Sunday Chronicles: New Series


I have so enjoyed sharing my love of fashion with you over the past few months and I have some exciting news! We’re expanding! Stay tuned for outfit posts M/W/F, but please come back T/TH for new series where we will focus on wishlist items, shopping secrets, brands to know, and other fashion news! Subjects you’d like to read about? We’d love to hear about it-email We hope you love what we have in store for you, we love sharing this little spot on the internet with you!

Wishing us all a week of new things and amazing shoes! XO RA

High Fashion Halloween


As an actress and lover of all things dress up, I LOVE Halloween! And there are so many options out there–but what I love is finding a high fashion theme to bring my love of fashion and dressing up together! This year I’ve chosen Cleopatra! I have this amazing AAVintedge caftan which completely makes the look! Other ideas I love Lady MacBeth (a lacy nightgown is all you need), Marie Antoinette (I’d do it for the wig alone), and Cruella DeVille (FUR COAT!). I’d love to know–what are you being this year?

Happy Wednesday! XO RA

Wig, Accessories: Various Halloween Stores
Dress: AAVintedge Check out their custom caftans and amazing vintage!

90s Redux


They say everything comes back–and while I don’t know who “they” are, sometimes they get it right. Why it can pay to invest in high quality, classic items? They last. And even if they are a trend, they come back. Case in point? The slip-dress, a 1990s staple, is re-emerging. And I love it–I think silk and lined, solid color is the way to go–but from there the options are limitless. This was shot on a foggy and rainy morning with bare feet and last night’s hair–but it looks just as great with heels, with flats, layered, or simply alone. And the best part might be that you can wear it straight to bed.

I’d love to know–are you embracing this trend (again)?

Happy Monday! XO RA



Dress: Equipment

Sunday Chronicles: Detox


I’ve been traveling for the past few weeks, which has meant great times with friends, amazing meals, and more than one glass of wine. And as fun as that can be, life is all about balance and I got to the point where I was looking forward to being home and detoxing. Working out, sleeping well, eating right. Juice, bone broth, and lots of veggies. Yoga, spinning, Pilates and a little bit more walking. Nothing intense, but a cleaning,letting myself rest, if you will. And it’s felt great. However, as popular as detoxes can be–there’s more than a just a juice that’s needed sometimes.

More than one friend of mine has recently read Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and I have to admit: I’m intrigued. Full disclosure: I haven’t read it yet; but if I understand the method behind it correctly I’m on board. My understanding is that the thought here is that we have so much in our lives-clothes, things, responsibilities, relationships–that really we keep things around that are just “good enough”, instead of holding out for, or really surrounding ourselves with things that we believe are beautiful and bring us joy. There’s a method Kondo uses to clear out the unwanted or passable items, making room for clothes, things,  and relationships that truly bring us joy and fulfill us. And this, in my space of taking care of myself, has resonated.

So it’s not just been juice. I’ve been turning off the TV and reading. I’ve been thinking about the kind of life I want, the kind of woman I want to be–and beginning to cut out what doesn’t serve that. There’s been art and painting, sorting through and contemplating. I’ve been writing and thinking; shoe shopping and making choices based on what I love–and not what “will do”. I’m concentrating on what I want, and ignoring what I don’t. This is by no means a week fix, but I have to say–I’m loving the results.

I’d love to know, have you read the book? Done a detox? What are your thoughts?

Wishing us all a week of joy and amazing shoes! XO RA

Vintage Jacket


Sometimes you find a vintage piece and can’t wait to design an outfit around it. That’s the story here! I found this Victorian stunner at Polkadotsand Moonbeams and couldn’t wait to wear it. The construction is a dream and while it’s a formal piece, it felt just right by the pool.

Hope your Friday is just superb! XO RA

Vintage Top and Sunnies: Polkadotsand Moonbeams
Jeans: Jcrew

Fall Shoes

It’s fall. And yes, you need boots. Yes, there’s always a reason for new heels. But what about something different? What about a new take? Shop below for some of the shoes I’m loving for fall!

Fringe Boots



Sam Edelman and Sam Edelman.
Two of my fave versions. Great with jeans and a t-shirt, or with skirts and dresses

Block Heels


Jeffrey Campbell and Topshop
A mod take on the kitten heel, these are super comfy, work appropriate and yet fun!
Fashion Sneakers

Because sometimes you want comfort and don’t want to sacrifice your fashion sense. Running errands, jeans, leggings–try them with skirts and dresses–point being, you can’t go wrong! Pictured: Addias and Vince

Happy Wednesday! XO RA

Black Swan


Sometimes Monday just need a little drama. A little feather, a shoe that has a subtle nod to the ballet shoe, an outfit that makes you feel special. Items like this just make me feel like anything is possible–and that’s a Monday feeling I will sign up for!

Happy Monday! Hope you have all the right sorts of drama! XO RA

Skirt: Old, similar here
Blazer: BCBG, old, similar here
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Sunday Chronicles: Time with Friends


They say that friends are some of the most important things in life–and while cliche sounding, it’s true. Recently I have had friends be generous with their time, their support, and their homes. No matter what happens in life it is beyond comforting to know that staying up late and chatting with a friend–or having a place to stay when you most need it–is simply a matter of calling a friend.

The love and support I have gotten from my friends recently got me thinking–adult friendships are so much more complex than the grade school friendships, where sometimes friendship was as simple as always being in the same class. So following are some of the lessons I’ve learned about being adult friends:

  1. Friendships take as much effort as romantic relationships.  Yes, they’re different but as adults we have different jobs, schedules, responsibilities, and time constraints. While spur-of-the-moment plans can happen families, jobs, etc often make that an impossibility. So you have to make time for each other. Check in, catch up. Make plans and stick to them. Forgive each other when you have to cancel, and understand when plans fall through. Can this be difficult? Yes, but having plans with a friend can make a long week bearable.
  2.  You will have different friends for different needs. Your friendships will rise and fall like waves. All of this is ok. Not every friendship is the bonded at the hip variety–sometimes it’s just the people you chat with at the gym every day. These relationships are no less important than your besties–they can still make your day. Also due to life friendships will crest, there are times when you can be super close and then lose touch–the good news is a good friend is a good friend, and no matter the distance always show up when they’re needed.
  3. You can break-up with a friend and it can hurt worse than your worst romantic break-up. I’ve been there. And yes, as above, sometimes it’s just a crest–but sometimes the friendship has turned toxic. Sometimes we grow apart and aren’t treated as well as we should. Sometimes it’s a conversation and sometimes friends just fade away. If it was a close and important relationship it can hurt like hell. I recommend shopping and wine to get you through.
  4. Your friends will experience life at a different pace than you –and that’s amazing. You may be the first to get married–or the last. Someone who put their career first or a stay-at-home-mom (still a job). While having a ton in common is always helpful, some of my most rewarding relationships are with women in different life places than I am. We can share experiences, say things without judgement, and learn from each other.

In short, I’m having a moment where I just can’t help but be bowled over by the amazing women and men in my life whom I am privileged enough to call friends. I’d love to know–what have you learned about friendship?

Wishing us all a week of great friends and amazing shoes! xo RA



There’s something about a contradiction that I just love–high necks, short skirts, and lace up heels are feeling just perfect for fall. Something about this outfit feels updated mod and vintage to me at the same time–and most importantly it’s all comfy!

Hope you have a great weekend! Happy Friday! XO RA


Top: Reformation, old, similar here
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Zara