolutionary act. Joy is just as necessary as anything else you’re doing at the moment.
So. How are you diving into joy right now?
There are so many big ways to find joy, so many small ways.
These are some of the ways I’m diving into joy right now:

– yes. I got a little (toddler pool). We’re re-doing our back patio to have a nice seating area, and this little pool is one of my favorite things. I fill it up almost nightly. Sometimes I just put my feet in, sometimes I get in. It’s the best thing!

-Playtime. I’m friends with the little girls down the street (5 and 3 YOs). At least once a week we get together: we race, play tag, play pretend (including fashion show and parade), sing, and read. It’s balm. They also remind to me play. To do art that no one will see, be goofy. To be with my friends how I can. And throw myself dance parties occasionally.

– Summer rompers. I resisted this one, as I have to admit rompers and I aren’t usually friends. I’m super long waisted and tall- so they often don’t fit me well. This one? Was perfect. I sized up from my “regular/go-to” size and it fits excellently. It looks tailored, but not too tight. It’s pulled together, with room for fun. Isn’t that what summer is supposed to be about? Also, I can never resist great shoes and great hats–they are my forever joy.

As the days get longer, we can get lost and bogged down in the heat. Joy is important and it’s worth making time for, it’s worth making a priority. However big or small the joy is, I find it informs the work.

What are you doing to dive into joy?

I’ve linked this romper and shoes, as well as similar options!

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Investment Piece: into joy

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