Inspired by :Fosse/Verdon

Investment Piece: inspired by fosse Verdon
A recent obession of mine? Fosse/Verdon. So much so, that I can’t help but let my fashion by inspired by it.
In one scene, Gwen Verdon (played by the incomparable Michelle Williams) wears the most perfect pantsuit. This is my version of that.
Investment Piece: Fosse Verdon
Investment Piece: Fosse/Verdon
Investment Piece: Inspired by Fosse/Verdon
Investment Piece: Inspired by Fosse/Verdon
We’re all story tellers. I’m a big believer that fashion is just another way we can tell our stories.
Don’t believe me?
What’s your favorite movie? Play?
Can you picture your favorite character? Does it matter what they wear?

(Hint: yes. Yes it does)

This is by no means the first time that I’ve been fascinated by a TV show’s costume department (see here And here), and not the first time I’ve let you know I think fashion is a story telling medium. As an actress and a fashion blogger when things like stories I love (Fosse/Verdon) and fashion collide, I simply can’t contain myself. We can’t jump in the story, but we can jump in the fashion, and that’s almost just as good!

Investment Piece: Inspired by Fosse/Verden
Side Note: Fosse/Verdon (which is on Tuesday nights on FX) is a must watch. We could chat about what we give and give up in relationships. What we sacrifice and kill for creativity. How when we don’t heal ourselves we hurt others. What men take from women. How Michelle Williams is gonna win an Emmy. How I’m constantly amazed at the creative output of Lin-Manuel Miranda (he’s an executive producer). We won’t. But we could. For days. My only advice?
Watch Fosse/Verdon.

Maybe twice.

Investment Piece: Inspired by Fosse/Verdon

What I can chat about today? The pantsuit. A novel thing in the 70/80s. Still a statement. The stories you can tell in a pantsuit are endless. The powerful CEO. The up and comer. The woman leaving. The one arriving. (And yes, in recent years the pantsuit has had some political meaning. Embrace that)

Even more interesting in your pant suit story? You can make one with seperates in your closet. These pants? Elaine Kim (use code RACHEL4EK for 15%off your first order at Elaine Kim). Blazer? I’ve had it for years (I think I got it on eBay). Shoes? Old Jeffrey Campbell, I can never seem to get rid of them as they might be the perfect wedge. And of course, a scarf and a belt. (If we’re channeling early 80s we have to be accessorized). But really, any blazer, any pants, any scarf will do.

Even if you’re not confronting your genius/hurtful husband.

I’ve linked similar items for you below. Want more content that combines my acting and fashion worlds? Let me know! Want more inspired by content? Let me know! Just in general- let me know.

I’ll be over here in my leotard!

Investment Piece: Inspired by Fosse Verdon
FOSSE VERDON — Pictured: (l-r) Michelle Williams as Gwen Verdon, Sam Rockwell as Bob Fosse. CR: Pari Dukovic/FX

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Investment Piece: Inspired by Fosse/Verdon

Fancy Dress

Investment Piece: Fancy Dress
Investment Piece: Fancy Dress
Investment Piece: Fancy dress
Investment Piece: Fancy Dress
Investment Piece: Fancy Dress

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I won’t even address the fact that I’m in polka dots. Again. I can’t help it! And if they didn’t want me to wear dots, they would quit making them. Facts.
Investment Piece: Fancy Dress

And now that we got that out of the way:

Loves. This dress. It made me feel like a princess (but the self rescuing kind). And yet, I could also see it with flats and at bbqs. (This kind of princess loves drinking on patios and won’t apologize for it. I think this dress would look great doing that, too!)

Without prompting, I can speak for hours about what I love about fashion, and the power that I think fashion has. I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a party dress, a fancy dress if you will, to celebrate moments (big and small) in their lives. Birthdays? No exception.

Invsestment Piece: Fancy Dress

I fell in love with this Zimmermann dress the first time I saw it. And knew that I wanted to wear it on my birthday. (And also to walk in Paris, to summer soriees, and anything else my life could come up with) The thing about fancy dresses is that we tend to put them in a box. We think they can only be used for that party or that event or that soiree.

At that point we have two choices:
Yes. Buy the dress and wear it once
Rent it and wear it once.

(Actually there are three choices, buy it and wear it wherever you want!)

This time, I choose to rent–and yet, I still got to wear it more than once. Birthday dinner. The ballet for Mother’s Day, and this shoot. I absolutely love renting with Armarium and I think you will too (see here). Like this option? Use code RADELICIA for 20% off your first rental.

Want to own this beauty for yourself?
I found options here

(A quick sizing note: I’m a size 0/2 and went with the bigger size here. In retrospect, I wish I had gone with the smaller size–it was a little hard to keep up! Armarium has stylists on call, so if you ever have a question like that, reach out to them!)

There’s no bad option. And there’s no bad fancy dress. Where do you wear yours?

It’s All Fun and Games

Investment Piece: It's All Fun and Games
Investment Piece: It's All Fun and Games
Investment Piece: It's all fun and games
Investment Piece: It's all fun and games

It’s all fun and games….till the fashion gets involved. Or, if you’re doing it right, it’s all fun and games when the fashion gets involved. Because, loves, fashion is supposed to be fun. The games are up to you!

There are times when I get these ideas in my head that I can’t shake. Outfits. Shoot ideas. Pieces I must have. Sometimes the solution is simple: buy the shoes. Sometimes, the outfits or the shoots take more planning. This outfit? Easy. I fell in love with this Marni top (found at Recess LA) that is both metallic glory, and somehow reminds me of a bowling shirt. There are so many ways to wear it: jeans, skirts, over a bathing suit, over a dress. But I love them with these tux pants.

It’s fun. It’s perfect for playing games in. And yes, that is a shower cap worn as a hat. And some of my fave sandals.

All fun and games.

Investment Piece: It's all fun and games
Investment Piece: It's all fun and games
Investment Piece: it's all fun and games
Investment Piece: It's all fun and games
Investment Piece: It's all fun and games

We’ve covered the fun, now for the games.

I was convinced that I should shoot this outfit in a bowling alley. The shirt, the hat (which also looks amazing worn with all your hair up), the pants. It was to be editorial and fun and kitchy and high end, all at the same time. Here’s the thing about shooting in a bowling alley: you have to have one where you can shoot. Not that there aren’t bowling alleys, but issues like persmission, lighting, fees, and timing kept getting in the way. In the meantime, I wore this outfit to drinks. I wore the pieces seperately in various ways. The shhhower cap became a necessity when I needed to rinse off ad not get my hair wet.

And yet, I couldn’t get the idea of shooting this as a bowling outfit out of my head.

There’s a chance I watched Grease 2 too much as child. That’s most likely a subject for a different sort of therapy session. We’re focusing on the fun, games, and fashion.

But this outfit needed games, right?

We’re always given what we need. I should trust that by now, but sometimes I don’t. When I met my photographer for this shoot I knew that we might get to use an outdoor space, and that there might be some lawn bowling equipment. We lucked into someone having a hula hoop (and letting us use it). Then, by chance, we went by a restuarant that allowed us to shoot on their game deck and ping pong table. Some outfits just seem to find what they need.

It’s all fun and games, right?

This top is vintage Marni, and these pants are Jcrew from several seasons ago. However, I’ve linked similar items (and these shoes!) below for your fun and games!


Don’t forget to shade yourself when you’re out having fun:

Note: This post does contain affiliate links. While I may earn commission from them, it does not affect the price for you. Thank you for your support!

Investment Piece: It's all fun and games
It’s all fun and games…

And Thank you to KYN Photo for playing games with me!

Dots and Sets

Investment Piece: Dots and Sets
Investment Piece: Dots and Sets
Investment Piece: Dots and Sets
Investment Piece: Dots and Sets

Dots are a timeless pattern. I love them. You love them. They are everywhere. Here they get a little sass with a short set, you can’t quite tell but those sleeves are a little sheer, and some feathers. Perfectly vintage. Perfectly modern. The shorts would be perfect at the beach or a bbq, and with the skirt this is party ready.

Investment Piece: Dots and Sets
Investment Piece: Dots and Sets
Investment Piece: Dots and Sets
Investment Piece: Dots and Sets

Sets. They’re great to wear together, to wear seperately. Sets can take the work out of planning an outfit. The skirt part of this vintage one would be perfect over any white dress, or even jeans. The shorts can stand alone. Together, or alone, they can be as dressy or as casual as your day needs.

Sassy, feathers and the pop of leg. Classic, those dots. If there is a superhero in your closet, I bet it’s a set like this one.

Yes, it’s vintage- from one of my favorites, FeatherstoneVintage, but I’ve found some similar options for your shopping pleasure below! The shoes? PVC from Steve Madden, exact ones linked. I’ve worn them with everything-they make your legs look like they go on for days!

Dots and sets. It’s how I roll!


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Is my Style Changing? (And is that a bad thing?)

Investment Piece: FBF First Neutrals

This is from one of my very first blog posts. There is no doubt that my blog is evolving, and my skills, and all that good stuff. I’m grateful and excited for that. The things is, May is a sentimental month for me, I make no apologies about that. Next week (to the day) I have a big(?) birthday that has me looking back, looking forward, and thinking about if I’ve changed, and what I would like to change.

Yes, that means goals and life, and all that good stuff.

It also means my style. Is my style changing? And if it is, is that a bad thing?

Investment Piece: In Blue

That is one of my most recent looks. Since I am myself (shocking, I know), and in the middle of this, it’s a little hard to have perspective on this question I’m posing to myself. I can look back at some of the outfits I’ve worn and shot, and would (and still do) wear them again. There are also outfits that I can look at and wouldn’t wear again at all.

Investment Piece Is my style Changing?
From the beginning
Investment Piece: Inspired by
From last month.

I can tell you the ways that my life and schedule have changed, I have theories that these things deeply affect what we wear. (There was a time in my life when I would go to the gym, throw on some sort of lounge clothes, run errands then come home and change. Now, I usually shower and change at the gym. A little difference? Yes. But it’s completely changed my go-to outfits.) Do these changes mean my style has changed? How could I tell?

When I look back at all the pictures I have of myself (and it’s scary how many of them there are), I can see so many similarities.
Investment Piece: is my style changing?
Investment Piece: is my style changing?

Yes. Almost 4 years apart, I shot basically the exact same look. But I can also tell you differences.
Investment Piece: The Jacket
Investment Piece: Flash Back Friday: First Posts

I don’t hate what I used to wear, and I clearly like what I wear now.
Maybe I’m asking the wrong question. Perhaps it’s not so much that my style is changing, but that my style is evolving with me. Some parts are still the same, but there’s room for so much more as well.

Isn’t that the fun part of style and fashion? You can change and yet be yourself, all the parts of you.

Thank you for indulging me on this very personal question! Looks (new and old) are shoppable on Instagram, Pintrest, ShopStyle, and RewardStyle. (Or over on the menu!)

Is anyone else in the mood to go shopping?

May Armarium Picks

This post is a part of my partnership with Armarium. At Armarium you can rent the designer looks you love, at a price that’s within your budget. Use code RADELICIA for 20% off of your first order, and 10% off your orders following that!

Every month I share some of the rentable looks I love that match some of the events I have coming up! May is an incredibly busy month for me–there are so many birthdays, a gala, ballet, graduations, and quite a few parties! See below what I’m thinking of renting, and don’t forget to rent yourself something!

May is the biggest birthday month I have, from my own to my mothers, to 6 family members, and a ton of friends-I can list a birthday for everyday this month. Which means, many events, parties, and celebrations!
I’m thinking :

Investment Piece: May Armarium Picks
This for some birthday dinners.
Investment Piece: May Armarium Picks
This for some parties.
Investment Piece: May Armarium Picks
And I just love this dress, and may need to find a place to wear it.

May means graduations. And Mother’s Day Brunches and teas. What I love for these events?
Investment Piece: May Armarium Picks
This lady like dress, and it’s by a designer I’ve been dying to try!
Investment Piece: May Armarium Picks
This sunny number.

Ballets and Galas
Investment Piece: May Armarium Picks
Isn’t this the most perfect spring gala dress?
Investment Piece: May Armarium Picks
And I love this one.
Investment Piece: May Armarium Picks
Over any LBD, with pants, or a skirt, I just want to wear this blazer.
Investment Piece: May Armarium Picks
And finally, these pants are perfect for a matinee!

From gowns to purses, Armarium has everything I need for all my events. Use code RADELICIA to take 20% off your first rental,and 10% off after that!

Happy Renting!

Skirting the Season

Investment Piece: Skirting the Season
Investment Piece: Skirting the Season
Investment Piece: Skiritng the Season
Investment Piece: Skirting the Season
Investment Piece: Skirting the Season

It’s not that I don’t like them, but they can be tough.
Jeans? Pants?
Not when it gets too hot.
The way I get through?
Skirting the season.
From midis to maxis, there’s a skirt for everything you have this season. I wear mine with everything from graphic tees to “going out tops”. Sneakers to heels. There isn’t a thin you can’t be, or a story you can’t tell in a skirt.

Personally, I like mine with a bit of movement (and it also helps you keep cool). We know I love a great juxatipositon, so pops of color, contrasting patterns,and the like are right up my alley.

I would love to know: how do you skirt the season?

I’ve linked similar items below for your shopping pleasure! This skirt is from H&M. I know. But, I have to admit there are collections from H&M that I just love! Their Conscious Collections, some of their new items, it’s all worth your time. And this skirt? Amazing. It even has pockets! And it’s a poly blend, but feels great, and the movement is a dream. I’ve worn it with everything from my bikini top to Blazers. I might gush, but skirts? They’re my secret weapon!

Note: this post does contian an affiliate link. While that does not affect prices for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!

Shop the look here

In Blue

Investment Piece: In Blue
Investment Piece: In Blue

There’s something about the color blue. I’ve always loved it, as it matches my eyes, but there’s something else about the shade. In art, blue was the most expensive shade, and could mean anything from holiness to royalty to mystery. And maybe that’s a part of the draw. There are a lot of us who love the shade, but that’s not the only reason why I love this dress.

This is in blue. And it comes in two parts:
In Blue. Part One:
I’ve always loved a great party dress. And the greatest things about that? Any dress is a party dress.

It’s true. Just depends on what kind of party. (This where someone could tell you that the most important people to have in your life are the kind that make going to the grocery store a party. You could also be that kind of person! :))

My favorite kind of dress to wear in the summertime? Sundresses. Especially halter maxi ones, like this one. They can be dressed up or down (just change your shoes accordingly), and show just enough skin to feel like the season. From the beach to a soriee, a dress like this one can get you through the summer (and it travels like a dream). I’m partial to the blue, and those details, but really, any great halter dress will do!

Investment Piece: In Blue
Investment Piece: In Blue
Investment Piece: In Blue

In Blue. Part Two

I have a thing for vintage. This dress is Radley London, vintage from the 1960s/70s. I also have a thing for Ossie Clark. See here, here, and here. Radley London? It has a connect to Ossie.

Radley was a British clothing manufacturing company of the 1960s through the 1980s and owned by Alfred Radley. The company is best known for its association with the Quorum Boutique, of which it acquired controlling interest in 1969.

The designers at Quorum, Ossie Clark, and Alice Pollock, also did garments under the Radley label and many Radley garments borrowed design elements from the popular Quorum designers. The garment would be sketched by Clark, then Radley’s in-house designer would use the ideas to produce a variety of designs for Radley.

Rose Bradford was the designer employed by the Radley firm in the late 1960s to adapt the original designs of Ossie Clark into affordable licensed pieces under the Radley label (once they had come to the financial rescue of Alice Pollock and Ossie’s boutique, Quorum). Bradford seems to have been an extremely talented designer in her own right, designing under her own name for both the Radley and Quorum labels in the 1970s, but was always overshadowed by the many other designers Radley employed over the years. She is also rumoured to have wholly designed some pieces which were sold as Ossie Clark garments, as an experiment to see if this could work without Clark’s involvement.

Do I know who actually designed this dress?
And that doesn’t change how much I love it.
But a dress this great, with a connection like that, and with details that will make my entire summer a party? I’m sold.

I’ve linked similar dresses below for your shopping pleasure! And want to hear all about your parties!!

Note: this post does contain affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!


One of my favorite places to shop Radley London is eBay. I found
this one for you, and there are a ton more!!

Fashion Stories: Smocked

Investment Piece: The Smock

A few weeks ago, I featured this dress that my mother had smocked. And while smocks can be many things-from an artist’s garment to a lightweight covering to a bib–smocking, to me, has always meant my mother. (The best things usually lead back to our moms). My mom smocked my sister and I countless outfits when we were kids; and now that I’m grown, she has made countless bibs as baby shower gifts for me to give.

Investment Piece: Smocking
(Me in an Easter Dress Mom made)

Smocking is so akin to my mother in my mind that when I started researching smocks for my last post I was shocked to find out that there is a complete history of smocks that didn’t include my mother. (Yes, I am that loyal. And yes, smocks are worth researching. You can start here).

Investment Piece: Smocks
My sister and I in dresses my mom smocked for us.

Loves, we know that I am fascinated by the things that we keep in our closets. I’m also fascinated by the stories that the clothes we keep tell. Smocks, and my mother, tell the stories of my childhood: love, holidays, my sister, and everything that goes along with those things. My mother has kept all the Smocking that she made for us, and this month I got the chance to sit down and talk with her about it.

IP: Mom! Thank you for being a part of this! When I look back at all of the things that you smocked for Ruth and I, I see all the love and time you poured into us. When did you begin Smocking?

Mom: I began Smocking in the early 1980s. When you were a baby, we lived in Spain and while we where there, I fell in love with some of the smocked baby clothes for sale. I wanted to make something just as special and beautiful for you and your sister as you grew up. I started with dresses and aprons, and then I started taking lessons using the Smocking pleater and doing the picture pleating.

This allowed my mom to design clothes for my sister and I, with things such as crayons, dogs, bunnies, balloons, and all sorts of designs.

IP: What has led you to hang on to these pieces for all of this time?

Mom: Well, I hope to pass them on to other members of the family. Or, at the very least, I hope that you and your sister can keep them and know how much love was sewn into them.

Investment Piece: Fashion Stories: Smocking

IP: And you recently began Smocking again. From Easter egg covers to bibs, bonnets, and other baby gifts, what made you take this up again?

Mom: Now that I’m retired I have more free time. I have always loved sewing and Smocking. It makes me happy to make something with love that I can give to someone. So, with that free time I’ve decided to finish some things that I started and never got around to finishing. And to do some more projects that will bring joy to people.

I know that my sister and I will always treasure these pieces from my mom. They were some of my first “custom Desginer” dresses. And informed my love of fashion. What have you kept in your closet from your family? What fashion piece do you associate with your mom? I would love to hear about it and come tell the stories in your closet!!


Investment Piece: fashion stories,: smocked i

trench (as a dress)

Investment Piece: trench (as a dress)
Investment Piece: trench (as a dress)
Investment Piece: Trench (as a dress)
Investment Piece: trench (as a dress)
Investment Piece: Trench (as a dress)
Investment Piece: Trench (as a dress)

Note: some of the products in this post were a result of my partnership with Elaine Kim. While I may get products, all opinions and styling tips are my own. Also, I would never recommend a brand to you that I wouldn’t wear myself!

A take on the shirt dress that feels new and edgy (and yet a bit familiar)? Wearing a trench coat as a dress. I did it here. And I’ve done it again in an Elaine Kim number.

(What I love about the above trench/dress? The waist is adjustable, meaning there is as much room as you need. Details like the zippers on the sleeve. The slight tail at the back. And it also looks amazing over any outfit you can think of. Elaine also offers this number in a slightly darker color!)

Wearing your trench coat (or buying a trench dress) lets you combine function and fashion, comfort and class. For some reason, I always think of a trench coat as something a spy or “very important” business woman would wear. I carry myself differently in them. And yet, wearing a trench as a dress allows me to take all of that, and have a little fun with it. Surely, spies and important business women have a sense of humor, too?

Beyond that, this outfit is perfect when you’re running late and need something to wear, just throw on your coat. Or when you need structure, but don’t want to feel so stuffy.

Also, anything looks amazing with boots like these. That’s a promise.
But you could also wear any great boot, heel, or flat with it. That’s part of the fun.

What do you think of when you think of trench coats? Or wearing your coat as a dress? I’d love to hear about it!

As a special offer for my readers, you get 15% off of your first order at Elaine Kim with code RACHEL4EK. I love the entire collection, and if you love minimalist basics with some edge, you will too!

And I’ve linked some similar items below as well! Happy shopping!

Note: This post does contian affiliate links. While that does not affect the price for you, I may earn commission from them. Thank you for your support!