Holiday Gown

Investment Piece: Holiday Gown
Investment Piece: Holiday Gown

How to Holiday: Get yourself a holiday gown. Does this gown have to be in holiday colors? No. Do holiday gowns have to be worn only during the holiday season? I don’t think so. Tis the season, and while that does bring with it the holiday reds and greens and sparkle; I say you can be daring. Get a holiday gown that not only makes you feel like a holiday princess, but that works all year.

My take on a holiday gown? Take a traditional fabric (velvet), yet mix it with an “untraditional” color (in this case, pink). Think all gowns have to be big and puffy? I completely disagree; I love the narrow skirt here. Although, I am a fan of trains and adore that this dress has one, even if it is small! Most importantly, when donning a holiday gown you want to choose one that you can move in (if it’s on the dance floor or at the dinner table). This gown has you covered for whatever it is that you want to get down to!

Investment Piece: Holiday Gown
Investment Piece: holiday gown
Investment Piece: Holdiay Gown

Holiday Gown: This one happens to be Valentino, not vintage but I did get it on a discount website. What sets it apart for the holidays are the details! That rouching combined with those bows, and you add the texture, and you get a holiday gown that can get you through any holiday party, and any party in the new year!

Investment Piece: Holdiay Gown
Investment Piece: Holdiay Gown

Holiday gown: does it have to be a gown and does it have to be for the holidays? Short answer: not at all! For any occasion, wear what makes you happy, wear what makes you comfy, wear what makes you feel like you. Long answer: there’s never been a party dress I haven’t loved. Do I think that you absolutely HAVE to have a gown? No. However, I do think they come in handy, from events to parties to ballet to cheering you up on bad days. Gowns are great investment pieces (chose a classic one, the highest quality that you can afford, and if you only have one you can’t go wrong with black) and the holidays are a great time for gowns (other times? Galas, dinners, theater events, or just in case). I have a thing for gowns, especially holiday gowns. My take? Get one!

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Can’t wait to hear about how you stunned at all your holiday events!

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Investment Piece: Holiday Gown

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