Is my Attitude a Problem?

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Loves, I’m not going to lie. This week was hard. Like I spent 3 days in the same workout gear hard. We’re all dealing and doing the best we can, I’m no exception. I find that I can have 2 great days, I’m cheerful and productive, super excited about all the online classes and friend chats, all those things. Then I will have 2 days when everything is overwhelming, my anxiety is high, I’m sad and depressed, and I tend to eat a lot of crackers and lay on the couch. We know that I believe in the power of fashion, and it’s power to change our feelings (see recent evidence here) but this week I couldn’t bring myself to use any of that power I know fashion has. Outfits, posts, a lot was put on the back burner while I just dealt with life. Late on Thursday, I finally brought myself to shower. And get dressed, and it did help. As I was thinking about what to share with you, I kept going back to that, and what makes me feel good to wear. I love a good party dress, but maybe what the world (and me!) needs right now is attitude. A good attitude, a can do attitude, an I’m going to be ok attitude. Reminding myself of that felt good. So, I hope that you forgive me for a repost, but I hope we can all take the tongue in cheek, feel good, express yourself fashion from this post, and wear things this weekend that make us feel great, like ourselves, and that make us smile.


Investment Piece: Is my Attitude a Problem?
Investment Piece: Is my attitude a problem?
Investment Piece: Is my attitude a problem?

One of the things that I love the most about fashion is that it can speak for you. It can tell people who you are. Want to be a high end art student today? Great! Biker chic? Got it. Princess/spy/CEO? There’s an outfit for that. Me? I love that I can be all the things on any given day. And that on any given day, my fashion can let you know my attitude. Which begs the question:

Is my attitude a problem?

Investment Piece: Is my attitude a problem?
Investment Piece: Is my attitude a problem?
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I’ve always had an attitude. My mother could write those articles you see on social media about “raising a strong willed child”. (Note: Strong Willed is the PC term for attitude) There’s the time when I was almost 3 and took my sister out of her crib to watch Sesame Street with me while my mom was in the shower. When my mom (understandably) freaked out, I told her to calm down.

Then there’s the “attitude problem” I have of not being able to keep my opinions quiet. (Even my facial expressions betray me.) I think you’re an asshole? You probably know. I am not happy with something? There’s a great chance you understand why. And here’s what I love about fashion: I can use it to have an attitude FOR me.

I’m not your baby.
Bad Bitch
Hands Off

I have shirt that say it all. One of my favorite looks is a graphic tee with anything (jeans/pants/skirts/amazing shoes); and when that graphic tee can express a bit of attitude, it’s just a bonus! Is my attitude a problem?

I don’t think so!

Investment Piece: Is my attitude a problem?
Investment Piece, fashion blogger, A Tractor, high fashion, Ca, TX
Investment Piece, fashion blogger, netted, vintage, leather, Givenchy, high fashion, CA, TX

However, loves, graphic tees are not the only way to let someone know that you have an attitude. Anything you wear can be full of attitude. (I think this is the part where I tell you that you just have to feel it to share it). BUT, if fashion can let you be anything you want, it can convey any attitude you want. Sweet, sassy, hand off. And instead of worrying if our attitude is a problem, why don’t we revel in the freedom that having any attitude brings us?

I’d love to know: what attitude are you giving today? How are you using fashion to do it? Is my attitude a problem?


I’ve linked some of my favorite graphic tees/jeans/etc below. Give ’em hell today!

I also use my glasses to let my attitude shine. Just saying.

Investment Piece: Is my attitude a problem

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