Time and Place

Investment Piece: Time and Place
Investment Piece: Time and Place
Investment Piece: time and place

There is a time and a place for everything.

I fell in love with this dress back in February (March?). The cut, the option to belt or not, it went with my boots, I knew it would go with sandals and heels. I spent a good 30 mins in the dressing room (and days after) imagining all the ways an all the places I could wear it and how it would wow.

And as much as I could picture all the places, the timing wasn’t right. It was just out of my budget. (Yes, I believe in getting everything you want and not blowing up your budget. It’s the only way!)

Then, about a month ago, I was randomly going through sales and lo and behold- this dress. The one I had dreamed of, that had been on my Wishlist for months. It was over half off. And I had to have it.

So I did.

But now that I have the time down, what about the place?

Investment Piece: time and place
Investment Piece: Time and place
Investment Piece: Time and Place

Some real talk?
I could go on and on about all the ways and places that I want(ed) to wear this dress.
Place right now is hard. I know, I’m supposed to tell you that I’m wearing this number around the house–and I am! Unbelted it’s a great caftan, I’ve cooked and run errands in it! It makes me feel so special when I put it on.
There are days when I don’t. I’m currently writing this post on a late afternoon in bike shorts that I can’t be bothered to change out of. I could be wearing the dress, making my own events, but I’m not. Because sometimes days are hard.

I’m , at heart, an optimist, so I believe in all the places I could wear this eventually, and that there will be days I wear it (again) around the house). I believe in all the events I can create at home for it.

The timing came together, and I trust that the place will.
Time and place. They don’t always work how we think they will, but they do always work out.

I’ve linked this dress and some shoe options for you below. Are you wearing your clothes? I would love to hear about it!


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Investment piece: time and place

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