Altered State

a woman in a purple dress with red flowers on it in a garden

This post could easily be about how I love the color purple (see here, here, and here for starters). Or I could tell you about how this weekend I was my mom’s date to her 50th College Reunion, where I not only had a great time but realized I’m at the age where graduations make me cry. But what this post is really about is making an outfit your own.

And when we talk about that, it usually means that the styling is very you. However, this time I made this dress my own when I altered it on the fly! Yep! I did!

a woman in a lavender dress with red flowers

You’ve seen this dress before here, it’s a sweet homemade number from the 1970s that’s always made me smile. Yet, as easy as it is to throw on and go, the top kept fitting me oddly. Not TOO big, but a little off.
a woman in a lavender dress with red flowers
It didn’t bother me at first, but over the night it began to be a little obvious (to me) that the fit of the dress would improve if the straps were a little shorter/tighter. The issue could have been solved with a safety pin, or even a paper clip, but I didn’t have one on me. As I was my mom’s date I didn’t want to make a scene, but was beginning to worry that my fit might turn into a fashion emergency. While sitting through a presentation with my uncle, I happened to ask him if he had a pocket knife (desperate times, desperate measures), but he had something even better- scissors.

a close up of scissors in a woman's hand

I discreetly slipped out to the restroom, cut the straps of the dress, and tied them in a halter around my neck. (I tied the ends in slight knots till I have a chance to hem those!) My look and my night was saved – all by a slight alteration!

a woman in a lavender dress with red flowers

While altering the state of your outfit on the fly can be risky- sometimes it’s needed. And if it makes you feel best in the look, isn’t that what counts? Have you ever altered your outfit on the fly? From cutting straps to taping hems, I want to know all about it!

This dress is vintage, but I found you some similar ones- hopefully you don’t have to alter them on the fly!

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