Are we label whores?

I’m still recovering from a black eye and a pulled back muscle, so I’m on the couch online shopping. Almost everything I want is Gucci. Or Prada. Or Valentino. Or Celine. So I can’t help but wonder: Are we label whores?

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When I was little one of the things that I wanted most in the world was a “Coke” t-shirt. My mom said no, her reasoning being that I was not a billboard. (Don’t worry, I got a hand-me down Coke shirt from a friend, so my life wasn’t ruined.) My mom’s attitude towards labels hasn’t changed much, she doesn’t hate them, but thinks quality can be found without a label; and most importantly, that she shouldn’t provide a free billboard. And it’s not that I don’t get her point; after I moved to CA and found out what they pay for a billboard-I get not wanting to do it for free. However, my relationship with labels is a tad bit more complicated. I like labels. I talk all the time about how much I love Gucci, I think Chanel bags are a great investment, LV bags are fantastic, I love shopping vintage labels, and that’s just the tip of the shopping! I know some of you feel the same. We love labels, we wear them, but are we label whores?

According to Urban Dictionary, a label whore is someone who wears head to toe labels, especially if the logo or brand name is constantly visible. We all love labels, but let’s admit head to toe logos would be a lot. I love every single look Gucci sends down the run way, but also think it’s fresh and modern to mix high and low; which means I often wear my labels with Zara/Levis/etc. So, if we aren’t painting ourselves in logos, is it safe to say that we aren’t label whores? Or is there another layer? Does label whore include loving and/or buying something simply because it’s a label or certain brand?

I don’t ask these questions to make us feel bad, have I mentioned that I love Gucci so? And it’s not that I think that loving labels is a horrid thing; but as someone who shops, helps others shops, and is fashion I can’t help but look at our choices, whatever they may be. Labels are a layered issue, often symbols of status, and can have meaning beyond simply clothes or bags. High end labels are often synonymous with quality and luxury, as well as status; and let’s admit, those are great reasons to want something. We all want high quality clothes, and if said clothes communicate that they’re special and luxurious I don’t think any of us would complain. (If we’re really honest, let’s admit that sometimes labels make us feel special too). But the question remains, are we buying labels because we want the product or because we want the label? There are plenty of quality items out in the world that don’t have a label, and some of them are luxurious. Are we overlooking those in favor of a familiar logo? Is that hurting us–and our closets?

I am the last person in the world to tell you that you shouldn’t buy something you love, even if you only love it because it says Gucci on it. The labels we love are loved for a reason, and I’m not anti-logo by any stretch. I plan on keeping my labels, adding to my collections, and mixing my high and low. However, I am going to start asking myself why I want some things; because as much as I love labels, I don’t think that the label should be the only reason to buy something. I am a fan of quality, I am a fan of high fashion and fun, and I am fan of finding those items, with or without a logo. Can I love all my labels and non-labels at the same time? I think the only way to know is to try!

Am I the only one worried about being a label whore? What’s your take on the issue?


Fashion Stories: Minimalist Closet

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Loves, I am a shopper. I love fashion: that it lets you be someone new every day, that it’s a visual playground, that it can speak for you. And I have quite the collection of fashion. This entire blog is based on the premise that fashion is an investment, and that your closet can be an asset. But an idea I’m simply fascinated by? Minimalist Closet. Let’s be clear, I don’t know that it’s completely for me. I love options too much. Although, I have traveled with a minimalist waredrobe and loved it (read about it here and here). Do I think I could give up all my clothes and par down to basics? No. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

But, I do think that what we have in our closets, what we chose to buy, the waredrobe we build should be intentional. What I love about the minimalist closet or shopping approach is the thought: to the pieces, how they fit, what you really need. And while I am in no hurry to turn my closet clean out into a massive purge, I think we can all benefit from really thinking about our clothes. What do we need? What do we wear? How can we mix and match? How can we build a waredrobe that compliments itself? How can I buy the best pieces for me?

I’m clearly not an expert on the subject, but with closet clean out season upon us, I am reflecting on those questions. As much as I love my options, I want pieces that fit together well. I want to curate a closet that is worth something, and easy to live with. Some reading I’ve been doing on the subject:
Waredrobe Rebuild
How to Become a Fashion Minimalist
A Shopper’s Manifesto

Am I taking a firm stance? No. I’m still reading, thinking, in the midst of a closet clean out. And while I know I’m not the type to par down to 10 pieces, I’m thinking about this. I want to try parts of this on and see if I can be a closet minimalist my way. What about you?



One of the ways to get amazing fitting clothes that make you look amazing? Tailoring. Buy things that fit your widest part, then have them altered to fit every where else. Tailoring has been on my mind lately- not just because it’s a great way to have clothes that fit, but because of the post-pandemic world. No one knows exactly what the world will look like- or what we’ll be wearing. One article I read floated the idea that what we may see are clothes that are sold in more general sizes, meant to be tailored to you after you purchase them. And I have to say, I love this idea! I’m reposting my orginal thoughts on tailoring and adding in some links for what you can have tailored- or tailor yourself!

Investment Piece: logo week: Fendi pants

I’m in the process of having some pants tailored. As in, almost remade. It’s been a long process, there are times when it’s felt too long. However, every time my tailor and I get closer to the finished product, I can’t help but get excited. I also have to remind myself that working with my tailor is a process and that a great tailor is a great investment! You are getting so much more about my “new” old pants, but first, let’s chat tailoring.

One of my very first posts was centered around “great investments”, one of which I thought was a tailor.
(See the original article here) And I still hang onto that thought. If you’re investing in your closet, a great tailor is a must have! Yes, for mends like buttons, zippers, holes, and hems you might be able to do the work yourself; however, I find that a professional often does it faster and better, and ensures that the item that needs mending doesn’t spend the rest of its life on my closet floor.

But a tailor is so much more. A great tailor can remake a garment for you–nip or let out the waist, or various parts, tighten or loosen, lengthen or shorten. You look best in clothes that fit you best and a tailor can help you get there!

Investment Piece, high fashion, tailoring, purple, Mary McFadden, pleats, CA, TX
This number needed to be slightly let out in the bust–and even with the pleating, no problem for a great tailor.

Investment Piece, fashion, blogger, CA, TX, HM, floral, high fashion
This dress (seen here) was taken in at the waist, and the back slit was lengthened.

The great news about a great tailor is that they can really transform a garment into something special. Which is amazing for all those things that you try on that just need a little something done. However, tailors aren’t always miracle workers and much like any important relationship (I’m looking at you, hairdressers) communication is key. So how can you best work with your tailor? Glad you asked!

Be Realistic

If something is 2 sizes too small and has no extra fabric in it, your tailor cannot make it your size. However, there may be times when your tailor has to tell you “no”. Certain fabrics, certain cuts and drapes, they just don’t mix. What you envision may not be doable. So ask questions like “Can we do this?” “What will this look like?” “What are my options here?” A great tailor will be honest and lay out your options, and may even have some suggestions that you didn’t even think of!

Let them know YOUR Preferences
I like my waists high and nipped. I think, for my body type, it looks best. I also like my sleeves to come down to my wrists. My tailor knows me and works with me to get the looks I like. But, even when we try things on it’s on me to be vocal–I like this, I don’t like this. Your tailor can’t please you if they don’t know what you want.

Fittings. More than one Fitting

Ok, some things don’t need a fitting–much less two. But some really do. If you’re altering a garment in a major way I would suggest more than one fitting to make sure everything is perfect. And move in it–raise your arms, turn, sit down–all of it. Make sure that the fit and movement are what you want. And talk to your tailor about what you’re seeing, and ask what they’re seeing!

Most of this comes down to talking to your tailor–about likes, fit, etc. The more honest you are, and the more they are honest with you, the better fit you will get!

Here are a few articles about what things are easy to tailor (and even how to tailor some things yourself!):
Useful Links on Tailoring Your Clothes
The Power of Tailoring
Which Alterations are the Easiest
How to do Alterations
Taking Measurements for Fit
And Alerations 101

I hope these tips help! Happy Tailoring!



Investment Piece: Gucci

In recent times, Gucci has come to mean both feeling Amazing (or good) as well as the storied Italian brand. Lately, I’ve been both feeling good and wearing Gucci. Coincidence?

Investment Piece: Gucci
Investment Piece: Gucci
Investment Piece: Gucci

Part of why I love Gucci (the brand)? Not only is it ionic, it mixes over the top (logo, opulence, design) with a bit of Granny-chic (the ads! The glasses!) and old house legacy (there’s nothing I love more than vintage logos!). It’s a little bit of everything and when I wear Gucci logo pieces it doesn’t feel stale or dated, it feels fresh.

(Once upon a time I did a logo week, see here, here, and here. Logos aren’t a thing to avoid, but I have opinions about wearing them!)

I’m also beginning to feel good. Maybe that’s spring or the feeling like the penny might pass, or a return to myself. But I’m feeling more me- more secure, happier, and more Gucci.

Investment Piece: Gucci
Investment Piece: Gucci

It’s not that you need Gucci to feel good. I’ve felt good in everything from Target pieces to year old outfits, but statement pieces that bring out your shine? Something I love investing in and pieces I reach for time and time again.

Examples here, here, here and here. I actually love picking out and saving up for special pieces – investment pieces. Ironically, most of these pieces were bought second hand. Second hand shopping is one of my favorite ways to get what I want at prices that let me shop more. In fact, this Gucci skirt is from Luxury Garage Sale, which I’m not paid to write about but they do have such a stunning collection of designer resale!

Investment Piece: Gucci

Maybe the secret to Gucci isn’t the logo or the label, or even where you buy it. Maybe it’s deciding that you’re special enough to wear something that makes you feel special. That’s what does it for me. It is more about feeling great (or Gucci) in an outfit- but of course a pieve that’s special never hurts.

I got this skirt for my birthday and was saving it for pictures, but now- I want to wear it all the time as it makes me feel that special. Also? After shooting, I had trouble getting the zipper undone! A sign that I should stay in Gucci? I’ll take it (though clearly I got the zipper undone, but it was the first time I had that issue!)

What are you wearing that makes you feel special and great? And what are your thoughts on Gucci?


Note: this “top” is actually a one piece swim suit, as I can’t resist wearing swimsuits as bodysuits! And these flip flops are chic enough to go with so many things. The skirt was resale, but I’ve found you similar!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

What a difference 4 Years Makes

My loves! In 4 years we’ve gone from this:
Investment Piece: What a Difference 4 Years Makes
To this:
Investment Piece: Set Moments

There have been a few lows, so many highs, and a few times I’ve fought with technology. In some ways, this blog birthday feels a little surreal. I still see so much room for growth, so much I want to say, so much to share. The entire world is being affected by a virus and every day lives are interrupted, and everything from what to post to the future seems up in the air. I try to be as honest as I always can be, and when I don’t have the answers I like to say so, this is a time when I really don’t have the answers. When thinking about how to mark this anniversary, I thought about skipping it. I want to be a respite for your time, but don’t want to be insensitive. As I was thinking through all of that, I kept coming back to what’s important to me here at Investment Piece, and what I hope we offer you.

I’m so passionate about our stories. And that fashion is a means by which we tell stories. While writing this, I’ve changed 3 times and have told 5 stories. I want to continue to tell my stories, your stories, and hold space for other women’s stories. And if we all need to change a bunch of times in that space, so be it. 🙂

Fashion Inspiration
Since I was 2 I’ve been good at putting together outfits. I love it. And yes, I love to be a bit daring at times. But, what I hope I provide is an encouragement to dress in ways that make you happy. Copy my outfits! Take those ideas and run with your own! Fashion is both art and freedom, let’s embrace both ends of that, together.

Support Other Women
We need each other. And women are amazing.

All of this comes in different ways: our series, styling, shopping, and support. Each year, as I reflect on the blog’s journey and where I want to go, I become more and more clear on how these things fit into what we do here. I have no clue what’s coming, how the virus will affect business and fashion and us. There will be days when I’m unsure what to post, say, or do, I’m sure. Whatever happens, I hope I can come back to these things, that these core beliefs can guide us through. I’m so grateful you’re here, that we can manage this together. Here’s to many more blog birthdays!

Of course- any thoughts, series, stories you would like to see more of, please reach out at

Xxoo RA

Investment Piece: What a difference 4 years makes

Personal Shopping: Subscription Service

Loves, they say the way to succeed in business is to do what you love. And hopefully, what you love is what you’re good at. Me? I love fashion. And storytelling. I also like to think that I’m pretty good at things like shopping and putting together outfits. Another thing that I love? Helping you do all these things.

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t, but I offer one on one personal shopping services here!
A refresher:
Investment Piece: Personal Shopping Services
Personal Shopping Services
Personal Shopping Services

This is still happening. I love getting to know you, helping you feel confident in your outfit choices and closet, and getting things you love in your closet collection. Even here on site, I love sharing what I’m wearing, where you can get similar (or the same) items, and all of shopping and sales picks.

We’ve been at this a minute. We think it’s time to take it up a notch. I’m so happy to announce to you our:

Subscription Service

(Loves, I’ve been racking my brain and can’t come up with a name I love for this. Read our offering, think about it, pitch me a name that we love and I will think of something amazing to give you –like a free styling session!)

This is not a subscription service where I send you clothes and you get to shop. Though I will send you some shopping picks, and shopping will always be available here on site; I’m opening things up to teach you my shopping process and actually take you on a shopping journey with me.

What does this mean?

Sign up for this service and once a month you’ll receive :

MY shopping picks. Not what I’m wearing on site. Not what’s on sale (though it might be). The real things I’m looking at and loving and have in my cart.

This isn’t the prize though.

You’ll get:

A video teaching you how to shop like I do. From vintage finds to getting that thing you love that’s sold out everywhere, we’ll not only will go into stores and let you see how I work a rack, I’ll be giving exclusive tips and tricks about how to get all the fashion things that you want!

The schedule? The first week of the month you’ll get an email giving you what I’m shopping for the month.

The third week of the month, you’ll get an email with a link to a video where I teach you how to shop, give tips, and share all things shopping the Rachel Adelicia way.

How can you get in on the subscription service?

It’s $60/mth, though if you sign up for 6 mths in advance the price is a one time payment of $240! Also, as a special to celebrate the journey we’re going on, sign up for 6 mths now and you’ll get 10% off of any personal shopping service you like!

Want in?

Email me at I’ll send you the intake form and we’ll get you started.

Our first shopping picks go out the first week of July and believe me, you don’t want to miss it!

Hope to be shopping with you soon!


Trend to try: Sequin Summer Bags

Investment Piece: Trend to Try: Sequin Summer BAgs

Sequin as a trend is nothing new; we all have our pick of sequin bags, tops, pants, jackets, dresses, shoes, and even bows! But sequin summer bags? This season I’ve begun to see sequins on straw bags and clutches usually carried in the warmer months. Sequins on a beach? In the afternoon? Paired with straw?

Loves, I’m on board! These aren’t the stuffy sequins you may be picturing, or over-the-top creations; but for a season that encourages fun and rose’ at lunch, why shouldn’t we have sequins? I’m loving the casual takes on the style, the beach bags that get elevated, and the sense of joy that they bring even to cut offs! I’ve collected some of my faves for you to look through below. I’d love to know: is this a trend you’ll be trying?

Happy Shopping! XO RA

Vintage Jewelry: Monet

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Loves, it really is the month of love, and whether you’re showing love to yourself or to others there’s no better way to treat than jewelry. And loves, let me tell you, there’s no better jewelry than vintage. From quality to style to affordability (I promise), vintage jewelry lets you stand out and feel good about what you’re wearing. And one of my favorite vintage jewelry brands? Monet!

Investment Piece, fashion, style, blogger, jewelry, vintage, CA, TX

Monet jewelry is known for its high quality, gold plated pieces (my favorite are the necklaces like those above); however Monet started out as a monogramming company. In the 1920s they (Michael and Jason Chernow, the founders) sold monogrammed decals. During the Great Depression the company expanded into bags, and in the 1930s the brothers found their niche: jewelry. Monet began selling dangle pins, bracelets, and namechains.

During the 1930s Designer Edmond Mario joined the company, and the statement shapes usually associated with Monet came into being. Mario was influenced by Chanel and Schiaparelli, and the affordable chain jewelry was a hit. The necklaces really became popular in the 1950s and styles expanded to links, slides, textured, and engraved. The company started a line for girls called Monettes, which carried charm bracelets. In 1977 the Monet launched a fine jewelry line, and during the 80s was licensed to sell both YSL and La Croix costume jewelry.

Here’s what I love about Monet- it’s heavy without being too heavy, it’s classic and yet stands out, it’s quality and fun, and it’s vintage and modern–all at the same time. For the money you won’t find a better costume jewelry, and yet, Monet pieces are not impossible to find! My fave places to shop Monet are Recess LA and Bloomers and Frocks”, but you can find Monet on Etsy, eBay, and vintage stores around the country.

Do you love and wear Monet? Are you planning on treating yourself?

Let me know!


Year In Review!

Loves! We made it! 2017 is almost here, and it’s a time to look forward with hope and look back with gratitude! I am so, so thrilled that you let me share my little space on the Internet with you. Thank you for helping me grow this community. I have so many things in the works for you–I’m truly excited about what the new year will bring! And I’m thinking about you! What do you like? What would you like? This space is partially about you! So on that note:

On our Fashion Posts:
More writing, and how-to’s? Less writing? No writing on outfit posts?

Personal Shopping! We’re working on getting packages together so we can shop together! Are you interested?

Anything else (constructive) we can do to better your experience?

Leave a comment below, on our Facebook or email me at!

Again, thank you for a great year–here’s to many more!


Some of my faves from this year:

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Cape, Saks, blogger, atx, la, vintage, Stuart Weitzman, Ft Worth, Texas, designer, fashion, high style,

Great Investment: Valentino Printed Boots


Yes, I love these because they are Valentino, and yes, I saved for them for a bit (which makes them more special). But, I just love a printed boot–and think you need one. Yes, you need your basic boots (I really feel like you can’t go wrong with any boot but a basic black or brown -heeled,flat, bootie are all staples) but nothing shakes up an outfit like a statement piece like this one. A printed boot can make anything a bit elevated; throw it on with jeans and t-shirt with a dress, with a monochrome skirt and top. Even with other patterns they stand out!


I first posted about these Valentino boots here and I still wear these a ton (see, they are a great investment!) I even wore them during the summer with crops and a tank top! My point loves, is that printed boots are a great piece, and if you have to have some–I’m a fan of these Valentino ones!

I’d love to know: do you have printed boots? How do you wear them?


If you follow me on Instagram (and please do @racheladelica) you know that these investments are now available at Amuze, they happen to now be sold out, but you can get on the waitlist and shop similar styles!