Summer Sleeves

Investment Piece: Summer Sleeves
Investment Piece: Summer Sleeves
Investment Piece: Summer Sleeves
Investment Piece: Summer Sleeves

How are you currently making statements right now? What are you making statements about?

There’s a lot to be said, and many ways to say it. There’s a lot going on- the fight for social justice, the pandemic, the fears about the economy. You may find your voice is loud in the streets, on social media, or among your friends and family. All are valid. All are needed.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my voice, having to acknowledge that I have a lot of privilege, and that it’s my responsibility to use both of those things to ensure a better world for all of us. I’m still navigating how to best communicate all that, and what we all need to be consuming here during this time. (Suggestions? I’m open!)

Investment Piece: Summer Sleeves
Investment Piece: summer sleeves

I keep going back to fashion. Not because I think it “has the answers” or because I want to change the subject. Because fashion is how I tell my stories. When I get dressed, when I plan an outfit it’s as much about what I want to say as it is about what I wear. Sometimes I shape the outfit, sometimes it shapes me.

Take statement sleeves. On just a surface level-this is a perfect summer dress. It’s dressy enough for any (backyard?) soiree and comfy enough for naps. It makes statements and is detailed. The smocking. And those sleeves. In fact, if you look at our fashion offerings this year there are a lot of statement and puff sleeves, they’re summer sleeves. And while they are cute, on a deeper level maybe they are perfect for the moment.

Statement sleeves aren’t afraid of their message. Or standing on their own. They won’t argue their position with you, they just are.

This dress was perfect for a lovely summer evening. But it also reminded me that right now is a time for me to be like my sleeves: unafraid of a message, standing up for what I believe, and a bit bold.

Cheesy fashion analogy? Maybe. But as I work to find my voice, it worked for me. What works for you?

I’ve linked both dresses similar to this, and books I’m finding illuminating right now.

Let’s rock our summer sleeves 😉

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Investment Piece: Summer Sleeves

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