Summer Faves

Investment Piece: I workout
Investment Piece: Hot Neutrals
Investment Piece: It's all Angles
Investment Piece: Valentino Resort

I know, fall is coming. And we should look forward to it! There’s nothing like football, sweaters, and coats to make us all happy! Right?

Loves, here’s the thing. I can’t think about fall yet. I just can’t. Maybe it’s the 100+ weather (STILL), the feeling that I didn’t wear ALL the swim suits I could, or just the urge to wring every last minute of fun from this summer; but I’m just not ready to think/shop/talk about fall. So, we’re talking about summer.

Summer Faves to be exact. Because what’s the point of being amazing all summer long if we don’t look back and enjoy it?

This summer I Worked Out, was inspired, played with Angles, and let my neutrals run hot.

These are all some of my Summer faves for different reasons: I love the contrast, the casualness, the party vibes, and the wrap dress that will transition to fall. I love that these summer looks felt more pulled together than my “running about” cut-offs. Yet, there were still a few appearances this summer of a swimsuit.

Investment Piece: They Call it Amore

Investment Piece: Summer Mood

Summer is one of my fave times of fashion because it feels like anything can go. Want to wear that? With the other thing? Go for it! Rules seem more easily bent, and as long as it helps you keep your cool, we all want you to wear it.

Like pairing a swim suit with a tailored skirt (I couldn’t help falling in love with the combo), or trying out a surprise ending with your suit. From summer uniforms to general summer moods, I feel like my summer has seen a little bit of everything.

Investment Piece: Shake Your TailFeather

And yes, in the coming weeks we’ll chat all about fall and the things I’m looking forward to. But it’s the last moments of summer, so let’s take it in, take out our Summer faves one last time, and get to celebrating.

I’ve linked items I’m squeezing into my summer faves. Hope the last bit of summer is good to you!

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