Fashion Halloween: A Look Back

I LOVE Halloween. And I LOVE costumes! Maybe it’s the actress in me, but especially with fashion Halloween, I love thinking about a character, getting an outfit together, and getting to be someone for a night!

Full confession: by Halloween night I’m usually in this:

Investment Piece: I put a spell on you

On the couch watching “Hocus Pocus”. But I still love playing dress up throughout the month. ┬áLast year, I did 2 looks for Fashion Halloween:

Investment Piece: Fashion Halloween

A Mrs. Maisel from the first season

Investment Piece: Fashion Halloweend

And a Moira Rose. Yes, both involved pjs (it felt very appro for 2020). This year, as much as I love Halloween, I am not quite sure what to be. Of course, it would be so easy to be a witch or a queen (things I’ve avoided because it seems so obvious). I have a few flapper dresses (and authentic 1920 pieces), so it’s tempting to do a 1920s “roaring” theme- but I wear those clothes all the time so it feels odd to now call them a costume. ┬áSince my favorite movie of the season is “Hocus Pocus”, it might be fun to dress as the Sanderson Sisters (but that involves getting 2 more friends in on it).


In sum, I’m a bit at a loss for what to be this year – I love coming up with glam costumes that not only seem high fashion but are great ideas for Halloween. I would love to get some input- anything you’ve been dying for me to try? What comes to mind when I say Fashion Halloween? Any ideas?

Do you know what you’re being for Halloween yet?

Fashion Halloween

Have I mentioned how much I love costumes? Maybe it’s the theater in me, maybe it’s the fashion, but there’s something about planning my fashion Halloween costume that brings me such joy.

I also love seeing your costumes. Yes, it’s the beginning of the month/season. But, please, feel free to share.

This year? I’m excited about all the costumes I’m planning, I’m also thinking of all the costumes past. Let’s be real- If your goal is “fashion Halloween” there are many ways you can go about it. Wear a gown and call it a day. (You could say you’re a kind of Princess) Go all out and order a costume (one of my faves year after year is Catwoman, and I’m not sorry). So, what kind of fashion Halloween should we be this year?
I’ve been Cleopatra
Investment Piece: Fashion Halloween
Betty Draper
And Lady MacBeth
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What do I have up my stilettos for this year? Stay tuned! In the meantime, let’s enjoy the past fashion Halloweens!

I’d love to hear your costume thoughts, plans, or suggestions!