Is TennisCore a Thing We’re Doing?

Investment Piece: Is TennisCore a thing we're doing?

I joke all the time that I only have 2 modes: completely over dressed (aka party dresses) or I’m in workout clothes (see more about my discomfort in the middle here Though I promise I do love jeans!). And the thing about jokes is that sometimes they’re true. Those are try my two natural modes. And yes, I can’t help but be completely drawn to the “new” trend: TennisCore.

Note: I don’t play tennis. At all. Although it’s one of those things that I would love to learn, would even love to get into (I watch the occasional match but it’s not something I follow reguarly). Once upon a time I signed up for lessons but couldn’t make them due to work. However, I’ve always loved the tennis skirts and dresses.

So. Now that TennisCore is a thing- aka more and more offerings of tennis skirts and dresses- I’m so into it. Yes, they are all perfect for a match, or a workout, but they double as “going out” outfits (whatever that means to you).

Investment Piece: Is TennisCore a Thing We're Doing?
Investment Piece: Is TennisCore a Thing We're doing
Investment Piece: Is TennisCore a thing we're doing?

This “new” trend of TennisCore has slowly been creeping up. A few summers ago, I got my first “exercise dress” and I couldn’t help but live in it (see here). And now? As there are more and more exercise dresses and tennis skirts that are oh-so-stunning on the market I find myself not being able to resist. Yes, I wear them to Pilates, sometimes to spin, and for hikes. But I also pair them with button-downs, going out shirts, and other cute tops. I vary between sneakers and heels with them. The fact that they can go from “Courts” to dinners is the day-to-night fashion I thought being an adult was all about as a kid!

And the kicker? All of the TennisCore dresses and skirts have shorts built in! So it doesn’t matter how short they are!

Investment Piece: Is TennisCore a Thing We're doing?
Investment Piece: Is TennisCore a Thing We're Doing?

Is TennisCore a fast fading trend that will go away? Or is tennis core a long lasting fashion option now that our lives are more one the go/at home? I don’t know. What I do know is that I’ve always loved the idea of a cute tennis skirt- and now that I have more than one fashionable option to wear with EVERYTHING I’m in- for a long time.

I would love to know: do you wear TennisCore (aka exercise dresses)? How? And to where?

While there are so many, many options, below I’ve linked this exact outfit and some other TennisCore options I love! (Note: these heels are Sarah Flint- you can read about why I love them here and use code SARAHFLINT-BAINVESTMENTPIECE to get $50 off a pair of your own at Sarah Flint).


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Investment Piece: IS TennisCore a Thing We're Doing?