Vintage Halston

Investment Piece: Vintage Halston
Investment Piece: Vintage Halston
Investment Piece: Vintage Halston
Investment Piece: Vintage Halston

Some things to know about me and this dress:

-this is vintage Halston. I know that there is the Halston show on Netflix, and it’s on my list!- but I haven’t watched it yet. This dress is Halston for Neiman Marcos (before the caftans and the jersey). I love that it’s both Deisgner history and fashion history. Doesn’t this dress feel like a moment in time?
-I love vintage. I love that dresses like this vintage Halston feel both modern and of its time. Things that can be more than one thing at a time intrigue me. Like the full skirt and Ruffles, combined with a low neck line.
– I love being surprised by color. Right or wrong, I have it in my head that there are colors that I don’t look good in (or don’t gravitate towards). When colors that aren’t “me” end up being one of my faves, I love it. While I will never give up my faves (you can NEVER own enough black) I love finding new colors (and fits)!
-mixing vintage and new is my jam. Vintage dress and bag. New shoes. And my modern attitude? I like to think it all works!

Investment Piece:Vintage Halston
Investment Piece: Vintage Halston
Investment Piece: Vintage Halston

More things to know about me and this Vintage Halston:

-if there is something to climb on, I will find it and I will climb it. (Statues, construction equipment, all of it) Yes, in vintage, yes in heels, yes on this construction equipment that was left unsupervised.
-there was a moment when the basket began swaying and it was a little nerve racking. I couldn’t help but think- could I break a whatever this is called? Luckily it stopped, I was fine. But there was a second when I worried a foreman was going to appear and I would get in trouble. Can you get in trouble for climbing on something someone else left out?
-I love Juxatipositons. Fancy dress and construction equipment? To me, they go together.

Investment Piece: Vintage Halston

Shopping vintage is always a bit of treasure hunt, but I’ve found you similar vintage Halstons (and bags and shoes!)
What are some things that I should know about you?

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Investment Piece: Vintage Halston

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