In Betweens

Investment Piece: In Betweens
Investment Piece: in Betweens
Investment Piece: In Betweens

I’m not great in-between. I’m a great girlfriend, but not amazing at dating. When I know boundaries and aims and all that stuff I’m such a great worker. When things are up in the air I can be very anxious and lazy. Great at putting together outfits, but excel in being either really together or super casual (meaning I can get dressed or be in workout clothes all day). The in Betweens get me. I’m never 100% sure exactly how to act, or what to say, or what to wear. I err on the side of extra (always), but know that in Betweens are unavoidable. I’m actively challenging myself to get better at them.

You can read about my past struggles with in between here, here, and here. It’s not a new struggle for me. Thanks for sticking about while I work it out. And this is what I try to remind myself of every time there’s an in between in my life. If I believe that in-betweens can be magical, does that mean an in between outfit can be magical too?

Maybe so.

Investment Piece: In Betweens
Investment Piece: In Betweens
Investment Piece: In Betweens

My days seem to have extremes as well. There are days when I have appointments and events and things that I need a “look” for; and days when I have gym and errands and chores at home and we’re lucky if my look involves anything presentable. In Betweens are hard for me. To get out of my rut, and issue with casual dressing, I’ve been drawn more and more to items like this exercise skirt. Part fitness and function, part fashion and fierceness. (And yes, super similar to my summer fave the exercise dress. This is a skirt version from Target. I’m loving the shorts underneath, the multiple pockets,and the length) It looks great with kicks, but also with flats, sandals, and heels. Your top can be make-your-own-adventure. I can be as active and move in all the ways that I need to, and yet look like a look.

Maybe the key to in-between is balance? Maybe it’s letting the extremes be extremes and working with the rest? Maybe I just don’t know?

What I do know is that looks like this work for my in Betweens. It feels like workout clothes, but let’s me dress it up if I need to. And if that helps me manage the in between I’m ok with it! How do you handle in Betweens? (Besides fashion I try journaling and physical activity and therapy) How do you dress for them? I’m open to any and all ideas!

I’m linking the whole look here. It is an affiliate link, and while that does not affect prices, I may earn commission from it. Thank you for your support!
Here’s to a week of magical in Betweens.

Investment Piece: In Betweens

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