Summer is Coming

That sizzle? It’s summer. And loves, summer is coming. Every summer takes on a different personality, there was the summer of travel, of wine, of sets. What is constant for me in summer are the basics I love to wear; I find no matter what personality the summer takes on, or what outfits I end up loving, there are a few things I go back to time and time again.

In the spirit of sharing, and indulging together, here are a few of the things that will be on rotation for my summer wardrobe. I would love to know: what do you wear over and over again in the summer?


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Not just in the water. I tend to wear swimsuits as bodysuits, tops, with just about everything. See here, here, and here for starters. Some swimsuits I’m currently loving?

Basic? They don’t have to be, and what else are you going to keep cool in? From more formal a la here to more casual a la here, there’s not a sundress I don’t like. Here are some I’m liking this summer:

All White
I was raised to believe that white pants and the like had a very specific fashion window. Today I’m a little more forgiving about wearing all white year around; but, each summer I still find myself stocking up on all white outfits to tide me over. Is it really summer if you’re not romping around in all white? I’ve done it here and here. The hardest thing about an all white outfit to find (IMO) are the pants. Here are some I’m loving:

Your turn! Let me know what basics you think are a must for summer. And what do you think this summer’s personality will be?


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