Fashion Stories: Minimalist Closet

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Loves, I am a shopper. I love fashion: that it lets you be someone new every day, that it’s a visual playground, that it can speak for you. And I have quite the collection of fashion. This entire blog is based on the premise that fashion is an investment, and that your closet can be an asset. But an idea I’m simply fascinated by? Minimalist Closet. Let’s be clear, I don’t know that it’s completely for me. I love options too much. Although, I have traveled with a minimalist waredrobe and loved it (read about it here and here). Do I think I could give up all my clothes and par down to basics? No. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

But, I do think that what we have in our closets, what we chose to buy, the waredrobe we build should be intentional. What I love about the minimalist closet or shopping approach is the thought: to the pieces, how they fit, what you really need. And while I am in no hurry to turn my closet clean out into a massive purge, I think we can all benefit from really thinking about our clothes. What do we need? What do we wear? How can we mix and match? How can we build a waredrobe that compliments itself? How can I buy the best pieces for me?

I’m clearly not an expert on the subject, but with closet clean out season upon us, I am reflecting on those questions. As much as I love my options, I want pieces that fit together well. I want to curate a closet that is worth something, and easy to live with. Some reading I’ve been doing on the subject:
Waredrobe Rebuild
How to Become a Fashion Minimalist
A Shopper’s Manifesto

Am I taking a firm stance? No. I’m still reading, thinking, in the midst of a closet clean out. And while I know I’m not the type to par down to 10 pieces, I’m thinking about this. I want to try parts of this on and see if I can be a closet minimalist my way. What about you?


Closet Detox

Investment Piece, Fashionblogger, closet detox, closet clean out, CA , TX

Loves, we chat a lot about cleaning out your closet, especially at this time of year. And it makes sense–new year, new closet! I’m a big fan of the big closet clean out, I do it at least twice a year (with tune ups occasionally through out the year), and am planning on beginning mine this weekend. I’ve detailed my method here, here, and here. It hasn’t changed much: I pull everything out, go through it, seperate the clothes into keep and get rid of, and organize. It can be overwhelming–especially the get rid of part, I’m a shopper/clothes lover/can make outfits in my head of anything, I get it, it’s hard to let go’ but I find cleaning out my closet not only leaves me feeling accomplished, it gives me space for new things to love!

Rather than rehash what I tell you, I thought we’d go to the experts and get their takes on closet detoxing! So I’ve rounded up Vogue, Elle, and professional organizers, not only did I love what they had to say, I learned a thing or two!

HouseBeautiful: Closet Cleaning Secrets from a Pro!

What I loved about this method was the questionnaire about what to keep, and the suggestion to chose a charity close to your heart to donate clothes to!

WhoWhatWear: Closet Cleaning Methods

The winner here? Great tips on how to tell what you’re REALLY wearing, and therefore what to keep and what to let go!

Elle:Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Worth the read for tips to make your organization stick!

Vogue: Closet Cleanout 101

Loves, I plan on printing this flow chart out and using it repeatedly.

Are you cleaning out your closet? What method are you using?


Vintage Jewelry: Care and Cleaning

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Loves, we’ve spent a month chatting about vintage jewelry. Brands I love (Monet), stores I love (Platt Boutique) and ways to wear vintage pieces Belts as necklaces). But now that we’ve been treated and have our vintage jewelry, how do we care for it? How do we clean it? Loves, I wouldn’t leave you hanging! Get my best tips for care and cleaning your vintage jewelry below!

Put it how you will: “Offense is the best Defense”, “A Pound of Prevention is worth an ounce of cure”, or “A penny saved is a penny earned”; the best way to care for your jewelry (vintage or modern) is to store it properly. What does this mean? Everyone has a different system, my grandma wrapped her necklaces seperately in tissue, I have a friend who collects vintage ring boxes; the point is your jewelry should be stored in a dry place where it can’t get tangled or scratched.

Don’t sleep in your jewelry. Simple and seemingly straight forward, during sleep your jewelry can get twisted, hit, or dirty, and is best off your body. Loves, I admit that I have a bad habit of sleeping my necklaces, but I’m trying to get better at this!

If you’re wearing perfume or hairspray apply it, and make sure it dries, before putting on your jewelry. Oils in these products can damage or discolor your jewelry, and we don’t want that!

Inspect your jewelry regularly. If a stone is loose, or anything is broken, take it to a jeweler.

Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, vintage, belts, necklaces, high fashion, CA, TX


Loves, here’s the thing. Depending on the stone and medal of your piece, the cleaning instructions can vary. Gold and platinum can usually be rinsed with soapy water. Silver needs to be polished. No chemicals at all should be used on pearls, in fact, only wipe them with a soft cloth. If you have costume jewelry with foil back, be aware that water will ruin the piece. Also, various stones require various cleaners, or can have senstiivities to various cleansers. There are many basic jewelry cleaners on the market, and if you follow the instructions they can be great. My advice? Take any jewelry that you’re not sure how to clean to a jeweler. Not only should they be able to let you know the best way to care for your piece, many jewelry stores offer free cleaning. In fact, some of the best jewelry care advice I have gotten is for any repair or care concern to seek out the jewelry store with the best reputation in your area–even if it’s Tiffany’s. The professionals there will not risk the store’s name and can be trusted to give you the best advice they can. And of course, you don’t have to see out a Tiffany’s, several smaller jewelers (like my friends Platt) are fantastic with amazing reputations! A great resource when looking for a jeweler to trust is the American Gem Society (you can find their listing of jewelers here).

I’d love to know: how do you store your jewelry? What are some of your cleaning tips?


Selling to Consignment Shops

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You’ve done the work, you’ve cleaned out your closet, stored what you love, and now have a pile of cast offs. We’ve talked about what to do with them here, and again I will say, consignment shops are the way to go! Consignment Shops are often looking for new, clean, on trend looks; though vintage shops and some stores have different requirements. This Fashionista article has great tips on how to make sure your things are consignment ready, and of course if you have any questions a quick call to the store you’re looking to sell to should clear things up!
Looking to sell online? My favorite online consignment stores are TheRealReal, Tradesy, and Vestaire Collective. They each have a section that spells out their process and requirements! (I also love shopping at all three sites!)

Need some tips on how to organize the items you’re keeping? I love this piece from InStyle, because if we’re going to invest in our closets, they should be places we want to spend time!

I’d love to know: are you a consignment lover? What are your tips to sell? And tell me all about your closet!



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How are those resolutions coming? I find that there are some different camps when it comes to resolutions: those who make them, those who think they are stupid, those that stick, those that break them fairly quickly. The process of goal setting and achieving is one that I find fascinating, and one that isn’t always so cut and dried. I’m a believer that any day is a good day to start over, but the beginning of the year can provide a fresh start that lends itself to goal setting. And like many of you, one of my first goals for the year is a detox. What do I mean by that?

Detox means so much in our society. We’ll have friends who simply live on juice, who forsake social media, who cut things like sugar and carbs out of their diets. Detox is seen as both a punishment for eating poorly and a great reset. It’s both trendy and decried by some experts. So my detox? While I’m longing for more veggies after the holidays I don’t think of this as punishment. As one of my favorite spin teachers (yes, again, I’m a Soul Cycle junkie) will tell you punishing your body doesn’t work. This is a chance to give my body what I need, to reset, and regain habits that help make me look and feel great. And loves, I’m not just detoxing my diet.

Yes, there will be more juice, veggies, and excercise this month; less sugar, alcohol and carbs. But after last year and the holiday season I’m ready to look at all areas of my life, cut out what I don’t need, and build on what makes me the best me. I, and you, have goals to achieve, trips to take, shoes to buy. And I want to make sure that I help myself out! So I will be “tightening” my diet, paying attention to what makes me feel good, giving myself what I need (and long term yes that means treats now and again!). I’m a shopper, which means budgeting is not always fun, but I’m determined this year to master my budget and include the trips, shoes, fun, and yet become financially stable (repeat after me: savings accounts are sexy). I’m going to detox my closet, get rid of things I don’t need–and repeat this method throughout my house, and life. None of this is about punishment, but in order to be the best version of me I can, I’m willing to detox and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve me.

Sounds intimindating? Maybe, but I’m looking at this as fun! I hope you’ll come along for the ride! I’ll be sharing some of tips I pick up–I’m meeting with budget experts and skin care specialists! We’ll clean out our closets and get inspired with our remaining clothes (need a reminder on how I clean out closets? Gotcha! here and here Need help with your clean out? I’m available for consultations? Email

What are your thoughts on detoxing? Raise a juice with me?


Make-Up Bag: No MakeUp

Loves, so many of my posts say ” no makeup”, I’ve made a big deal over makeovers and you may have begun to get the hint: I’m not a big make-up person. It’s not that I wear nothing, I can’t live without mascara. It’s just that I’m not a fan of the overly made up look. I love the look of glowing skin. I simply just want my skin to look great, and look like it’s that way on it’s own! So below are the products that I use to make my skin look like glowing skin!


This gold mask from Peter Thomas Roth helps firm and tighten my skin, and the gold makes it dewy and gold! The instructions say to leave on for 20 mins. I’ve worn it all day with mascara and lipstick–I love it!
Peter Thomas Roth 24k Mask


This moisturizer from Glam Glow is radiant–under foundation, as the base, it’s just pearly enough that I glow, and feel like I don’t need much else! Pro tip–put it on your collar bones for a night out!
GlamGlow GlowStarter

Even great skin needs help, and that’s where Glossier comes in! I love their blendable and light concealer and tints–they aren’t heavy, don’t sit on your skin and they look completely nautral. These are my go-tos when I “wear” makeup, but they give me the fresh face, “no makeup” look that I love!

I’d love to know! What do you do for makeup?


Summer Cleaning


I spent this past weekend doing a little summer cleaning of my closet. This isn’t a new thing for me, I try to do clean outs about twice a year (for details and tips you can check out this post from January on my clean out process). Every time I do a big clean out I think that I do a great job of clearing out things that are no longer a fit for me, keeping things that bring me joy and are investments, and cultivating a great wardrobe. Then months past and I clean out again and I am amazed at what I hung onto. This time I made it a point to really clear out of the things I hung onto that no longer served me. Shoes that are stunning but never going to fit? Out. Low rise jeans when my natural waist is ridiculously high? Out. Items holding space for things I really want? Out. And I have to admit, it feels fantastic. And as I’ve cleared out, I’ve made a commitment to really try to be thoughtful in what I bring back in–again choosing pieces that bring me joy, fit well, and are good investments!

Now, what to do with the outs? As I talk about here I’m a big fan of selling your clothes. Consignment for your designer/more high end items. Places like Buffalo Exchange and CrossRoads for all the rest. And of course I’m a big fan of online consignment: TheRealReal, Tradesy, Poshmark and Vestaire Collective. In my research for selling I came upon some interesting tips about selling:
-Tory Burch is the third highest brand to retain value when selling (only preceded by Hermes and Chanel)
-Most items will not sell for what you paid for them, so while you can make some money, be open to price points lower than what you may have been expecting
-The better condition an item is in, the easier it is to sell
-If the item has tags on it, leave them on!
-Do some online/local research. See what similar items are going for and price accordingly

I hope this refresher helps you, and inspires you to clean out your closet! Fall is coming and we need the room for sweaters and boots!

Happy Thurday! XO RA

Are Wrinkles In?


Loves, before each photo shoot I spend time steaming, ironing, pressing each outfit. And here we are: it’s summer, it’s the season of linen. And loves, linen wrinkles. Even if you spend 45 mins trying to make it perfect. Even if you just sit down for 5 seconds or it’s a little humid outside. Linen wrinkles. I know I have stressed over getting outfits perfectly stressed. Like this one:

And even these pants:

Here’s the thing: no matter how tightly woven the linen is, it’s going to wrinkle. It’s part of the weave. Now that weave makes it a perfect summer staple (and keeps you cool), but it’s not for the ones who love things un-wrinkled.


So what do we do? It seems to me that accepting some wrinkling is our only option, unless you carry a portable steamer with you! And as this Wall Street Journal article suggests, there are be something appealing about a slight wrinkle- a casual, carefree summer “je ne sais quoi”, if you will.

I’d love to know your thoughts! Do you embrace your linen wrinkle? Or do you fight it? And if so, how?


Chanel Makeover


Loves, I am not a big make-up person. Not that I don’t wear it- and when I’m cast and on set I often have to wear a lot- but in my day-to-day life I tend to stick to necessary concealer, powder, mascara, and lipstick. Part of it is that I like a natural look, part of it is I’m not very good at applying my own makeup. So when I was offered the chance to get a make-over and learn from Chanel Master-Make-Up Artist John Fussell I jumped at it!


I sometimes find make-overs intimidating. I feel like I leave not looking like myself and completely unable to recreate any part of the look I liked. That was not the case at all with this experience! John and his team walked me through every step they did- explaining theory behind their technique and answering any questions I had. Then, after my entire look was complete, the team went over the steps and colors again- making sure that I felt confident that I could do it myself!

I went for a glowy skin with smoky eye look, and was thrilled with the results! I will be using this technique for my next night out; but John also went over some basic make-up guidelines. Below are some general tips I’ve learned, and can’t wait to incorporate into my routine!

-Do your foundation, blush, and lip before you do your eyes. Most people start with the eyes, but leaving them till last allows the proper amount of drama, and ensures that everything flows together. You can think of it like a bridge- there’s one between your neck and lips, then your cheeks, then your eyes- everything should transition
– Light changes based on season, adjust accordingly. Summer light is more golden, winter light has a blue-ish hue. You can warm up your summer make-up by hinting a hint of gold to your primer
-Blend, Blend, Blend
-The upward swipe of blush can age you. Smile and use a circle motion for an age-defying look. Make sure any contour you choose to use is flesh toned
– Anyone can wear any color- the secret is where you put it and how much. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Also, make-up colors follow basic artistic rules- white illuminates, black contracts
-Try a brown masacara if you’re blonde (and Chanel has a great chocolate brown one). It’s a great color to make your eyes pop- and will also be big for fall. Colored mascara is here through 2018- have some fun with that too!
-Putting a little color near your hairline (light blush or bronzer) pulls everything together
-If you have deep set eyes (and most of us do) eye liner is more effective on the water line- just make sure your eyeliner is waterproof to prevent smudging.
-Take care of your skin:drink enough water and moisturize
-Use the proper tools. Remember the small the brush the more intense color it will leave on your skin
– Check your reflection from the side before you leave the house
-Apply as much of your eye make-up as possible with your eyes open


I’d love to know- what make-up tricks do you swear by? What are your make-over stories?

John can be found giving make-overs and classes at Chanel counters nationwide and on Facebook!

Happy Thursday! XO RA

Beauty Bag

The following are a few of the current favorite things in my beauty bag!
Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm. It removes everything–even waterproof eye makeup, (making it perfect for traveling) and leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean!
I am super sensitive to bug bites and this Sarna Lotion soothes my bites and keeps me itch free!
I am not a fan of the over-made-up look, which means I love all Glossier products! They are light, blendable, and make your skin look like your skin–just slightly better! Here’s my hero product: Stretch Concealer. I often just wear this with translucent powder
I am a self admitted mascara junkie. I had lash extensions for years, and since then have been on a quest for a mascara that makes it look like I didn’t give them up! And these 3 come pretty close–I rotate my use of them, or sometimes layer them. I couldn’t pick a favorite so I listed them all!
Lancome Hypnose
Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir
Benefit They’re Real
I know having a deodorant on here is a bit odd– but I absolutely love this one! I work out a lot, so it has to be strong–it lasts for hours without having an overwhelming scent, and keeps me dry! I also love that it’s a spray–meaning I can keep it in my car without worrying about melting! Dove Dry Spray

I’d love to know–what are you loving this month? XO RA