It’s a Short Thing


You may remember this denim jumpsuit that I’ve absolutely loved. So much so, in fact, that I made it my mission to find a short version for summer. And, good news, mission accomplished! This Jcrew version has seen me through BBQs, road trips, brunch, sandals, flats, sneakers (yes), and fancy wedges. It may be my fave summer workhorse!

Happy Friday! xo RA


Romper: Jcrew
Shoes: Tibi and on sale!
Purse: old

Are Jean Skirts A Thing We’re Doing?



They’re a thing we’re doing.

The  withsaying goes that everything comes back into style (a good reason to hang onto investment pieces if I ever heard one)–and whoever started this saying is a genius. As a kid, I vividly remember jean skirts being a thing. My mom remembers jean skirts being so in in the 70s. And now? We’re back at jean skirts. The secret to their staying power? Just like jeans they can be whatever you need them to be–dressed up, dressed down, long, short, distressed, classic. I’m loving mine with heels or boots–but have also been known to throw on a sweater and flats with one for errands.

I’d love to know–are you embracing this trend?

Happy Wednesday! XO RA


Skirts: Distressed Zara, old similar here, Current Elliott
Also love this one and this one
Shirts: Alice and Olivia and Rachel Pally, both old
Heels: LK Bennett, old, similar here
Flats: Rag and Bone

Architectural Detail





There’s something about a piece that has such structural detail, it can be beautiful in its own right- and paired correctly they can make you feel so incredibly special. This skirt is the heaviest thing I own- and needs no help to stand out; making it perfect for everything from formal events to casual events where your presence needs to be felt. And the shoes! I cannot count the number of compliments I’ve gotten- or tell you how I’ve worn them for a week straight (with everything) – and that the only thing better than this wedge might be the heel version!

Hope that the Monday after your holiday wasn’t brutal- or that you got something special to wear to help you through the day! XO RA

Shoes: wedge, heel, and flat version Schutz
Skirt: Eddy Anemian for H&M try eBay
Shirt: Target

Sunday Chronicles: Happy 4th!


Hope that this holiday you had an amazing time celebrating – that there was BBQ, real whipped cream and berries, plenty of family, friends, and fun. I got to be with my family in TX- and we had all of that in great supply. I’ve always loved this holiday – mainly because of the fireworks (once I got over my fear of them)- but I also love the feeling of togetherness and patriotism that comes along. I think it’s a great reminder that we’re all in this together.

Wishing us all a spectacular week and amazing shoes! If you’d like- don’t forget to scroll down or go to the main menu to sign up for our newsletter! XO RA

Causal Friday


Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned. Sometimes your clothes wrinkle no matter how much you iron them. Sometimes your hair decides to take hours to dry. But it’s Friday, and it’s gorgeous, and I found it hard to complain when I could sit in the sun, let my hair air-dry. And then there are these fabulous shoes. So sometimes things not going the way you planned still work out. I hope everything goes your way today, and your shoes make you feel amazing!

Happy Friday! XO RA


Shirt: HM, old similar here
Jeans:Citizens, old, similar here
Shoes:Clover Canyon

Airport Chic


Can we be honest? Airport outfits in the summer can be tricky. You want to arrive looking impossibly fresh–but it’s freezing on the plane, it may be super hot and your arrival, and your flight may be at 5a, making sweatpants a tempting option. There is a way to master this though–our friend from winter, layers. I found a cashmere sweater thrown on over nice shorts and a t-shirt got me from point A to point B with minimal effort. I threw a wrap and socks in my carry on for the flight. Hair in a bun for ease, glasses because contacts don’t happen at 3a. Comfy slides, snacks, reading material and a jacket just in case–and I’m ready. The real work horses here are my Pixi crayon combo–I use the highlighter on brow bone and eye corners, then use the “brighten” side in my crease and underneath my eye–that and plenty of mascara lead people to believe I’m awake. Chanel illuminating powder bronzer and Caudalie elixir (I spray it multiple times during flights, it has a great citrus scent, keeps me hydrated and tightens my pores). And even though the lighting in airports is terrible I don’t feel horrible about how I look!  And was able to get off the plane and straight to lunch!

I’d love to know–what outfits do you wear to the airport? What are your travel secrets?

Happy Wednesday! XO RA


Shorts: Jcrew Top: Jcrew Sweater: Equipment Shoes:Kate Spade Backpack:sold out similar here Crayon:Target Bronzer: Chanel Elixir:Caudalie
Other travel tips:
I use this mask/scrub and this hydrating mask to keep my skin looking great when I’m on the go!

Date Night


You may have noticed Internet Friends, but I love to dress up–and really I will use any excuse to! So when a neighbor suggested that we “dress up” and have a “friend date” (aka drink wine on the back patio) I couldn’t resist putting on this flirty little number! I had been saving it for a night out–but a date, even a friend date, is a date! It was so comfy–yet the drama of the cape made me feel special, even barefoot. And there is no reason to prevent yourself from feeling special!

Happy Monday! I hope that it involves whatever makes you happy! XO RA


Dress: Zara

Sunday Chronicles: Letting Go



A wise friend once said to me,” We do things until we can’t do them anymore”. She was referring to me beating myself up about not being able to make a choice- but on many levels she’s right. Every one of us hangs on to different things : ideas, people, things- and we hang on till we simply can’t anymore. There are so many different situations and so many different breaking points- but can we agree that the human truth is that is hard to let go of some things? Ideas, feelings, dreams, people, sweaters from 7th grade- any and all of these can be held onto for years.

And I’m the worst. Call it stubborn, call it loyal- but I can have a hard time letting go of things I love. Maybe it’s that the devil you know is better, fear of the unknown (are those the same? ), fear of loss, fear that nothing better will come along- there are times when we can all hold too strong and too long to things because of these and a host of other reasons. I have no answers for ideas, people, dreams- but clothes I can help with!

Here’s the thing about holding onto things for to long- and let’s be specific things you should let go of, there are tons of things you should hold onto forever, but that’s another post-if you hold onto the wrong things for too long, you’re not making space for new, better things. True in life, true in your closet. Is letting go easy? Not always, but some times you have to ask yourself – do I need this sweater from 7th grade? Or do I want new and exciting things?

I clean out my closet regularly but have found myself hanging onto things for that one day, or if I ever need whatever. I’m probably one of the only fashion bloggers to tell you that hanging on to some things out of nostalgia is aok (really), but some times you have to to let go. So this time -I did. All those things I’ve been on the fence on, the things I never wear- I’m getting rid of them. I got to the point where I coudn’t hang on anymore, and I’m finally ready to make room for new things (like fall Valentino boots!). And can I tell you? It feels fabulous!

I’d love to know: what’s your method for letting go of thing?

Wishing us all a week of making space for the good things to come, and of course amazing shoes! XO RA

And so much of my closet will be placed on Tradesy this week for sale. If you’ve ever wanted a piece of my closet this is your chance, my user name is rachelamorris, and things are priced to sell! I hope you find something you love- happy shopping!

Fresh Start



There’s something about the change of season that feels like a new start. People usually talk about this feeling in fall- and yes- but there’s something about summer too; the days are longer, it’s sunny, and even if you’re out of school there’s a playful air about the season. It’s a time to change yourself- this week I got my hair done and found these amazing new shoes on sale. And that’s a fresh start I will take any day!

Happy Friday!! XO RA


Shirt: Jcrew
Alexander Wang

Swimsuit Season


It’s summer (officially). It’s hot. I hope that your days are being spent by a pool, or a beach, or in front of AC. And while I am a fan of throwing on a swimsuit and cut-offs, or overalls, or a caftan, or one of those specialty cover-up dresses–sometimes that doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you (I mean me) forget that you have a meeting or a dinner right after the beach. Sometimes the water source is a ways away and there are meetings on the way. And sometimes the swimsuit is just so special it deserves more than cutoffs. I can’t tell you how much I love swimsuits with midi skirts, with jeans, with shorts–sometimes the outfit is so good if you don’t make it to the water it’s ok. I’d love to know–how do you feel about wearing a swimsuit as a big part of the outfit?

Happy Wednesday! XO RA

Featured :
Jcrew and Zimmerman swim, found at Anthropologie and Net A Porter
White skirt: Asos
Mules: Jcrew on sale!
Shorts: Jcrew
Sandals: Kate Spade
Jeans: Madewell
Espadrilles: Soludos

Jcrew and Anthropologie are my fave places to buy swimwear!